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Caife Teach: Visitors, Wanted and Unwanted - March 9, 2009

Participants: Hana, Jalal , Loflynn, Munsia, Xyliquay


    ------------- Caife Teach - Coffee Shop ---------------

    You enter the coffee house though an oak door with a stained glass window depicting a silver panther reclining with hits head raised, the turn of the handle and swinging of the door setting off the soft merry jingling of brass bells. Sunlight pours through the large plate glass windows, filling the shop with bright cheery light, leaving dapples on the warm honey colored maple floors where it shines through the gilded border of Celtic knotwork and the name of the establishment Caife Teach painted on both. Below the name is the pronunciation "Kafee Chakh" and the translation "Coffee House"

    The room is lit with recessed light, used to create spots and floods that sculpt it with light and shadow, while soft music fills the room from hidden speakers helping create a cozy atmosphere. On the right wall is a large gray stone fireplace, kindling and wood sit in its grate for a fire. An overstuffed couch of brown leather sets before it, flanked on one side by a love seat to create a casual conversation area. Scattered throughout the rest of the area are round wrought iron tables and chair set for two or four people.

    The walls are painted a cheery periwinkle blue, capped by base boards and crown molding of warm chamois beige. A long maple counter sits in front of the far wall topped by a large coffee machine and a pair of tea samovars. Behind it hangs a black chalkboard framed with cream colored molding that displays one of the shop's menus in swirling sherbet colors, titled Beverages. To the right is a chilled pastry case and a further case containing a display of cakes and breads. White cake boxes tied with brightly colored ribbons sit atop the case next to a hand-lettered sign that reads "Baked Treasures" before listing off the bakery menu.

    To the left of the counter a pair of French doors stands open allowing in the available breeze, as well as offering a view of the cafe's private gardens. To the right is a door leading into the kitchen and an open archway that leads into the Sultan's Banquet.

There are a few patrons in the shop, though likely not as many as at peak hours, given the early afternoon time. Waiters and waitresses wearing attire that would be at home on a Riverdance stage move amongst the patrons delivering coffee, tea, and pastries as ordered, a mixture of slaves and citizens among them. Jalal is here, too, currently with a set of tools spread out on the counter before him, making adjustments to one of the tea samovars.

Xyliquay steps in out of the cruel daylight, hidden deep in the clutches of the black velvet robe he covers himself in. He shrugs off the sunlight that seems to cling to him, shutting the door on the tendrils of photons that assail his senses and the very core of his being. Giving a soft shudder, he makes his way into the cafe. The ambient light in here doesn't seem to bother him as much, and he raises his arms to flip the hood back off his face. The dark-skinned vampire gives a soft scowl, the pull of lip letting a fang peek out from between dark lips, at the annoying amount of light in the place. But he adjusts, even managing to put on a smile as he heads over to the counter and assortment of tools splayed out in front of the Arab. He picks up a screwdriver, fingering it softly. "I understand you have good tea, here." Xyliquay smiles, the wrinkling of his lips deforming the mass of scars that lie across the side of his face.

"We have several excellent teas. The Mango Mint is particularly popular of late," Jalal notes without looking up, brow furrowed with concentration as he adjusts a small mechanism with a pair of long-nosed pliers. The voice doesn't register as Xyilquay, at least not yet. After all, Xyliquay is dead and good riddance many months ago. "A server should be with you momentarily."

"Mango Mint...hmmmmm...." Xyliquay muses on the suggestion. "I think I'd like something less fruity, a bit bolder. Perhaps a plain old Earl Gray? Something that would go good with a little Irish." He spins the screwdriver he's holding, then slides it deftly up his sleeve and out of view. "I have my own Irish, so don't worry about that. I doubt you stock anything strong enough to suit my needs." He looks around at what else is offered in the various cases and written on the menu. "And a delicate little sugar cookie. I'd rather you serve me, old man. I don't think your help can live up to my high standards."

"We have a very fine Earl Gray also," Jalal notes, tweaking the tiny arm of the mechanism again before leaning in to peer at it closely. Apparently satisfied, he sets the pliers down and closes a panel, reaching for where the screwdriver ought to be with his left hand as his right hand picks up the screw needed to secure the panel in place. "You'll have to wait a moment while I finish adjusting the samovar then," he answers, fingers sliding over the tools searchingly, before he looks to see where the missing tool might have gotten to....and comes face to face with Xyliquay. Eyes blink, caught off guard, before he focuses full attention on the being before him. "I heard you were dead." Matter of fact, with just a slight hint of distaste.

