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    Participants: Aizen, Akai, Aura, Danica, Mary, Pashmiri, Shaelynn , Vinco


      The staircase to leads you up to the Conclave's Council chambers. Possessing a heavy and dark ambience polished walnut paneling adorns the walls, carved with depictions of the various mythologies concerning the Kindred. It is circular by design, and has an array of stained glass windows. Which makes the lighting for this room somewhat pristine, the windows themselves convey quite the opposite, where normal stain glass windows seen in many places depict heroic figures, the ones to this room show the progenitors of the vampires Caine, Lillith and Vlad Tsepesh. Caine being cursed by the four Archangels for slaying Abel. Lillith, first wife of Adam, being cast from the Garden for her expectation to be his equal. And Vlad's desperate plea and subsequent deal with darker powers to seal his, and his lines fate.

      Throughout the room are seats for each Judicator labeled by their ancient and arcane language for each seat that is specifically theirs. In the middle of each part of the wall in this circular room are seats one on each side of it, that are designated for the Triumvirate of Akashat. At the head of the north wall and leader of the Conclave, Governor of Blood Alley's chair, a banner fluttering in the cool air above it; on the standard is the burning red eyes of the Conclave on a field of lightless black, gazing down on all assembled. A small gallery has been added for those who may wish to observe the Conclave's affairs.

      This is obviously the room where the Conclave comes together to plan and make major decisions. In the center of the room is a round table where the council can lay down parchments and use for presentations for the rest of the conclave. Beside each seat is a small circular table for the persons sitting at can lay their drink.

      Two doors give access to the depths of the Manor, one which descends into the reopened dungeon, and the other to the Governor's wing.

    With the light having fled from Akashat's sky in its entirety and the cool of night having coiled her arms about the city in an all encompassing embrace, the Manor in the depths of Blood Alley has been lit up as it has not been in many months. Within, in the room that had once served as the seat of the Conclave's power the dust of that long sleep has been swept away, the seats of the former Judicator's standing empty. A handful of market slaves stand nervously to one side of the chamber, shifting restlessly as they gaze on the few who are already assembled, those pale faces telling them just whom they have been rented for the service of. Standing alongside what had once been the Governor's seat Shaelynn looks over the few preparations that could be made in short order, crystal on the large table, the best of the Manor's bloodwine arrayed alongside. Pushing her hair back from her face with the back of her hand she turns her attention to the stairs, waiting to see who, if any would heed the hastily scrawled and sent summons.

    Aizen passes through into the manor, into the council room with a mere whisper of movement. He leads along his Pet via a black ribbon leash, whom actually makes more audible noise due to her crawling, which will easily alert those with good senses of their arrival. His eyes glow lightly with crimson flecks, evidence of his blood-lust, which stems from the scent of rich vitae in the surrounding airs. Aizen's movements are fluid, feral and silent, cutting the air crisply as each stride sets him further to, and then into the room. The pallid, leather clad man gives a glance to Aura and leans to stroke her hair gently, before his attention goes back to the room and what it has to offer for his sights. He comes to a pause in the room, standing, and then crosses his arms. His cherry red lips are licked in anticipation, before he notes those in the room. A light smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth, as he slips forward and further into the room, and awaits the others that will no doubt congregate here for this new lease of hope, for the revival of the Kindred's true home.

    From within the shadows of the council room, a bright red ember can be spotted. As it hovers, it raises up and begins to gleam brightly, revealing a face within the darkness. Stepping from the darkness, Harlequin blows out a puff of smoke from his nose and look at Shaelynn, nodding. "Greetings again, Shaelynn. I hope I'm early, and not late." Looking through the room, he raises a hand to fix his hair, brushing a stray dreadlock from his face.

    Slow and hasteless steps are taken up the long staircase as Vinco emerges into the Council room. Followed closely at his heels as his slave and childe, Danica. Pulling her to his side, his arm comes up to rest around her waist as he moves her with him through the area. His eyes shine bright, the emerald eyes of the Ancient searching amongst the kindred upon the room, though they settle upon Shaelynn who is given a very quick dip of his head.

    There's no ado or pomp about Pashmiri's arrival; she simply strolls in, her head high and her usual expression of cool hauteur on her face. Barefoot, her passing makes little noise, and she eyes the chamber curiously, moreso the folk that are inside it, her interest piqued by her new surroundings. She does not speak, merely leans herself against a wall, perhaps wishing to simply observe at this point as she watches the fellow vampires of the city trail into the Manor.

