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Participants: Alatyla, Alyssia, Aura, Isoko, Longinus, Mary, Matilda , Shaelynn , Victor, Vinco


    The antechamber is large, a high vaulted ceiling of dark stone stretching upward into the darkness high above your head. The weight of the mountain seems to diminish here, the room large enough that one isn't constantly reminded that one is inside the bowels of the earth. The only really well lit in the whole house, four large braziers sit, one in each corner, lit with large yellow flames that do not smoke or consume any fuel. Giving off generous amounts of heat, they help to take off some of the chill of the inner earth.

    What chill the brazier's don't eliminate is consumed by a gigantic fireplace of white marble, witting in stark contrast to the black walls of the rest of the Fane. Roaring with a constant inferno, the flames within serve to fill the Antechamber with a comfortable amount of heat. Sitting against the back wall as one enters the Fane from the outside, the fireplace is topped with a large mantle adorned with a few candlesticks when one wishes a dimmer, more intimate atmosphere.

    To the right of the fireplace is the silvery entrance into the Bloodstone Chamber, glimpses of the room visible now and then as the strips are disturbed by the passage of a body through them. To the right of the fireplace is a dark passage, stretching back further into the mountain, the tunnel disappearing around a dark corner. Against the left wall of the room is a stout door of black walnut, locked tightly to keeps its secrets hidden.

    In the center of the room, stretching toward the right side, is a cluster of furniture. Made of the same dark walnut and overstuffed black leather, two couches and a few chairs ar arranged for comfortable conversation. Close enough to the fire, yet far enough from the entrances to the other parts of the house, the furniture offers comfortable sitting, lounging, and conversation.

So the alley was burnt to the ground, a massacre of rebels slaughtered and a few other injuries on the way. It was with Vinco's escorts, the City Guard's Ravens, the finally led the old man away and too the home that all of the vampires who fled had setup camp. Through the tunnel of the Fane comes Vinco, his long white hair that once so handsomely fell to his shoulders is gone to a burnt stubble. His hands each have large holes in them, for a keen eye one would notice that it was a blade stabbed through each hand. He is still naked as he walks in, dirt and ashes covering his body completely.

Like several of the others, Matilda had been watching the Alley's destruction and waiting for Vinco's release. Of course, for a brief moment, she forgot about the house arrest so looks rather confused as the guards begin to escort him home. She follows her Sire and his escort, curling her lips up into a snarl should any try to pass through the hole that leads to the Fane and then walks in behind him. Though her eyes flicker down to the holes in his hand, she doesn't seem surprised to see them there, if anything, she curls her own hands, flexing her fists for a moment before she skips up quickly to him, tapping pale fingers against one ashen shoulder, the other hand holding out a silver flask that she seems to have retrieved from somewhere on her person. The young girl stays relatively composed, a direct contrast to the charcoal streaks of tears that trace above her snow-white cheeks, though it could just be that the large, furred coat she wears does a very good job of disguising her trembling.

Alatyla finds her way back up the mountain with a tattered coat wrapped tightly around her tiny body. The coat itself looks as if the girl had gotten into a tug-o-war with a transient over it, and obviously won. She tries to be rather quiet when she makes her way into the Antechamber and heads towards the fireplace to add some logs to the fire. She looks about the room at the gathering of Kindred and then to her Master who appears to her to be in desperate need of a bath. She makes no forward movements towards Vinco, though her gaze falls to him now and again as she quietly observes the gathering crowd from the warmth of the lit fireplace.

Aecha walks quietly behind Vinco and Matilda her eyes somewhat dull and sleepy having been woken up abruptly when the smoke started filling the Church, not at all aware of what had happened she watches her Master and her Abbess walk into the Fane under guard, pushing passed the guards she moves closer to Vinco a frown marring her lips and face as she sees the holes in his hands and the state of him. taking off a cloak she had found before the Church burned to the ground she moves over to him and wraps it around his shoulders giving him some dignity.

Victor steps into the hole that leads into the Fane, boots falling with a light click on stone, "I did look at this place once." He comments to himself in a rather off-hand tone, his voice ringing with a deep Ukrainian accent, "At least it's away from the angry mobs." His calm reserve seems to have filtered in, hiding whatever he may be feeling as he glances about the gathering quietly once more.

Curled up in front of the fireplace on a couple of pillows and surrounded by about a half a dozen wolves, one can note the small figure of Alyssia wrapped in a cloak. Hearing all the commotion of people coming back to the Fane, she lifts her head up to see what is going on. As Vinco enters, her eyes widen a bit taken aback by his appearance compared to when she last saw him. As familiar faces begin filling the large room, Alyssia sits up a bit and rubs her eyes as she leans into the large male wolf directly next to her.

Shaelynn had said nothing at all for the walk, gathering those who had lurked outside the gates of Blood Alley and herding those temporarily in her care back towards the eastern mountains. The shadowy passage into the depths of the mountainside causes a ripple of gooseflesh to rise across her arms, and chafing them with her hands she fights to ignore the prickle of sorcery which lingers in the stone chamber. Blue eyes linger on the Ancient for a long moment, the scorched away hair, the holes in his hands all noted and catalogued. Barely able to think as a wave of anger rises she frowns, irritably raking her hair back from her own face so as to keep them from clutching in her upset. Having organized the unloading of everyone's personal effects into the place she flees the room, darting like a wraith through the curtain into the dark bedchamber. Emerging moments later dark silk lays over her arms, walking directly to Vinco to hold out his robe to him. She says nothing at all of it, and once taken she retreats to one of the sofas, throwing herself down onto it in a boneless heap, her legs pulled up to her chest to rest her chin atop them, azure eyes blinking owlishly in the dim light of the Fane.