Xyliquay watches in amusement as Jalal fumbles for the pilfered tool. That smug smirk remains on his face as the other man finally looks up from his work and makes eye contact. "Yes, that's what I heard, as well." He moves a hand from the counter's top and strokes a finger along the criss-crossing ridges of scar that line his right side. "Almost..." he says softly, scarring evident on the finger and hand as well. "But it seems I'm not fated to die yet. Again..." he adds, grinning and flashing his long canines. "Still playing gentle master out in the desert?" He reaches down and puts his hand near the set of tools, letting the screwdriver slide out from its hiding place and into his fingers. He lifts the implement and offers it to Jalal. "Looking for this?"

"Aimend will doubtless be sorry she missed you," Jalal replies in his turn, eyes flickering over the environment around them to see what's going on before returning to the vampire. "Yes, still playing gentle master. You're back to playing general nuisance, I assume? Or did you just seek me out for old times sake?" The flash of canines draws no reaction from the Scholar, and one might note his overall demeanor is more comfortable here than it once was, though the hint of distaste brought on by Xyliquay's presence still lingers. As the tool is produced, he reaches out to take it, a slight snort accompanying a perfunctory, "Yes, thank you."

"Aimend..." Xyliquay catches for a moment. "Has she taken up with you then, rather than that obnoxious prick she calls a husband? How is the old bag doing?" He leans in over the counter and licks his lips, a vulgar display of smacking and purring. "I always wanted a piece of that. Too bad I missed her being Cardinal..." he pauses. "Excuse me, Arcanus, or whatever the hell it's called now." He gives a deep frown, apparently at the changes the Tower's seen since his disappearance. "I imagine she whored herself out quite nicely. But enough about that... me. Old times sake, good chap, doesn't preclude being a general nuisance. I heard you owned the place and thought I might drop in to say hello to an old friend. It's a shame I missed your poetry thing. I had a nice piece to act out." He smiles.

Loflynn emerges from the street.

Loflynn has arrived.

Munsia follows behind Loflynn.

Munsia has arrived.

"No, she's still with Heph," Jalal replies, fixing the panel tightly before activating the samovar again, and turning to gather up his tools into their case. "At least so far as I know; I've not heard word of her much since her term as Arcanus ended. As for whoring, I've heard no accounts of her being involved with any other man but Heph, even as Cardinal, except a few uncertain rumors about Luther. Possibly started by Luther." Lips twitch up at that, then back to a bland expression. "I rather meant sorry she missed you in terms of your lack of re-death. Rumors I heard were that you'd burned up when she removed the sun protection from the Alley." He tucks the tools under the counter, before turning to catch a server and request the tea that Xyliquay had ordered, stepping to get the sugar cookie himself. "There will be more poetry nights. But Xyliquay...mind you don't become too *much* of a nuisance in my shop. I *will* ban you if you do."

Loflynn laughs as she enters the shop, her platinum blonde hair flowing in her wake. She holds the door open only long enough to allow her slave to follow and then lets the door swing closed as she turns. The brilliant white of her dress, flashes and exposes the shaply calves and thighs of the valkyrie and hugs about her ankles with every step. With an indication to one of the empty loveseats, she gives Munsia a small thrust towards it with a hand placed on the silvery-haired slave's backside and nods to the two men using stern diplomacy regarding the up-coming party for the re-elected Margrave. "A pleasant day to take a walk with you my Precious." she sighs and settles down upon the loveseat, crossing her legs and tapping her hand against the lower edge of the seat. "Rest here..." she indicates noting the luxuriously appointed rug at her feet.

"Awwww, that would be unfortunate if I wasn't able to get my tea, love." Xyliquay laughs at the man. "Ah, I see what you mean about Aimend. But it wasn't her that removed the protection from the sun. It was Xyrthia." He can't help but give a deep, involuntary scowl as he recites the name. His fists clench, a flash of anger before he can fight it back and put on his blithe mask. He even puts a twinkle in his eye and winks. "Burned up... pretty much sums it up." He turns as another enters the shop, eying Loflynn and her slave. He smiles at the woman, a faintly familiar face, and nods his head in greeting. His eyes, however, follow the slave, narrowing on the woman before they return to Loflynn. He turns his head back to Jalal. "How much do I owe you?"