    Following along behind Vinco is Danica, taking slow steps that cause the ribbons of her dress to sway and tremble against her legs with each careful step she takes. Her dark eyes are wide, glancing around here and there until she spots those slaves who were here first. A sweet, bright smile slips onto her lips as she lifts her chin upward and looks to Vinco, and she chuckles softly before looking forward again. The hand that had been holding onto his arm loosens and drops to her side when she's pulled closer, and Danica relaxes. A grin is flashed toward Harlequin when she notices him before looking away.

    Aura follows Aizen in quietly, keeping strictly to his side. Once he decides on a place to stay, she kneels at his feet, glancing up at him a little uncertainly from time to time as the vampires arrive from all corners of the city.

    Aura sinks down onto the feet of Aizen.

    Zedd enters the room, striding in up the stairs, every few steps his long staff thudding into the floor. His eyes make quick forays onto each of the others already in the room and those entering it. His expression is neutral, and he stays silent, at least for the moment. He is without his usual sword -belt and -baldric, though the meaning of that is not immediately obvious.

    A look of boredom on her face, Mary comes into the chamber in behind Zedd. Her arms are crossed, her manner aloof. She awaits for nothing as she makes her way over to a vacant seat and she settles down upon it.

    Pallid fingers coil lightly against the carved back of the seat Shaelynn rests against, the former Governess drawing her gaze from face to face in turn, each as it arrives marked in her mind. Murmuring low, her lilting tones form a soft exclamation, "Is this all that is left?" A shake of her head pushes the reverie away, focusing intently on the goings on. The arrival of her co-conspirator eases her stance the smallest amount free hand lifted to curl a finger at Vinco, beckoning him closer. "You called them as much as I did." The greetings from the corner, and the flicker of swirling red smoke bring Shae's cerulean eyes about, nodding to Harlequin though she does not leave her place, waiting for the last few stragglers to arrive.

    A large hand slips up to come and run through Danica's hair, Vinco's long nails brushing roughly against her scalp, trailing down to the softness of her neck. The ring on her collar is hooked with a finger, pulling her towards him, whispering something quietly in her ear before the lobe is lightly nipped. Moving away from his slave, Vinco approaches Shaelynn with a faint grin sitting upon his thin lips, "They still slumber, they run around amuck. Not much else can be done but this." His broad shoulders shrug beneath the length of his black coat. He turns back to look amongst those that are gathered, a slight dip of his head given to each in turn.

    His solid black gaze moving from figure to figure within the room, Harlequin examines each person who walks through the door intently, his jaw clenching. He moves to lean comfortably against the wall opposite the chamber's door. As Danica enters the room, the man nods and chuckles, looking up to the man she follows before offering another nod of greeting. As his self-rolled cigarette threatens to burn his lips, Harlequin puts the butt out on the center of his tongue before swallowing it down, not a cringe made.

    A curious gaze given to each individual that enters the room, and Pashmiri keeps her pose against the wall. The words of Shaelynn make her raise a brow, and gaze about the room. A sparse gathering indeed, and her thoughts are only reinforced by the words of Vinco. "It seems my experience, that we are often by nature solitary, and such gatherings as this bring but few of the true numbers of us forth." Her piece said, she falls silent once more, not knowing most of the folk in the room and not wishing to inflict her opinions overmuch.

    Aizen returns a light nod to Vinco as it is offered to him, and his eyes flit across each face of the Kindred. His gaze merely scans the rented slaves, and he licks his lips. Pallid lids shut a moment as he scents something in the air and he glances over his shoulder, peering at his slave and he chuckles, "Pet... are you scared?" he asks, unable to help himself from asking the question so plainly to the heightened hearing of all vampires present. Aizen pauses a moent, and glances over to Shaelynn as she speaks and he tilts his head, "There will be more, This One is sure... such a place, and such a calling should not be ignored... and we will right the numbers once more, eventually." his voice smooth, and cool, rings out, as he moves his eyes from the Baroness, to the room and it's other occupants.

    Hard eyes of blue look about at the others in attendance, measuring each in turn. Mary crosses her legs and folds her hands into her lap as she rests her back into the chair and gives a grudging nod of greeting to Shaelynn from across the room. With a deep sigh she gives a shake of her head. "Solitary or not, we need to ensure there are sufficient of our kind to survive."