Having picked up the progression of the guards and her Sire, Angitia lags somewhat behind. Hands clasped behind her back are the only thing that betray her mood, fingers laced tightly, knuckles even more white than the rest of her pale skin. Each step seems measure and controlled, her golden eyes cast down to stare at her bare feet, lips mumbling numbers softly as if she is counting each of those steps. Head held down in such a way, most of her features are hidden by the veil of pale, soft curls that cascade down around her face. She doesn't even bother looking up when they arrive in the antechamber, seeming to allow the clicking of Vinco's boots to guide her.

Mary is the last to enter, for the most part walking backwards into the hidden chamber and only her eyes visible in the dark depths of her cloak's hood. The stink of fire and oil is about her and when her hands become exposed they reveal the nearly darkend skeleton that the Alley's demise has wrought, flakes of charcoal fall from the charred bones as they flex and bend to action. The Razor looks about the tunnel, scanning into the dark carefully before closing the massive doors. With a grunt, Mary turns to look at the interior of the room and and she tugs the cloak further on her head to ensure her face is kept obscured and in shadow.

Vinco continues into the Fane with very little comment to anyone whatsoever, even as Aecha throws the cloak over his shoulders. He flops himself down lifelessly in one of the large leather couches, the cloak quickly to slide over his shoulders after the movement. One cold hand comes to brush through what was once hair, instead finding the bald scalp before glancing over those assembled in the room. The offered robe is taken from Shaelynn but it is not put on as of yet, instead he finally looks out amongst those gathered, finding Tyla a ways away he offers her an attempted reassuring smile. It is not until then that Vinco looks up to Matilda and the offered flask, a somewhat brief grin in her favor before he takes it, and drink it he does, one.. two.. the gulps continue until the flask is completely empty. "Well that was fun," he finally scoffs out, falling further back into the couch, his eyes flick closed for a moment before they look up and he glances at Angitia, his eyes stay locked upon her for several moments.

Matilda takes the empty flask back from Vinco and then walks away, disappearing from the Antechamber for several moments. When she returns, her fluffy coat is missing, her flask is tucked into the back pocket of her jeans and she has a bottle of blood whiskey in one hand. The bottle is given a toss, flying through the air to where the old man sits. Her other hand has a bottle of whiskey held in its grip, good, top shelf irish whiskey and she walks over the Shaelynn, passing the bottle off to the small woman, leaning down to brush her cheek affectionately against her and then straightening once more. Silent as she is, she sits down on oneside of Vinco, curling one leg up beneath her and leaning delicately against his crusty side. Heedless of the burns, she tips her head to press a small kiss against his shoulder and then watches as everyone else files in and finds their seats.

Alatyla looks up at Angitia enters the Antechamber and for the first time since she had awoke on the sleigh, the girl manages a smile. She watches her Masters Childe make her way across the room to Vinco where Tyla catches the reassuring smile. She slides up on her knees and looks for a moment like she were going to stand but hesitates and falls back to her rear. She reaches over towards a fur she had left by the fireplace earlier and tugs it over to place across her legs, tucking it firmly beneath her skin. When she looks back up at her Master, it is more difficult to seem him from her vantage point upon the floor which causes her to lets out a stifled giggle at the doting crowd. She turns then to look at one of the slaves from the Manor she had seen during the trip up the mountain and leans over to whisper, "He needs a bath, and I am sure some real food, but it is good to see he is loved so."

Longinus enters the large chamber, both armored and carrying his grim but unbloodied spear. Not knowing what will be made of his absence of late, if anything at all, he lets his sandals bring him over to Vinco's side before he clasps the ancient on the back. "It's good to see you my friend. When I heard what happened, I was sure we'd be having this conversation in the bone yard." Leaving him to Matilda, Longinus' sandals carry him into the room but out of the way.

Aecha sits down on the floor of the Chamber next to Vinco, her pale blue eyes darkened and looking around at everyone who files into the room. Huddling down a little bit she wraps her arms around her shoulders and just stares out into the room almost lifelessly, her own body charcoal stained but not burned, when Vinco speaks she looks up at him and smiles faintly her eyes flicking over to where Matilda sat down then again towards Vinco even more silent than is normal for her, her breathing even muffled. When Longinus walks in she smiles a little bit and looks up at him, giving him a soft nod.

Victor slips around the edge of the room quietly though neither anger nor grief seems to behold him as he takes a seat in one of the chairs in the room. One leg rises to cross over the other casualy as his arms lower to cross over his abdomen, his lips pressing together in a thin line as he considers something quietly to himself.

