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Chains at the Capitol Party! - 8/14/2009

Participants: Arabella, Celeste, Evie, Gabriela , Isoko, Javier, Jennifer, Jericho, Jerrika, Khaylah, Khimaira, Kor, Luther, Lynna , Merared, Mike, Nasaeonna, Varai

    Submitted by Luther via Autologger.


    The elegance of the Palace Ballroom has been transformed. Hundreds of chains trickle down from the ceiling like strings from balloons - only there arenít any balloons in this place. They clink and clank, offering up soft sounds of tinkles of varying pitches. Some flow down to touch shoulders, some are higher and out of reach, but most of them have leather cuffs at the edges for easy access to anyone. The light within the room is soft, candles and braziers offer up the only source, which makes the silver toned chains twinkle in the darkness, like a starry filled night. The walls are impaled with chains and ropes, inviting one to move that direction to secure one or display a beautiful woman. The floors also have D rings and piles of thin chains that would restrict some, and yet be easily broken by others. Within the middle of the dance floor there is a large, beautiful fountain that has four tiers. Shooting from the top, thick milk chocolate pours and then dances down along each tier until it flows into a small pool at the base.

    The floor has been transformed to black obsidian, smooth as can be it offers up a silky hard surface for feet and heels. Surrounding the dance floor there are three pockets of entertainment. The first is to the north at the back of the room, the bar stretches the full length of it. Glistening with a concentration of candles, the beautiful crystal ware along the back wall makes the area twinkle and glow with natural light. The bar is flanked with tall stools, padded with soft supple black leather. To the right, benches are presented beside an area that has a variety of white silken webbing which is a naughty area for one to be bent over, or suspended in the web to complete the theme of bondage. The left side of the room sofas and chaises are arranged in private pockets about the fireplace for those that wish small groups of conversation. Within that area, there are straps and piles of black leather upon the floor and the occasional black soft rope for further bondage.

Chains at the Capitol Party! - August 14, 2009 The Palace Ballroom, a place of elegant and class, has been converted into a realm of sin and decadence for the re-election celebration of the Emir of Akashat. Chains dangle from the ceiling, a fountain of rich milk chocolate (with a matching tub for wrestling in), and all manner of comfortable couches and chairs for lounging in. A large wet bar with an enormous selection of liquor takes up one end of the room, mirroring by huge tables packed with all manner of delicious, steaming-hot victuals and delightful sweets. On the side of the room opposite the entry is a nice selection of marijuana, hashish, cocaine, Ambrosia, Euphoria, and opium, with their appropriate means of indulgence close at hand.

At the center of the area stands the hulking figure of the Emir himself, the Archduke Luther Koenig directing his staff and slaves about in preparation for the party. Low music thumps from nowhere in the chamber, adding a darker ambience to the room. Nearby stands the lovely Celeste, also overseeing the staff, while the sensual Nasaeonna is by the bar, near a tray of potent alcoholic beverages.

The angel stands close to Luther, watching the staff and the revelers as they enjoy themselves. Not letting Luther out of her sight at the moment while she surveys the room. Celeste twines her fingers in front of herself, her wings moving to cause the gently sounds of her chains to ring out. Smiling over at Luther then her eyes move about the room once more. Pulling her wings in to help avoid whacking people with her wings.

Lynna emerges from the stairs, the soft click of her boots echoes about the tinkling room. With Jericho at her side, she has her right hand slipped along the nook of his elbow and is whispering to him with a grin upon her face. Stepping further into the room, she smiles warmly towards the Emir. "Evening Luther, I do hope that the room suits you tonight and that everything is up to your standard..." she stops by the door and then looks towards Jericho. "Jericho, this is the Emir, Luther. Luther, a new arrival to Akashat, Jericho, although he is Kindred, I do hope he is welcomed here." Her voice is soft as to not bring about too much attention.

Gabriela arrives to the party having gotten some advice on how to dress and is a little shy with it all but she is dressed in the leather and chains anyway, even pigtails sort of making her feel like a schoolgirl from hell. Quickly she sees that the Emir is surrounded by people so she head to the bar to ask for a glass of bloodwyne and climbs up on a seat to watch things.

Varai walks through the archway from outside.