    A low growl rumbles in Danica's throat as her hair is brushed back, the petting gaining her interest now more than anything else to ensure she pays close attention to her Sire. She swallows lightly as her collar is tugged, and the girl listens closely to the whisper. "Yes, Master," Danica swipes her tongue over her lower lip again and turns, lifting her hand up to playfully graze her nails against Vinco's arm before she wanders off to go look at the wine. A strand of dark hair is brushed back as Danica makes her way to the table, her eyes focusing in on some of the bottled wine, then the slaves not too far away. Her lower lip frowns slowly as she glances between the two, but finally she takes some of the wine instead. Danica moves near Vinco with the glass, and she holds it out toward him.

    Aura glancing up at her Master, Aura nods to him leaning close to whisper, "I feel a bit like the last cookie on the plate, Master." She leans in close to him, his nearness the only thing preventing her from bolting from the room.

    With the ancient's arrival beside her Shaelynn allows her the sober set of her lips to twitch upwards at the corners, a small nod agreeing with his assessment. Flicking an imagined speck of dirt from her corseted chest she tilts her head to the side, "A great deal more can be done if they care to. It all depends on if they have gone deaf during their sleep." Laying her hand against his arm for a moment she considers, "Let's find out." "Fellow Kindred!" Shaelynn calls out over the crowd, the tiny woman's voice cleaving the air like a blade. "You are like as not wondering why we are all here. Why messengers arrived on your doorsteps as the sun left the sky. It is simple really, we are here to discover if the Alley, the Kindred, are as dead as the city would have others believe." Gathering herself visibly the normally withdrawn and reclusive woman steps forward, an gesture taking in all of them, the room, the seats that stand empty. "Once, and not so long ago, it was said that the reach of those who sat in this room could not be matched. That the vampires, the Feeders, the..." Shaelynn snorts softly, "...Leeches, could, purely by force of numbers control a great many things. Now we number little more than a dozen? Those that care enough for our fate in Akashat to leave their homes and their pretense at safety to come here tonight?"

    Akai quietly climbs up the stairs, arriving somewhat late, quickly making her way towards Mary's chair. She remains quiet, her eyes looking slowly over the room as she brings a hand up to rest on her Sire's shoulder. Her eyes look up as Shaelynn speaks, though she still maintains a respectful silence, just nodding her head a little.

    Agreement is noted in Vinco's nod to Aizen and Mary before Shaelynn starts to speak. Moving away from her, Vinco takes one of the Judicator seats, happening to be the one of the underworld which he sat in for a long time prior. His body settles down comfortably, legs spread wide before pointing to the ground in front of him, beckoning Danica and the bottle of wine towards him, "That will do fine little one." In his seat, settled still Vinco adds in, "But things fell apart, for reasons that are plenty and reasons we do not need. We simply need to resolve it, now. The City in itself has changed and perhaps we are in need of change ourselves, to adjust to this city, to once again take the stranglehold upon it we once did."

    Aizen glances back to Aura, amused, "Last cookie on the plate? Well, you obviously are forgetting you are only on This One's plate... and it will be his first 'cookie'." he teases. His words are ended with a flick of his pink tongue running over his cherry-red lips before he whispers, "And stop looking so nervous, This One can smell the fear nearly as much he can the blood." he falls silent, hearing the words of Shaelynn ring out, and his eyes shift across to her instead. Aizen listens to what she has to say, before he answer her rhetorical question, "People lose the innate fear for something, when it lies dorment for so long. While Blood Alley lays still, and inactive, there will continue to be those that travel the dark passages at night. Not fearing the response of those that feed on the tresspassers. Blood Alley is for Vampires, and the food it invites, mostly, but since everyone has gone and left it unattended, it has changed... This One wonders if our brethren have any drive to see this place rise to glory once more... and if not... surpass what it had." he glances about his eyes meeting all those of the room, ever so briefly, "For This One has such a passion for the Kindred to meet a better fate than lie lazily about, and suckle on the leftovers found in the slip of an alley in the City... or... help build the conclave once more, and reap the rewards of such a change, and feast on what once was had. What is it you both propose?" he asks to Vinco and Shaelynn, then.

    Granting a slight nod in agreement as she chuckles softly, Mary lightly drums the fingertips of her right hand on the arm of her chair. Her eyes do not move from the woman that once was Governess even as Akai comes to stand at her side while she sits. She does however reach up with her left hand and gently pats Akai's hand that rests on her shoulder. "Such a vulgar way to put it Vinco, but apropriate. As Aizen says... do either of you have any idea as to how this can be done?"