Coiling lithe slender arms about her own knees, Shaelynn watches as Vinco drapes the robe close at hand, her frown deepening the smallest amount. Closing her eyes her head drops, spilling midnight silk forward to hide her face to murmur into her knees, drawing in a steadying breath, expelling it, another taken. The look in her eyes when the lift is beseeching, though she speaks counter to it, ignoring the bits of herself that argue senselessly with each other about the sight on the other sofa, "Hmmm, that is one way to put it dear. The Inquisition and the Witch Trials were also 'fun'. I think this might rank right up there with those." Flicking her tongue out to wet the supple curve of her lips she unwraps and arm to unfasten her cloak and toss it back onto the couch, the heavy ash speckled velvet slithering to pile behind her. "We can complain or we can plan. I vote for planning, at least we aren't sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves." Nodding once firmly she lowers her legs so she curls to lean on the sofa's arm, heels tucked to thighs. As Matilda returns she looks at the bottle the woman holds out to her, a tiny smile offered and the whiskey claimed. Without her usual disdain, she cracks the seal, taking a long pull at the amber fluid straight from the neck, her throat working in a supple ripple as she swallows. Bringing the bottle down to rest on her thigh she shudders, heat welling outwards from her stomach in a wave.

Longinus says with questioning tones rather than his normal manner of speech, "I understand there were Werewolves crawling all over this like fleas on a dog. They were everywhere, do they now control the city?" Pausing he adds, "This does not seem to be the time to talk of vengeance but we all have to eat." Placing his spear to lean against a nearby wall he spreads his heels somewhat and gets comfortable where he stands.

The lobbed bottle in midair is caught quickly from Vinco and the pop is topped and then held to his lips for another few healthy guzzles. His head turns to the side for a moment to glance at Matilda and then one large arm is thrown over her shoulders, pulling her tightly against his side, "I half thought I would see you and Angitia running through the burning buildings causing hell. Im proud you listened to me." Somewhat lightening up after being around his kindred once again, he offers Longinus a slight bow of his head, "That what I had figured too." The Ancient signals Tyla over towards him, his legs spreading and he points a finger between his legs, "Come here Tyla, it is been a week since I have fed, am rather hungry."

The heavily cloaked form of Mary sticks to the outskirts of the ground of survivors. She does not lean against the wall and chooses to crouch down and draw the cloak's dark folds about herself. Her hands remain within the cloth and only her glowing eyes remain visible. From one to another she looks and she watches the bevy of vampires clustered about Vinco.

Matilda relaxes visibly as Vinco's arm slides around her shoulders and she nestles against his side, paying little heed to the dirt and ashes that cake the old man. His comments have her eyes darting up to Shaelynn and the girl actually has the decency to appear embarrassed. She shuffles a bit, folding her hands in her lap and twisting them together. "Um.. Shae and Bern wouldn't let me," Mat finally admits, murmuring, "I think my butt hurts." But she suddenly lightens up and gives a quick nod in the Whisper's direction. "Yes, yes.. plans. We need to find a new home because as cozy happy as we are all right now.. I doubt it will last." Her voice drops to a whisper, "Especially once Belle wakes," before she speaks up again, "Any ideas?" Matilda cranes forward, looking over to Alyssia in her pile of wolves, "Aly! Maybe you can have your pack start scouring a bit more? Well.. Aizen's pack.. but see if you all can find us something.. that is.. NOT in an Alley. And not too close to the Bitches on their thrones?"

Victor shifts uneasily in his chair once before finding a comfortable position as he eyes the other vampires in the room with calm study before tilting his head slowly to the side, "I'm wondering Vinco." He says slowly, his voice rising just a bit before adding on, "Why did you protect the Emir after she forced you to do as you did in the Alley?" The words linger with the inflection of his accent, fading as his lips close together once more.

Alatyla looks up from the slave she is conversing with when she hears her name spoken and looks over towards the crowd. It does not take her long to spot Vinco's gesture so she rises to her feet still clinging to the fur and moving it to a more strategic place, around her shoulders. She glances at the surounding group as she steps before her Master and offers him a weary smile before whispering, "M'Lord, that is a long time to go without food." She slides a warm hand out from beneath her fur and offers it to the man eagerly as her eyes turn to glance down towards the floor. "They were so cruel as to not fe.." She stops and turns her eyes up to Matilda and then glances back towards the crowd, seemingly deciding to keep quite once again.

Finding her current home destroyed and the Alley in ruins, Aura enters the room looking confused and a little lost. Looking around she sees several faces she recognizes and after ascertaining that Alyssia is whole and in one piece she moves towards Mary, leaning in to ask quietly, "What the hell happened? Are you ok?" Her gaze moves over the others in the room and she whispers, "Is everyone else ok?"

The glowing eyes within the dark hood are tilted up and they regard Aura carefully for a moment. "I am fine Little One. And many were killed tonight. Embraced for the last time." comes the cracked and croaking voice from the ancient diablerist. The cloaked form stands and the stench of oil and burn is heavy about her when Mary moves. "The mob was too much. Too chaotic. They brought fire and used it indisciminantly."