Munsia's nose wrinkles as she follows behind Loflynn all the way into the shop. "I'd rather see rain." she says idly, her eyes roving the room, ignoring the other two presences. "I don't suppose they server vodka here mm?" she asks in a low voice as she runs a fingers across the strap that holds the Lyre to her back, "But as you will." she adds after a few moments. The girl squeaks as that hand is placed against her rump, shooting a glare up at her Mistress for a moment, "Not here!" she hisses under her breath, but obliges the woman by following her and kneeling down at those feet. Gently the slave rests her rear on the balls of her feet while her hands cling tight to the leather strap still. "So why did we stop here, Mistress?" the girl asks.

The valkyrie smiles and she pets and strokes her hand over Munsia's silvery locks. She gives a shake of her head and nods to the pair of men across the room. "I am here to visit Jalal, but we will wait until he is done conversing with Lord Xyliquay and we will see if there is vodka available for you but I would immagine so." She smiles and runs her thumb across Munsia's lips and rests back into the loveseat, she drums her fingers on her knee and she hums softly to herself.

Jalal turns to accept a cup of tea from the server, placing it and the plate with the sugar cookie on the counter before the vampire as he hears the reply. His lips purse thoughtfully as Xyliquay names Xyrthia, before he ahs, "I see. Yes, Xyrthia did, but so did Aimend after her...I just mistook which of them you were caught by. Xyrthia shall be sorry she missed you then. You've heard she's Margrave now?" His gaze is distracted by Loflynn's entrance, and he offers a warm smile her way, eyebrows lifting slightly as he looks over the formal attire, before turning a less familiar but still pleasant smile to the slave, though his eyebrow lifts at the hint of negative reaction to Loflynn's hand on her rear. Eyes return to Xyliquay at the latter question, and he answers readily, "Three silver. You can leave payment with the cashier while I see to my other customers." He rounds the counter into the room proper then, approaching towards Loflynn's table on the side not occupied by the kneeling slave, and leaning as if to brush a kiss against the Valkyrie's lips in greeting. "You're looking especially lovely today, Loflynn."

The small slave looks up at her Mistress and shrugs as she runs a finger down the strap, flicking her fingers along a series of buttons till it slides off her back. "Good." she says simply before pulling the lyre around to rest in her lap as she leans back against Loflynn's legs, "Hmm." she ponders to herself as a finger flicks over the top three strings while tilting her head sideways, eyes staring towards Loflynn's.

Xyliquay reaches into his pocket and digs five silver out, tossing them onto the counter. He takes his plate and heads for a table. As he passes Loflynn and Munsia, he tosses the sugar cookie on the floor at the slave's knees. "A cookie for Lady Loflynn's slave, if the Mistress so allows." He smiles at the tall noble. "So good to see you again. It's been a while, yes?" He takes a seat at a table, kicking up his feet and resting them in a nearby chair. Reaching inside his robes, he fishes around until he pulls out a small silver flask. The tiny vessel is opened and a bit of extra kick--a sweet smelling and dark crimson liquor--is added to the Earl Gray.

Xyliquay sits down at the small table.

Loflynn smiles and she accepts the kiss from the desert mage and she nods, indicating that Xyliquay may indeed offer the cookie to the slave in question. "By all means Lord Xyl. And Jalal... you flatter me far too much. It is literally the only thing that fits me right after my body decided to change to fit my living body." SHe kisses Jalal back and looks to Munsia for a moment, "Would I be out of line to ask for a tumbler of vodka please for my Precious and a flute of sherry for myself?"

"Change to fit your living body? You may have to explain that to me," Jalal replies, before shaking his head at the latter question, "Of course not. It's not on the coffee shop menu, but I keep a supply for the Banquet." He beckons a nearby slave in Irish green near, passing instructions to the redhead, and then gestures to the place on the lovseat next to Loflynn, "May I?" His gaze shifts to Munsia, and he notes the lyre, "You'll forgive me, I hope, if I've forgotten your name, though I do remember seeing you in the square before. Will you be playing in the Margrave's musical evening, if Loflynn allows?"

Munsia eyes Xyliquay with lazy eyes as he passes her, dropping the cookie at her knees. The silvery haired beauty nods towards him and flicks her fingers over the Lyre again, a string of music lilts through the air and a spark of fire alights around the slaves hands. Her other hand comes around to play across the lower parts of the lyre strings, "Possibly." she says very quietly while her eyes close and the hand dances between a few chords while a swirl of wind encompasses the fire, causing it to dance around her hand. "That is if my Mistress is attending." she adds.