    Her head cants at Shaelynn's words, and Pashmiri's voice cuts into the room, enunciated clearly and elegantly, "Some are not ashamed they came for the sake of curiosity." An eloquent little shrug is offered at that, and the diminutive woman strolls forward, nonchalently pouring herself a glass of the bloodwine on offer. Aizen's words catch her attention, and she nods slowly as she considers his words thoughtfully. "Not to mention the fact now we are asked to go and scribe our names in a little list for the Cardinal to hold. I believe in Earth history a dictator held a similar list regarding the folk of a certain religion, also."

    Teeth rake slowly over her lower lip as Danica's attention shifts to the slaves that are in the room with all the others, but Vinco's sitting causes for the young woman to once again give her full attention to him. She quickly floats over to stand before him, dress swaying against her slim legs, and once she's before him she lowers down to the floor. Danica settles on her knees and leans forward to relax against Vinco's legs, resting her upper body against them as one arm hooks around a leg, and the other moves her hand to gently pet over his boot. Her eyes close and she smiles to herself while listening.

    Shaelynn's lips twitch, curving the soft pout upwards a hair more, blue eyes shimmering with a faint humour as her compatriot abandons her at the head of the room. "I don't know whether to thank you or curse you Vinco." She does not mimic the ancient's gesture, having only ever had one seat in the room, that which she stands beside. "The Cardinal still has a stranglehold on us all. This one at least will not seek to exterminate us as a species in a fit of pique. Though she does indeed seem to be taking a page from the manifesto of one of her predecessors." Stepping away from her perch she offers a look, sidelong to each, one by one as she passes, "First would be to remind them we are not in fact dead. A task our ancient..." she smiles as her eyes narrow at Vinco, "... has done well at. I hear they were scrubbing the blood from the cobbles even this evening." Allowing the comment to fade she takes up a glass from the table, sipping at the contents distractedly. "I believe it is time for the Conclave's eyes to turn once more towards the city, once of course that there are eyes to see with."

    A turn of Vinco's eyes move to Mary before that wicked grin of his flashes upon his hard face once again. A casual hand drops down to rest upon Danica's shoulders, his hand playing idly along the felt of her collar, long nails tingling against her smooth skin, dipping down to the swell of her breast. "Aye," the Ancient is quick to agree with Aizen, "No need to lie around any longer." Pashmini's words are met with a quick snort, "The Cardinal's have tried there very best at all times to own our Kind, they have not succeeded and she will receive not one word from myself. She will come and go like all other Cardinals, let her pretend." Plucking the bottle of wine from Danica's hand, he avoids the glass and is quick to take a haul upon the neck of the blood wine before the bottle is offered down to his slave. He winks in Shae's direction quickly before he pipes in, "They will now soon enough. Though what we must task ourselves with at first is not only to let those know that we are still here, but we need to once again unite ourselves together, our conclave and council must sit strong and once we sit strong, we will turn to the city. The council itself we must suit to our city so that we along with the city will grow... As I am often told I am stubborn and do not change, but now is a time we must alter our own rulership within the alley, gather those around us and flourish.

    Danica takes the bottle of bloodwine and lowers it down to her lap, bringing the top to her nose so that she may sniff lightly at it. She inhales deeply and sighs, then pours a bit more into the glass to sip slowly from it a time or two. She drinks slowly while listening to Vinco and the others, remaining cool, and a gentle lilt placed within it of calm.

    "Amusing." Another glacial smile from Pashmiri and she inclines her head to Shaelynn as she acknowledges her comments of rebuilding the Conclave. "It is a pleasant thought indeed, to think of our resurgence. Possibly one that is long overdue, also." She toys with the goblet in her pianist's fingers; twirling it absently by the steam as she talks, her gaze flicking between Shaelynn and Vinco. It's then that Aizen speaks, and she turns to face him as he is afforded an equal concentration as the other two, her hand holding the goblet lifting to her full lips, a drop of the crimson liquid escaping her lips and hastily being swept up by the emergence of her tongue, that sweeps at her lower lip, removing all visible trace of the blood.