Hearing her name, Alyssia sits up a bit more to see Matilda on the sofa. A soft smile crosses her lips as she nods in the girl's direction, "Of course, I will ask the wolves closest to us to look while they are out and I'll accompany them later in the night. I'm normally around in the mountains in the evenings already. Though I know many of the ones that Aizen brought earlier today are meant to keep us safe in this new location. They have been instructed to do so and will follow those orders." Watching as Aura walks in, Alyssia smiles softly but watches as she moves over to Mary. Speaking to Aura, your things were brought with us when I cleared out the chambers, I'm just not sure where everything is.. might have to look around a bit." Shrugging a bit, Alyssia looks back to Matilda and seems to want to ask something but hesitates and instead stretches a bit before looking over the wolves around her, a soft touch from her hand for each one.

The look in Shaelynn's eyes is lost for a long moment between humour and a desire to throttle the ancient across from her, her opposite in so many ways. Chewing at her lip fitfully she pulls herself upwards so she sits slightly more upright, enabling her to twist her head about to stare at Longinus, "Who said anything about vengeance? That ship fucking sailed. We tried it, look where it landed us?" Sucking in a sharp breath, unneeded but the soft hissing exhalation steadies her nerves a hair, the Whisper's infamous temper soothed a trifle. "You all are not the ones who will be kissing their asses for the next age. Any more -vengeance- will have them bending us over like the two-copper whore Mat likened the Emir to." At Matilda's comment Shae simply nods tossing her raven tresses about herself so they caress her snowy flesh in a dark ripple, "Better a bruised ass than a barbecued one. Shit, you would have made yourself the blackened vampire special for them." Shaelynn says in a high fluting voice. Taking another swig of her drink she looks to Mary, seeming to ponder the paradox that is her problem, "I'll volunteer if no one else will Mary."

The corner of Vinco's lips curl up and form a light grin on his lips, "Though you still listened atleast," leaning forward his lips press to the top of Matilda's head. Turning his head over to Victor, "Because I didnt see much bonus for having someone kill a ruler of the city. We have been prosecuted enough." The slave that approaches him his offered a light grin, "They are not so kind," he hand is taken, wrist brought to his lips but he does not bite. He catches site of the shy exchange between Tyla and Matilda, "Something a matter?" he voice suddenly dropping cold as he looks between the two women. Vinco still is rather quiet, even as Shaelynn starts he says nothing in turn.

Frowning, Aura's eyes move over the group again and her hand reaches out to touch Mary's back, as though assessing her physical state with a touch. Fingers trailing over the cloak, Aura moves from her friend's side towards Alyssia, concern growing as she moves nearer to the girl. Glancing about to find the wolves near her Aura does not visibly relax but reaches out a hand to touch her cheek. "Aizen? You were speaking of him, is he whole and safe for now? Are /you/ unharmed?" she asks, genuine fear in her voice for a moment as she waits for a response and looks Aly over more carefully than she did at first.

Looking to her near twin... at least prior to tonight, Mary shakes her head cloaked head and hisses softly, "No Shaelynn. You know the risks." A charred, skeletal hand rises from the depths of the cloak and points from the Whisper to the Shadow. "Tend to the others, first and foremost. I have reserves still to go through. So I may not look pretty and turn heads for a while, I will live long enough to ensure my beloved garden is brought back to fruition."

Longinus answers Shaelynn with, "I mentioned vengeance and I will taste it long before I forget about it. But I also said I wasn't bringing it up when I mentioned concerns regarding food or the possibility of the Werewolves controlling the city itself." Pausing as if searching for the right words, he continues with, "I sit not on any council, none ask my council regarding nearly anything. My vengeance will have no political repercussions toward this council. As all in this chamber can hear I'm not bending to the will of Whisper."

Tyla looks down swift to Vinco as she feels his lips upon her skin and it is quite hard for her to hide the smile that works its way to her crimson lips. She takes in a shuddering breath in anticipation of his bite but when a cold voice comes instead of the sweet sensation, she looks down to him quickly and then up to Matilda. She shifts uneasily at first before dropping to her knees in what would seem like an endless curtsey. "Perhaps M'Lord, such things are best left to discuss upon a full stomach and a lingering bath?" She keeps her hand easily within the man's grasp, even pushes it forward once again in hopes of the offering to continue. "Home do some and go M'Lord. And can be relaced. But those we care about, especially when they are returned to us, should be celebrated." She looks up at her Master with her wide emerald gaze and offers up that jovial smile she so often carries.

Victor raises a brow at Longinus before flicking a pale hand in the air, "Whatever you do will have political repercussions. If you took hold of your head and realized what you're saying, you'd understand that." He replies to Longinus with a bit of contempt in his words before shaking his head, "You are Kindred. We are Kindred. Whether you saw that mob or not, you'd know they hunt Kindred, not the Council or any political entity of our own. Step foot in the city and you'll find hostility I am sure."

Snorting her disdain at Longinus's words Shaelynn lifts her hand and waves them off in a dismissive manner, "It isn't a matter of bending Longinus, right now there is us and them. Them have the upper hand at this moment, and if you are too fool-headed to see it I will mourn you with the rest who died tonight. Right now everything is quiet, but the storm is hardly forgotten, do you want them to come seeking you in your haven next?" Shaking her head she levels her warm azure eyes on Mary instead, ignoring the others for a moment while she tilts her head, "Yes. I know the risks. Unlike most here. I also know I am one of the few who, when push came to shove, could stop you." The is no doubt in her tone, speaking to the woman as if she were not thousands of years Shaelynn's senior. "The offer is open. Take it or leave it as you will."