His tea sufficiently spiked, Xyliquay lifts it for a small sip. With a small smacking of his lips, he finds the taste suitable and tips the entire little porcelaine cup to throw back the drink. He smiles and, just nearly as soon as he had sat down, stands. "I feel out of place in the company of respectables and musicians. Thank you for the delicious tea, Jalal. Perhaps we'll see each other again. And it's always a delight to see you, Loflynn. My eyes don't deserve half as much." He heads for the door, reaching up to grab his hood and pull it over his scarred face, protecting him from the sun he despises.

Xyliquay goes home.

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The valkyrie beams and she claps her hands smartly, "Oh now that sounds like a wonderful idea. I would love to showcase my Precious Munsia." She reaches down and cups Munsia's cheek and caresses it with a thumb. "I dare say she would love to show off her talents but I doubt Xyrthia will be impressed, things rarely do these days." SHe smiles and leans down to kis Munsia's lips deeply before turning her attention to Jalal. "To put things mildly, I died. Or rather my body in the waking world, died. But because I am immortal in spirit, I just get reborn into a new body. But, each body is slightly different so my spirit or dream form, morphs to reflect that new waking body."

"Xyrthia is difficult to predict, especially with drugs in her system," Jalal notes, glancing to the server as she arrives while Valkyrie and slave are kissing, reaching out to accept the flute and tumbler, offering the former to Loflynn before leaning across her to place the latter nearby to Munsia. Given the state of her hands, he doesn't offer for her to take hold of it. He listens as Loflynn explains, nodding after a moment to process this. "The interaction between the real world and this one is often a source of curiosity to me. Now myself, I have died, but only in a dream of a dream. When Xyrthia tried to bring SHE into Akashat the last time, I'm told many of those affected saw a vision of me leading a last futile charge and dying heroically."

The girl loses concentration at the contact from her Mistress and her fingers start to become clumsy, the fire becoming more erratic and the wind spiking around the flame. When that kiss is landed upon her lips her fingers jolt, eyes opening, and the fire flaring around her hand before dying, "Eesh!" she exclaims after the kiss then lets out a sigh. Carefully the girl shakes her hand in the air, the burn marks fading after a few moments while she glares sideways at Loflynn, "That's dangerous." she murmurs while leaning forward to pick up the cookie and nibble on the edge. Slowly she leans back and stares up at the ceiling, "I haven't heard word about Xyrthia in a long time." the girl murmurs then looks away, "Then again I've seen alot of people come and go. Been around way to long I think. Why I remember when Seiluna was just like me and we use to go on a rampage in the Pens together, pissed off quite a few slavers we did." she says chuckling to herself then taking the tumbler and swirling it around, "Ah well, bottoms up!" she says upturning it into her mouth.

Loflynn smiles and she takes up her glass of sherry and sips it gingerly with a sigh. "I remember that day too. Wish I didn't but that was hardly the only interaction I have had with -HER- and I doubt it will be the last." She giggles and runs a finger around the rim of the sherry flute, "Besides, while Xyrthia may be as mad as batshit sometimes, half of her ideas warrant a good deal of honest thought and consideration."

Jalal listens as the two speak, showing a bit of interest, particularly as Seiluna is mentioned. When they've both spoken, he addresses Munsia first, "You've heard Seiluna is back again? She was at the grand opening here, as a matter of fact." To Loflynn, he offers a small bemused smile, "Her ideas are usually logical rather than mad. Dangerous, on the other hand, they usually are. They're logical given the strange world she interacts with, at least. You've heard she may be playing an instrument herself at the party?"

Hana emerges from the street.

Hana has arrived.

Munsia flexes the hand that got burnt and stares sideways, "Who is this party for?" she asks quietly while closing her eyes and moving her legs till she is sitting on her rear instead of kneeling. "Cause I hear some people get awfully sick around magic these days." she adds while taking a bite out of the cookie and wrinkling her nose, "Mmm, big groups of people were always a pain though. I remember Psyche got rid of me because of my dislike for them." she says, her head tilting and her eyes closing dreamily. "That was a long long time ago though.." she says before biting down on the tip of her lip. "Anyway! More Vodka!" she exclaims while holding up the empty tumbler.

Loflynn smiles and she reaches down and lightly strokes Munsia's hair comfortingly. "You will do fine hun. I'll be close by and I have confidence in you." She sips her drink and sighs, rsting onto the arm of the loveseat and casually looking about. "Xyrthia playing an instrument. Wonder if she is planning on playing a kazoo, or a mouthharp. I can't see her playing much of anything else really."