    "Everything is interesting ideas Mary. Sometimes we just have to hire an excavation team to find it. Or the fossils that help come up with them." Shaelynn comments in a light tone, seemingly at ease once again, "Governor... Governess... I think it is a title we have all had enough of Vinco. I certainly know I have. It made me feel as if I should be chasing unruly children. But a voice of reason. If the others are to keep the Alley in good stead, to see to the needs and safety. A voice which reaches beyond that gate, one that those who would be in sight would trust to not deal them ill advice? Who they believe to be harmless?" Nodding once to Pashmiri she agrees, though an addition flows from her, voice like cool water, "Everything is overdue. No one here has argued that. But to choose to sit idle and watch as the Alley slowly crumbles around us, until we are left to scurry and scrounge, to hide ourselves, that is a late fee I think we would all rather avoid."

    "That is a good point," Vinco's head dips towards Aizen, "We do not currently have that center for our kind or a general place to even open up discussion, which we all here to change." Idly Vinco continues to lightly run his fingers against his slave, teasing fingers running down the top of her corset, slipping between the material and flesh with a sharp nail to draw a single line back up between her cleavage. "Aye, the names of the old must change as well," he agrees quickly, "The ideas we came up with so far for each councils name were as follows. The Whisper of Blood Alley, which would take over that of the Governor/Governess title. The judicators as well would no longer be judicators. The one that keeps the alley safe would be the Razor of Blood Alley, a title that once stood for this same thing, though the position lost in time. That of the one to control and run our businesses though we came up with no good names and would welcome any. Lastly that of the underworld would be become the Shadow of Blood Alley." Lastly he adds, "For if this is what our Kindred think we need, these are the names and ideas myself and Shaelynn have come up with prior. What of your opinions?"

    The teasing scratching of her soft skin causes for Danica's eyes to lift and look at Vinco, watching him quietly for a long moment. When she looks down again she grabs the bottle of wine and lifts it to her lips, drinking from it for a few seconds. It's put down again and she goes back to relaxing and paying close attention to the conversation.

    Mary barks a short laugh and she tosses her head back with it, "I did just that Shaelynn for a few thousand years, what is a few thousand more?" She laughs some more but sobers quickly as she taps Akai's shoulder and gives her a sliht nod. "Although it does make hunting difficult for one such as I." Mary smiles and licks her lips for a moment and then looks over to the ancient Vinco and still drums her fingers on the arm of her chair. "To me those seem to be fine revisions Vinco."

    A decided, impatient shrug from Pashmiri at the talk of titles. "What are titles but material to posture over? It would seem to me that the key would be that the holders of said titles are clear on what their duties are and actually perform them." Her tone is a trifle sardonic as she speaks, and her smile is wry. "What is the good of the most-pretty sounding title in the world, if it's holder chooses not to actually action the tasks that they are supposed to?" Another casual shrug. "For myself, I simply do not care what the titles are, I would focus more on the actual roles." Once more she inclines her head to Shaelynn in recognition of her point. "I think that if we chose to sit idle, we would not be here today." A languid wave of her hand encompasses the whole room.

    "Isn't that four?" Aizen blinks a moment, a delicate shut and open of his pallid lids, as he crosses his arms, "This One thought we spoke of three? An odd number is usually given to a council, so that there is no draw, or decider in matters voted on. It is the easiest way to have a panel." he explains, "At least, This is how one would think it. Three positions of power, each of equal control over the Alley, but having different aspects so as not to burden one with all the troubles and such." Aizen purses his lips, "The Whisper, The Razor, and the Shadow? One to govern the people, one to protect them, and one to entertain them? Wouldn't it be best to point out what it is the three do, first? Then to decide names. There is no use for a name if it has no meaning, and no purpose. It is merely a label to an empty bottle." he arches a brow, "Or is This One not understanding what you propose to it's full meaning?" Aizen inquires politely, before letting his hands slip down to his sides and rest on his thighs. He glances over to Aura, waiting to see if she went to fetch that wine he asked for, and what is taking so long. He is thirsty. Aizen's dark eyes look up and around, "Such names and seats of power would need to be made, and the Judicators that once existed cleared. There must be a strong hold of power, and we have not the number to keep more. Besides. Too many, and the chance of corruption to Blood-brethren is greater."

    Aura rises from her place quickly and goes to fetch the drink her Master requested. Crossing the room her discomfort amongst so many of the Kindred is obvious once she is away from Aizen's side. With haste she pours him a glass of bloodwine, and carries it carefully back to him, returning to her kneeling position with a soft murmur of apology for the delay.