Alatyla sinks down onto the feet of Vinco.

The beat around the bush answer of Alatyla draws a slight snarl from Vinco though he is far too hungry at the moment to continue to dwell on the issue, "Yes, but I will find out soon enough here." He steals a quick glance up towards Tyla before her wrist is once again brought to his lips with her encouragement, his mouth opening wide until the sudden pierce of teeth seek out the blood beneath flesh and he is instantly rewarded with the tasty flow of his slave's blood. A soft groan escapes Vinco's bloodied lips as he eagerly rewards himself with her 'life'. He does not look up to any of the ongoing conversations occuring, lost to everything but his food.

Speaking to Victor, Longinus replies, "Hostility is fine actually it's good as long as I don't wear out my welcome and have laws enacted against us visiting. The previous actions were very overt and they had reasons to be so. By tomorrow, next week or next month every werewolf in the city will be beating its chest and drunk with glory, when someone agrees to step into the arena who can blame he who stands victorious, especially when he didn't overtly pick the fight." Speaking to Shaelynn all he says is, "Why is it you still avoid my actual question? Regarding food of all trivial things?"

Yawning a bit as she's still tired from the earlier days events, Alyssia looks up to Aura. "Yes, Aizen is fine. He just joined us a bit late is all. He gathered several wolves to protect us here, it just took some a bit more convincing than others." Laughing softly for a moment she continues, "And I am fine. He healed all the cuts and bruises before he headed out again. No need to worry, things will be alright." Aly reaches up and squeezes Aura's hand reassuringly before leaning back into the wolves again. "If you wish to be close..." She then looks at a couple of the wolves and they shift around making room for Aura to join them.

It seems as she was going out for a walk she got told to come here to this place. She was like what for, as she looks around and notices all the vampires that she knows and other ones. She is like what in the world. She wasn't expecting this, as she seemed to be having a wonder look on her face. Isoko just seems to stand somewhat alone right now, as she crosses her arms and just seems to allow her pet snake appear and keep her company for now.

One moment there is the cloaked form of Mary on one side of the room and Shae a distance from her; the next there is a sonic boom and a crunching of stone as now Mary has Shaelynn pinned (and slightly embedded into the stone wall) clear across the room. The hood of the heavy cloak about Mary has fallen back to reveal the charred head of the ancient Baali. Three-quarters gone, the only flesh left on Mary's entire head is an area that runs about her right eye and down the right cheeck and neck; all else is nothing but charred, tight skin over bones. Blackend fangs are already sunk deep into Shaelynn's throat, gouging rents in the Whisper's neck and echoing gulps come from the ancient's throat and chest as she sups on Shaelynn's very precious life blood. Needlelike fingers, pin through the rich attire of the woman and Shae's feet are a good inch from the ground while MAry dines deep.

"Of course M'Lo.." Tyla is cut short by a low toned moan that finds its way suddenly passing through her lips as Vinco sinks his teeth in. She leans forward against the couch between his knees and draws in a shivering breath that is let out in slow undulating puffs. The fingers upon her outstretched hand begin to curl slowly inward to make a small fist though not a movement made to pull her hand from her Masters grasp, but to urge the flow of blood towards them. Her free hand brushes upward before her and comes to rest upon the cushion near Vinco's leg allowing her nails to press into the fabric. Suddenly squirming upon her knees, she scoots in even closer towards the couch and lets out another soft moan of pleasure as her head dips forward to rest upon Vinco's knee. A thick curtain of bright red hair moves in to cover the girls face completely from view.

Victor shakes his head again slowly before running his fingers through the raven strands of hair that crest his head, "You'd be surprised what Hostility brings upon us." He replies slowly to Longinus before rising from his seat, "I say leave the city for what it is as is already being done, and don't look back until one day that the Council decides that perhaps it would be good to get a bit of vengeance for what happened. Otherwise, focus on rebuilding." He strides towards one of the openings into the other rooms, "I am going to find my rest. Goodday Vinco, may shadow grace your path and goodday to you as well Tyla."

Victor parts the soft silver strips and steps into the Bloodstone Chamber, glimpses of the bedroom offered for a short while even after they have gone through the door.

Matilda had been sitting curled against Vinco's side, lost in thought until finally the conversations around her seem to pull her back to present. To Longinus, her eyes flash up, "The weres who were there, in the Alley, that I saw today, only fought the vampires when they were provoked. All three of them. Three, Longinus. Besides them I know easily of two others and that is it. How that is having them run the city and gloating is beyond me. Especially when two of the five are slaves and when of the three citizens, I know for a fact two of them cannot stand each other." She frowns even more, "Plus, Longinus, from what I recall, you seem to be all full of talk and bluster about vengance and standing up for the Kindred only to turn tail and distance yourself from us so that you don't look bad in the eyes of -them-." 'Them' being said with a sneer. A glance down at Tyla and over to Vinco has he feeds from her, Mat finally answers his question, whether he hears her or not, "Your slave here seemed to have issues when I kicked the Vizir's slave out from the Church the day after I saw you in the cell, Sire. She was quite pouty about the loss of a boy toy." The young vampiress seems ready to continue her snipping until the sudden loudness of Mary plowing Shaelynn into a wall has her sitting up straight, eyes widening, but beyond that, she does not move but to watch, poised on the edge of her seat and ready to try and intervene should it become necessary.