Jalal glances to the slave at the mention of Psyche, "It's been a long time since I've heard anything of Psyche. Time was I could get away with bantering with her carefully, but I took care like most others not to upset her. I think I had a little protection because Aelwynn liked me." To Loflynn's latter comment, he laughs and shakes his head, "I really don't know. She may surprise us. There's little telling what knowledge lies in Xyrthia's mind."

The slave blinks slowly then looks down at her lyre, "I was Psyche's first slave." she says with a smirk then nods and brings a finger swirling up around the side while she strikes a chord, causing a spark to fly around her hand. "After Psyche sold me back to the Market, Aelwynn gave me this." she adds then looks around, "Didn't her name use to be Ember or something of that sort?" she asks before wrinkling her nose and turning the tumbler upside-down, "Still empty." she says with a frown.

"You're older even than I am, then," Jalal comments with a chuckle. "I've not quite made three years yet...sometime within the next month."

Of course, about that point Jalal's called away, evidently to deal with something kitchenward.. and not Terribly long after, Hana appears from much the same direction her master had left, the fae slave walking rather than hovering as she looks between the pair remaining and, "Ah.. I was sent to see if the Lady and her slave needed anything." Just a Tad hesitant at first, having just made her appearance, or so.

Munsy glances up at Jalal as he goes to leave and blinks slowly, "Five years..." she whispers to herself while rubbing the back of her neck slowly, "So long." she says while he retreats then notes the slave coming out, "Mmm I need Vodka." she says in a straight forward tone while tilting her head the other way to look at Loflynn, meanwhile shoving the rest of the cookie into her mouth. "I need gloves that are flame proof but allow be to still pluck these strings." the girl murmurs.

Loflynn smiles and she gives a shake of her head, nodding her head to Hana and patting her slave's head tenderly. "Some more of your master's vodka for my Precious here... and make sure her glass never empties if possible." She sips her own drink and looks down at Munsia affectionatly. "Will you play for me now Precious or wait to serenade me later tonight?"

Hana blinks a little to Munsia's latter point, but all the same, her smile grows a bit more confident and she's address, nodding her head and following with a moment after a small bow. "Of course Lady.. I'll do my best," though adding, with slightest mirth, "Not that I can help with gloves.. but a moment." ANother quick bow, for leaving, disappearing back the way she'd come, only to reappear a few moments later with a bottle of the drink, kneeling close by, and looking a tad curious as she uncaps it..

Munsy tilts her head at Hana as she returns then looks up to her Mistress, "Mm I suppose I'll allow a sister of mine to enjoy the music as well." she says with a slight wave of her hand to indicate she ment Hana, "Thanks for the bottle." she says while gently plucking it from the girls hand. Slowly she upturns the bottle to let the powerful liquid pour down her throat. After a few moments she stops, handing the bottle back to Hana, and grins at Loflynn, "Mmm reminds me of Psyche sometimes. She'd use it as a deterrant. A finger full of that on the sensitive walls of a pussy and ouchies." she says with a wink towards Hana.

Loflynn smiles and she sips her drink once more. Watching the interaction between her Precious Munsia and Hana. Her eyes shine and she glances about the place to view the shelves of books that line the shop.

Hana blinks as the bottle splucked from her about the moment she was going to try and pour it, kind of gazing a bit wide-eyedly at Munsia with hands hovering for want of a better goal.. and then all the wider of eye as she drinks so. "Wha.. that.. that's alright," offered in reply to the thank you.. and with the latter point Reamining wide-eyed.. but adding a significant bit of pink to her cheeks, and gaze becoming more of a stare. "Why would-" tiny head shake.. a Bit surprised apparently.

Munsia smirks at Hana then leans back for a moment, inhaling deeply, before closing her eyes. very carefully the slave sits herself into a Kneel and gently plays one finger against the top chords, while her other hand comes around to pluck at the bottom ones. As her fingers begin to pick up a melody, a haunting sound that fills the room subtly, a ball of air and fire swirl around her head. Her voice adds to the plucking, humming in sync with the sound as she goes up and down in tone.

Loflynn turns her attention back to her slave and she watches as Munsia weaves her music and magic alike. She sips her drink and enjoys what she sees and she sways her suspended foot slowly in time with the tempo and beat of Munsia's playing. She looks to Hana and finishes her drink and then extends the empty flute glass to the woman. |A glass of mead please. Chilled if possible with a sprig of mint?" She grins and turns her attention back to Munsia. "I am still amazed at how fortunate I am to have you Precious."


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