    Akai remains quiet, listening as others speak. After a short time, she nods her head, slowly turning on her knees to rise up on Mary's side. She moves quietly towards the steps, moving down them slowly, simply vanishing about half-way down.

    "A single voice to present the councils will and redirect those who would peer to closely our way." Shaelynn continues as she perches on the carved arm of the chair, hands smoothing over her skirt to settle the dark fabric around her legs. "No one spoke of this whisper having a vote, they would serve to be the impartial one, the one, who once the councils will was decided would see it made known. One who could debate all sides, be the devil's advocate to each of the others and not allow them to fall to squabbling amongst themselves." Looking out on the assemblage from beneath hooded eyes, "But, we were all proud, vain, we assumed that those who would take these places would be amongst those who chose to come here tonight, whose interests are with the Kindred and the Alley. Those who are willing to risk something to gain us all more."

    Nodding slightly in Mary's direction, Vinco then turns to Pashmiri, "Titles are details and details are need to be thought out. Slap together a rough plan with no details then you simply have a plan that will fade as quickly as it was thought up. The thought of names are thrown out for something for you to think of, is all." Nodding as Shaelynn speaks, the Ancient answers Aizen, "Like Shaelynn stated, the fourth, the Whisper would be the overall speaker, the one that is in control of the three below. Like the speaker of the house of lords is between the three rulers of Akashat, there must be a balance, an overall overseer to control any differences between the three." Leaning down another press of Vinco's lips is given to Danica's neck before trailing up to her earlobe, a murmured whispered given to her before he stands and steps over her. "The Razor, would be that of our protection. They would control our guards that keep outsiders from our walls, they would control the law and order and enforce it upon our Kindred. The second would help our vampires flourish, supplying slaves to the alley, encouraging businesses and maintaining them within our enclave, working with the current Margrave themself to help establish the businesses and slave trade we had before. Lastly the Shadow would be responsible for the dealings with the Cardinal, for instance this issue with the Census."

    Aizen nods, "Ah I see... The Dark Triumvirate and it's Messenger." he smirks, "It works, and it is sound. A voice that the outside world will listen to, and then relay to the Alley..." he brings a hand out to take the glass of bloodwine from Aura, and then leans down to run a hand across her face, "Thank you, Pet... next time, don't get distracted. Or This One might let someone nibble you, just to show off your delicious taste." Aizen's eyes then return to Shaelynn and Vinco, "Then it is one to Govern the people and the alley, direct them, and do the dealings and politics of it. One to guard and keep it safe from the outsiders, and the internal conflicts. And one that will work the busineses, and keep our economy strong, hmm? To This One, it sounds solid." he agrees, and then drinks from his wine thirstily. As Vinco confirms everything he just said, "Agreed, on This One's part, then." he crosses his arms, "This One may not have fully turned yet... and may not be full vampire, but eventually, he will be... and he is just a part of this Alley as anyone else." he affirms his place then and continues, "Do we have any Kindred in this room that has other ideas for the names then, now that the position has been placed. We must think of one for the second... the one to look out for our economics, and flourishing of wealth and luxury. Feeding is expensive, and will only increase as our numbers do. Perhaps... perhaps we can call them the Vein... of the the Alley... or the Artery? It will be a vital role, as the others, and supplies so much." he notes out to the room. He then sips his drink once more.

    Danica smiles at what is whispered, and she nods. The wine is taken with her as she rises and heads silently out of the area.

    Danica walks down the staircase and back into the foyer.

    Akai slowly climbs up the steps again, a small glass of blood floating in front of her. She moves over to Mary's side, taking hold of the warmed glass, before offering it to her Sire as she lowers to her knees again, slowly moving around in front of her.

    Aura nuzzles her cheek against Aizen's hand, eyes going a bit wide at the mention of being nibbled on by anyone but him. She murmurs another apology and then leans into his legs, staying as close as she possibly can, continuing to listen to the conversation around her.

    A shift as Pashmiri moves a little from her spot at the wall, once more advancing on the table to refill her glass with bloodwine. "I think that organisation is the key, yes." A pause as she once more corks the bottle, and saunters back to her chosen loitering spot. Vinco is addressed then, her tone slow and even, carefully selecting her words. "Indeed titles are details, and necessary ones at that, I just cared for the emphasis to be on the duties performed, rather than the pretty name one or the other would be bestowed for performing thusly." Sipping at her freshly filled glass, she continues. "However, all the ideas and suggestions put forward so far seem like an agreeable and sensible idea to me, for what it is worth."