Growling under her breath at the insistent buzzing in her ears, both voices and other less real things Shaelynn twists in her seat like a cat, narrowing bright blue eyes at Longinus. "What problem? Most of us hunt the city, we rent slaves, many of us own slaves for that reason. We are not under arrest. We are free to continue as we always have. The ban on feeding was lifted under my first tenure as Governor. We simply must choose the vess...." The rest is cut short, in fact it dies in her throat all together as the smallest flicker at the edge of her vision suddenly slams into her with the force of a train wreck. The next instant is a blur, pain exploding along her back, and in her skull, a shudder all that ripples through her as the reed-thin vampiress falls prey to the deep sink of Mary's fangs into her neck. Where most would struggle, she stills, where most would scream. she falls to utter silence, blue eyes falling closed as her head drops forward so the thick spill of her ebon hair shields what occurs.

Upon hearing that her Mate is safe and alive, Aura visibly relaxes. Squeezing Aly's hand back, she nods and begins to lower herself in amongst the wolves and Alyssia, feeling as though she suddenly needs the warmth they offer. It is the attack that forces her to pause and then stand fully, taking a step nearer to the Whisper and the Razor. Silvery gaze lifts and wanders over the others, wondering if either of the two need help but she waits for the reaction of the other Kindred before moving any closer. Mary's destroyed visage causes her obvious pain, a soft whimper escaping her as she see's her friend's obviously painful condition. Needing to look away, Aura's eyes land on Matilda and the sight of her nearly causes Aura to burst into tears, overjoyed to see her but the enormity of what seems to have happened in her absence beginning to dawn on her.

A sound of laughter is heard from Isoko lips as she listens to the conversations. However, she looks fast over to Mary and Shaelynn. Her pet snake hisses, as it moves down Isoko arm and slowly turns into a dark blood red sword. Isoko makes it clear she is in no mood to play games and to have anyone here that are her Kindred get hurt. She hisses at Mary and just gets into a defenive stance.

Longinus looks at the departing Victor's back as he left before waiting for a reply to his criticisms. Such impoliteness seems so very rampant. Reaching behind him to take his spear in hand he takes two steps toward the door before being polite enough to turn to face Matilda. "My agents speak of Draven running his yap with every public appearance. He would be sufficient for my cause. See -childe- there was an age long past now when men of honor settled feuds with crossed steel. In this place they sleep with the Emir and undoubtedly whispers poison in her ear. Those three in the actual ally would make a fine appetizer." Letting her other comment sit for the moment he turns and nods after listening to Shea, seeing her busy he says to Matilda, "Yes I stayed away. I secured my haven to a place none know of. Spoken plainly I disagreed with the petty acts of vandalism that raised the anger of the mortals. Where I come from such is avoided at nearly all cost. Tonight I stayed away because of some of you in this chamber are concerned that I man challenge someone to what amounts to a fair fight. You'd shit kittens should I have gone after the Emir herself, you can have a guardsman's uniform sewn up and tailored for less than it costs to purchase a false collar in that city. I stayed away because Vinco spoke of such a sacrifice when I first returned to the community. I figured he was ready to pay on his words this evening."

If Mary was worried about the other vampires in the room at that moment, she sure does seem to bat an eye at it. Gorging on the Whisper's throat, Mary sucks hard and deep on her vitae and before all present, charred skin bubbles and stretches; paling from black to grey and then to a light tan. Hair folicles erupt from a slowly changing scalp allowing a waterfall of raven tresses to cascade over the ancient's shoulders and down her back. Again and again, gulps and swallows are all that eminate from the two women, both a near twin of the other despite the millenia between them. When the first tickling of something else reaches Mary's conciousness she wrenches herself free of the deep bite on Shaelynn's throat and staggers back; blood running in rivulets down her own mouth and neck.

Alatyla ignores their better judgment, stepping into the darkness of the Aphotic Passage.

Gathering herself in the passing seconds Shaelynn cannot quite seem to suppress a soft shuddering moan which presses into the curl of Mary's ear as the flesh fills out beneath her lips. Small impossible white hands rise, to wrap around the Ancient's neck, holding herself to the hard suckling press of mouth to the pale line of her throat. A whisper caresses Mary's ear, a handful of the softest syllables spoken, as will is bent in that instant against Mary's desires. There is a tug, indeed, that essence that is herself clinging tenaciously to her own body and mind. Gasping she falls to the floor, dropped in an instant, a small thin lipped smile given to Mary, her head swimming. Blinking away the darkness which threatens her vision her one hand lifts in a slow gesture to check her throat with cautious fingertips.

Looks over to Shaelynn as she notices all the blood. She then looks over to Mary and still hisses at the woman. "Bitch..Why are you attacking one of your kind?" She hisses more at the woman and goes to look at the others. "Hmm..Don't think that you will get out of here with your life Mary because you are mistaken." She notices her backing up but she doesn't and just keeps her eyes pinned on the woman. She looks around and sighs. "Hmm..What in the world is going on..Why did you attack Shaelynn?"

Matilda slowly unfolds herself from the couch and takes a short stroll, coming to a stop directly between Mary and Isoko. Though of course the Ancient Vampiress needs no protection from her, Mat turns to Isoko and reaches one hand out, reaching for the red blade the other girl holds, "Shaelynn offered. Do you seriously think all of us would sit around and watch while Mary attacked Shaelynn. Mary needs some sustenance too, Shae is one of the few who can provide it. Put away your weapon please.. Save it for those who deserve it."

Seeing that Mary has begun to heal and that Shaelynn is safe, Aura backs slowly towards the wolves and Alyssia, folding her body to sit next to the girl and the pack. Breathing a long shuddering breath she carefully watches Mary, eyes moving over her face and any remaining injuries she has before her attention is captured by Isoko and Matilda. Once the weapon is take care of she bends her knees and rests her head on folded arms above them, leaning gently into a wolf behind her and Aly beside her.

Looks over to Matilda and just sighs as she stands up straight now, but still keeps her eyes upon Mary and just seems to sigh as her sword transforms back into her pet snake. She just slowly steps back and just crosses her arms. "Hmm..well dang..If I knew that..I wouldn't have jumped the gun."

Not trusting her legs fully Shaelynn pulls her hands from her her neck to press them to the wall, using its surface as support, the muscles in her slender legs refusing to answer the commands of her mind to lift her upwards. Failing in that she turns to fall back against the wall, half sitting, nodding an agreement to Matilda's assessment, "She would... kill most of you..." Her soft voice seems to fill the room at once, coming from every where and nowhere at once, the stone itself breathing her sentiments even as she does. Wetting dry lips she turns her head to give Mary a calm look, though it is distant, "If you ever breathe a word of what you tasted I assure you, nothing will save you." Smiling she giggles the mirth inhuman, infectious, touching places inside bodies no sound alone has right to, warming and icy in a single instant. Lightheaded and not fully in control in the wake of Mary's feeding, Shaelynn's burbling voice slides from place to place, playing cat and mouse with hearing, "She is right... I offered. I can't complain though... The rush is always a thrill on its own."

As Shaelynn collapses to the ground so does Mary, hands and knees pressed on the cold floor, the ancient seems about ready to sick-up as her body convulses so. Mary's head reels and she gives it a violent shake as if to dislodge a thousand gnats loose from within her ear. She kneels up and her hands cover her ears and she presses them over her tiny shells and begins humming very loudly, and definatly not in tune with enything. Her eyes closed tight, Mary seems very intent on trying to ignore something. She continues loudly, obviously not hearing Isoko's threat or Mat's reprimand. "F-F-Fuck... FUck... FUCk... FUCK!!!" the ancient curses as she stands up on tip toes, shaking her head violently again with her hands to her ears. Her body arhes, stretches, and she screams with some brutal internal pain. Suddenly she slams herself facefirst into the stony floor, breaking rock with the impact and she becomes very still and quiet at last.

Isoko just shakes her head, as she feels like going home now. However, her snake hisses at everyone, as he seems to not like them. Isoko pets her pet to calm him, as she just seems to yawn slightly. "So..why are we all here? Why was I sent here?"

Shocked by the other vampire pulling a sword and threatening Mary, Alyssia just shakes her head a bit, "never a dull moment around this group." Watching Matilda rise to stand in the midst of the confrontation, the first wolf rises a low growl in the back of its throat. Aly turns to the wolf and strokes its back slowly as she watches Isoko back up a bit after Matida's explanation. Nodding to the wolf, it returns to lay at her side once more. Alyssia startles as watches Mary literally almost have a fit before she breaks the floor. Her jaw dropped just slightly, as an arm slips around Kiri and she just curiously watches. Noticing that Aura has finally sat down, Aly drapes her cloak over Aura's shoulders before she lightly runs a fingertip along her arm infusing her with a deep warmth with the simple touch. Rubbing at her eyes, her gaze moves back to Matilda with a look of interest it seems.

Matilda walks over to Shaelynn and slides down the wall to sit next to the woman. Granted she doesn't know nor understand most of what happened except that Mary needs vamp blood, Shae is a vamp and Mary just fed on Shae. Still, it does not stop her from approaching the Whisper and sitting beside her, offering someone to lean on if she needs it. Her gaze slides to Alyssia and Aura, giving them both, what she hopes is a reassuring smile before turning back to Isoko. "The Alley is destroyed. Isoko, is it? Our homes are lost, the place has been razed. The Manor, The Church, homes.. yeah. gone. Mary was hurt because she was caught in the fire. I would assume you got the notices that we were all moving considering you are still.. well.. alive..ish. Any vampire caught or left in the Alley died." Tipping her head towards Shaelynn, Mat kisses Shae's cheek and then looks to Mary, frowning a little at Mary's reaction, but when she turns her gaze to Aura, she is obviously assuming the other girl will go and check on the other vampire.

Isoko looks over to Matilda and just blinks. "Shit..well..I am glad my Childe are gone from the city for a while. I didn't want them to get killed." She goes to tilt her head. "Hmm..so is there going to be a new Blood Alley?" She moves over to a chair and sits down. She pets her snake and just seems to wonder what will happen to all of her Kindred now.