    Taking the glass from before Akai, Mary grants her childe a small grin and she then sips from the vitae offered her. Her eyes close as she sups and with a sigh of contentment she offers the glass back to Akai. "Thank you my childe." she murmurs and awaits for Akai to either take or decline the offer.

    Akai smiles as Mary takes the glass, moving to settle her back against her sire. She looks up, beaming a moment at Mary, before shaking her head lightly at the offer. Looking forward again, she closes her eyes, simply relaxing against Mary's legs.

    "That atleast was our general idea coming into the meeting. We are of course more than welcoming of ways to revise or change, me being stubborn, most times im hard to change," A slight grin taking to Vinco's elderly features. "I would propose at this time though that we not speak about who is doing what, except that we dedicate the Whisper of the Alley. Which I would propose to be our Governess as she has done well for so long." His emerald eyes turn to Pashmiri, nodding to the woman, "Aye, I get a head of myself at times, figured we went over the basics of each role enough for the moment.

    Shaelynn's heavy lidded gaze once more sweeps those that remained, those seats and places of recline that had been filled that have emptied noted. Closing her eyes in full she speaks in an amused timbre, each word lilted, "We have at least come to the consensus it is a thing to be considered. Titles, pomp, circumstance and whether the seats should be upholstered in red, black or shocking pink aside." Lifting the thick fan of her lashes she turns azure eyes on those who speak most freely, Vinco, Aizen, Mary and Pashmiri. The weight of those considering stares cannot be mistaken and as if satisfied she dips her chin the smallest amount, "We need not make any choices tonight. The options are there, the propositions made. We agree we cannot continue as we have. Now to decide, each for ourselves if this is what we want." Laying her hands to her thighs she pauses dead as Vinco names her, lips quirking in a wry smile. "I still loathe titles and the frippery that comes with them." she mutters in a half exasperated way, "So this is why you insisted on my presence?" Pushing the shadowy veil of her hair back from a face near elfin in make up, Shaelynn lifts one raven brow in a dramatic arch, "I leave it to you all. I am no longer Governor. Nor was it a title suited to me. I am not my Sire. But to murmurs things in the proper ears..."

    Soft words emit from Aizen's cherry red lips, "Nevertheless, you once were a Governor, and you, This One senses, have the drive to help the Alley as some others in this room do. We need one named. The Whisper, to decide on who will take up the Dark Triumvirate." Aizen asserts, "This One votes that you be it, as the old man did." he flashes a fanged grin to Vinco, "No offense." he tosses a shoulder before running his left hand down the curve of Aura's spine, drinking his wine idly. "Then this meeting is surely concluded other than the decision of Whisper.. another meeting can take place at a different time, no?" he arches a brow, "For This One, must retire. It has been a day he'll remember, and a day that'll only spur him into further action and seeing Blood Alley rightfully in it's state of prowess, once more." he looks about, seeking others' opinion, "Does anyone else agree that Baroness Shaelynn, Former Governor should be our Whisper of the Alley?" his dark eyes glowing with the crimson flecks, as if seeking a refusal and ready to combat it into silence.

    There's a discrete cough from Pashmiri, and the diminutive woman pushes herself off the wall at Vinco's suggestion, adding in her refined drawl. "A suggestion I would second Vinco, but for one question, that I would seek an answer to, if I may. Shaelynn does seem an excellent choice, in truth, but I would ask this; Where has our Governess been in these dark and dismal times for our brethren? I mean no disrespect with my comments, but I would like to be assured that the leader under the new regime will at least be a fixture in the Alley we hold so dear. If not? It is just another worthless title." She lifts an absent hand to smooth her elegant chignon, continuing softly. "I realise that my comment may draw hostile eyes, but I also see it as a valid one that needs asking. If I would be confident that you will be present for this resurgence, aye, of course you would also have my vote." Yet another light shrug, adjusting her tunic minutely. "I suspect I shall be howled down with my comments now.." She smiles wryly, and sips at her wine.

    Aura shivers at her Master's touch, turning her head to look at Aizen for a moment, her eyes lingering on his cup, checking to see if he needs a refill of his drink, or any other obvious need she can provide for.