Reaching over to touch a hand to Alyssia's arm, Aura murmurs her thanks to her for the attention and leans in to kiss her cheek before taking Matilda's hint and rises, moving towards Mary. Crouching down on the floor she reaches one hand out and touches the Ancient's back, fingers touching carefully in case any injuries remain. A gentle shake is offered and Aura whispers, "Mary....? What can I do?" Peeling back the edge of the other woman's coat, Aura slips her hand inside and touches the bare skin beneath. She does not draw on the vampiress' magic, but she does try to ascertain if there is any healing she can offer her friend.

Crooking her finger at Matilda Shae smiles winsomely at the goth girl, her hand falling to the ground a moment later as Mary's expression changes, her head shaking, the way she bangs her head off the floor. Concern flood her gaze, and she fights her own body to move until she sees Matilda approaching, stilling in her attempts to make her limbs obey her will. Her head falls side ways as Mat slides to sit beside her murmuring low, "Help me over to her. Please. I can make it stop. But she will hurt herself as she is." Her lips shift rest;essly against Matilda's shoulder, a soft kiss pressed to it before she speaks aloud towards where Aura crouches beside Mary, "She is living with my... gifts. It will fade. I can dull it... But she is not of my blood Aura, it will drive her mad as she is." There is no denying the way she says it, the statement made without flair or emballishment, pure unadorned fact laid plain.

Isoko slowly stands up after sitting for so long. She tilts her head at the all, as she goes to turn and goes to find out where her home is. She has a link to the place, as she just looks back at the others and slowly goes and fades into the darkness.

Matilda doesn't bother to help Shaelynn. She simply stands up, and then bends over, scooping Shaelynn up in her arms and carrying the diminutive woman over to where Mary lays. With one arm hooked around Shae's back and the other beneath her knees, it appears as if the weight of the other woman has no bearing at all on Mat, her steps easy and her hold tender. With a steady carefulness, the goth girl lowers herself next to Mary's inert form and gently sits the Whisper down beside her. Though she relinquishes her grip beneath the other's knees, she still keeps her hand around Shae's back, there to offer support or catching as needed.

Mary remains still and for many long dead heatbeats she remains so. Then suddenly she sits upright and she blinks her blue eyes for a few moments and looks about. "Ah... so nice to see all of you today. Now what shall we do, hmm? I do think a nice batch of tea will have need to be brewed and brought in. You all look so pale and sickly especially you may dear simply awaful looking you are..." Mary says to Shaelynn as Mary's wild eyes afix on her. She looks to Mat and then to Aura and Mary pats the mortal's hands tenderly, "Go fetch us a spot of tea deary and we'll all sit about the fire and get ourselves warm." The ancient quickly stands and brushes herself off. "Now now, uppity time. Go take her over to the hearth deary and wrap her up nice and snug in one of the afghans there." she waves to Mat and Shae and heads over to check the fireplace.

Raising an eyebrow at Mary's behavior, Aura looks wide eyed at Shaelynn and Mat for a moment before glancing back to her friend. "Mary? Are you...feeling alright?" she asks quietly, reaching a hand out to touch her arm. "Maybe you had better let our friend here help you first." she says, slipping her warm hand into her cool one.

Shaelynn groans softly as Matilda stands and hoists her from the floor, an arm wrapping around Matilda's neck to help support herself, but even that small effort leaves the normally tenacious vampiress shaking. Snarling softly at her own weakness as much as MAry's sudden will to move she looks from face to face in turn, "Aura, watch her. If she begins to act as she did... rouse me." Looking to Mat she tips her head slightly towards the room she is staying in with the others, "I need to rest, if my slave, the big one, shows up send him in." Watting her lips against she nods to herself as much as anyone else. "Sleep. Sleep would be good."

Matilda sighs as she looks from one vampire to another and again stands, picking Shaelynn up once more. "I could use some bed too," she murmurs, her gaze sliding over to Aura and Mary, "I will keep her warm Mary. Aura, wake me if you need anything? Let Shae sleep unless..." Her eyes look pointedly at Mary but she stops short of saying 'In case Mary goes nuts again'. "Good night," she tells the others and carries Shaelynn into the bedroom.

Rising to her feet, Alyssia stretches and puts on the cloak that Aura dropped as she rose to tend to Mary. Tossing it around her frame, she looks down at the wolves. Three of them rise and move to her side, Kiri standing just to her left, his back under her fingertips, "Well now seems as good a time as any to search around. I'm sure it's quiet tonight. I'll prowl with the wolves a bit to see if I can find anything interesting like maybe a new place to live." She glances around at the congested room and sighs as she remembers how it all got there, "I'll be back later."

Mary looks to Aura and she smiles looking about the place suddenly with a slight exasperation to her voice. "Tsk tsk. You would think these grown children would take better care of themselves and their things. So disorganized ad nsafe." She turns to look at Aura and she claps her hands. "Come now girl, let's go fetch us somethig warm then and we can chat on the local news and maybe have a bite to eat..." and mary links her arm with Aura and forcibly leads her out from the room.

Thinking perhaps its better to humor her friend for now, Aura slips her hand into Mary's and allows her to lead where she will. If she remains by her side then she is safer than she would be on her own in this state. Nodding absently at her words Aura murmurs, "Of course dear, lets go." with a concerned but amused look on her face.

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