    A slow drop of a single eyelid towards Shaelynn is given in a wink from Vinco as she speaks, "Aye you are not Raziel, but that is not a bad thing either." The ancients teeth snap roughly towards Aizen as his comment though it is taken in stride as it is followed by his own pearly grin, "None taken. And she has my vote as well." Upon one heel Vinco turns towards Pashmiri and dips his head, "And it is not an unwarranted one. I will state that it was not Shaelynn that drove the kindred away, if it was not for her persistance there would likely be none of us left at all. When the rest of us faded away, slept, disappeared amongst the city and altogether it was her solely that kept upon things, attempted but received no cooperation amongst the others of our kind. I am sure if she has our support, she will be be more than worthy of the position."

    Looking first to Vinci and then to Shaelynn, Mary's eyes narrow and her fingers resume to drum on the arm of her chair. She raises her other hand to finger her own jaw in thought and then nods her ascent to the proposal set forth. "I must concur. She may wail worse than that banshee of an Arcanus Consular of the Cardinal, but Shaelynn is the perfect one for the job as outlined."

    Aizen nods towards Pashmiri, his hard gaze holds, but he doesn't seem to oppose her words, "Your words... They are indeed rightly spoken, actually, we wouldn't want a mistake to be made by choosing our Whisper, however, This One's nose tells him it is rightly chosen. That it is different now that there is adequete support for what is to be done." he then grins at Aura and gives her a light pinch on the leather clad back, "Mm, massage This One's calves." he instructs, his voice teasing but his words no doubt a command nevertheless. He looks over at Vinco and chuckles a soft growl, "Perhaps the Alley will make a loud enough noise as to reawaken our brothers and sisters. It would be nice to have more sects of Kindred come together as a large family."

    "Recovering from the suicide of my chosen Servant. His descent into madness was one that I regret claimed me as well. When that tether snapped, it left me in torpor. Fortunately he did not drag me into final death with him." Shaelynn replies in a voice that drains of all trace of its usual richness, emotion lost. Offering a small tip of her head she gathers herself visibly, that single momentary weakness hidden beneath a shroud of calm, "I value your words Vinco. And I am certain you are glad I am not Raziel. It would have been cause for an awful lot of explaining." Smiling with a flicker of affection at the white haired ancient, she rises slowly from where she had sat, again settling her narrow skirt so the hem trails in her wake properly, "If it is what you wish, I will accede to your wishes. I think though, for tonight at least we might consider retiring from this gathering. Those who wish to remain are welcome to stay of course. The night is still young, but for now I think all that can be accomplished for now."

    For once a slight form of a smile comes to Vinco's lips before nodding his towards Shae, "Aye, plenty of explaining." That playful wink is once against tossed in her direction before the ancient nods, "I myself could use a break, though I must say despite the low number of our kindred left. We seem to be atleast left with those that are worth being around and am glad to have met all of you."

    Aura jumps slightly as Aizen pinches her but she smiles at his tone. Turning to sit at his feet, Aura takes one of his legs and sets it between her knees. Her hands stroke the flesh at the back of his lower leg, kneading and stroking its defined shape until the muscles begin to relax under her hands.

    There's a distant, polite smile from Pashmiri and she turns to face the doors. "I suspected that my question would not be a popular one, yet.." She shrugs once more. "I am not in the habit of ducking questions that should be asked for the sake of decorum. I thank you for the concise explanation, Shaelynn, and my condolences on the sad loss of one I would guess was much loved." Again she inclines her head, yet this time a smile plays over her crimsoned lips as she does so. "Retiring sounds pleasant indeed. I would second that suggestion, and this time with nary a question, just my grateful accession.". Wine drained, she pauses a moment, just to see what the plans are.

    Aizen considers what is said before nodding, "This One will look forward to see what the next meeting brigns for the welfare of Blood Alley and the Kindred." he then smiles at Aura massaging his calf, and he turns to distribute a few more words, so he can delay leaving to feel her nimble fingers work. First his eyes fall upon Shaelynn, and he murmers, "This One is glad you have accepted. Enjoy the night, Lady Whisper." His eyes drift over to Vinco and he lets a small smile play over his lips, "You speak for those here, but perhaps someone should speak for you also. The wise are always welcomed, no matter where they are. Glad we have at least one that will aid us in rebuilding the Alley." He licks his lips, "The rest of you, Fellow Kindred, Have a good night, feed well." he turns then, swooping down to take the black ribbon leash of Aura's and then he leaves the room, with yet another whisper of movement and he is quickly gone from the Manor, to retire for the night.

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