Jericho walks in almost gracefully with Lynna attached to his arm, the soft rustle of his chain shirt mingling with the sounds of the others as he walks with some amount of confidence in his step. He glances curiously around at the setup for the party, a curious kind of crooked smile on his face before he's led to his greeting with Luther. "The Emir...it is a pleasure.." He says with a soft bow of his head towards the man, though a cautious glance is given to Lynna when she brings up his being Kindred. "I assure you, I mean to cause no trouble. My intentions completely benign."

Arabella draws her slender hands and long talons along the rail as she slowly climbs the stairs to enter the Ballroom for the Emir. Bright white eyes moved methodically around the room as she watches the start of the party and preparations. The long leather boots that encompass her legs groan and creek as her heels click with each steps. Standing taller then most normal women, the horned woman finds it easy to look out over the tops of heads and spot the large Emir. With the large red wings pulled against her back framing her body and covering her backside, the red demoness starts to weave around the party goers and saunter over to the man of the hour. Letting the others that have gathered around Luther give their greeting, Arabella waits for a clear moment and bows her head "Herr Offizier.". Loose tendrils of ebony hair slink forward with the deep bow, but are quickly brushed back behind her ears as she smiles passionately to the ruler.

Seeing guests arriving for the party, Nasaeonna takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, preparing herself for the task that she's been assigned. The petite elven woman picks up the tray from the bar and carries it out in front of her. She glances over towards Gabriela, since the woman sat at the bar, but the elf leaves the bartender to take care of her drink. Nasaeonna instead heads out into the slowly growing crowd, her barefeet against the obsidian floor. Though she wears both leather and chains (and not much of either) the chains are wound tightly enough about her arms and legs that they don't clack or clatter as she moves. At random she glides from one person to another, not saying a word as she offers the tray and the assortment of drinks upon it. She doesn't smile either since she's not entirely pleased with the task she's been ordered to do.

The hulking Luther smiles at all the people coming in, and as the number of party-goers begins to grow, he stands up on a chain in the center of the room, clapping his massive hands twice. "Kamerads, freunds, citizens all, I velkome you to mein re-elektion party! You must eat, drink, und have a good time, or you vill not be allowed to leave until you do!" A broad smile, and the Emir steps down from his makeshift pedestal as the music mysteriously resumes at its previous volume.

Lynna and Jericho are the first to arrive, and the barely-clad ruler meets them first; a kiss is pressed to Lynna's lips, while a burly forearm is extended to her companion (Jericho) in introduction. "Guten abend, fraulein, kamerad. Everyvon ist invited to zis party. Ze parasites have proved more kooperative zan I had ekspekted; if all goes vell, I vill restore citizenship after ze party tonight." Arabella approaches next, and he meets her greeting with a wicked smirk, offering a conspiratorial wink to the woman before he says, "I do not zink you vill have trouble having a gut time, ja?" Glancing over towards Celeste and Gabriela, as well as his slave-help Nasaeonna, Luther turns back to the crowd. "Ve have some events lined up for everyvon! Zey vill begin shortly!"

Celeste turns her eyes to Lynna and Jericho, offering the couple a nod and a smiles. Turning her eyes to Arabella she offers the other woman a bit of a smile, nodding her head to the other girl. Looking around she keeps her eyes on the group of people, checking for threats while she shifts. When she spots Nasaeonna she waves her over, curious what's on that tray. Turning her eyes to Luther she offers him a smile as his gaze comes her way. "Events, Herr Offizier? Interesting." she nods her head to him before her eyes are moving about the crowd once more. Watching each person rather specifically while she tracks their movements...then noting no threat she moves onto the next.

Accepting the kiss from Luther, Lynna glances towards Jericho and the greeting offered from Luther to him. Waiting for the shake to finish, Lynna then guides Jericho through the draping chains of the dance floor over to the food that is presented along the edge of the ballroom. "I didn't sense you in the Oasis... I do hope you found something to burn off that.... energy from Xyliquay." she chuckles softly and then tugs Jericho further into her to whisper a few things to him that clearly were not meant for the public. Reaching for a few pieces of fruit, she gives him a side glance and a wicked little grin.

A much shorter young woman slips into the party behind the tall, red demoness Arabella and lingers around the doorway glancing out across the gathered crowd. The young, naked woman does not come dressed in the proper attire for the party, no, Varai is without chains or leather. She stands seemingly frozen just off to the side of the entryway, her eyes widening slowly as she takes in the party's decorations and attendees. Varai's gaze skitters over the Emir and those gathered around to greet him, her gaze hanging on Lynna, Jericho and Arabella, taking them in with a curious look as she slowly side-steps towards the collection of couches and chaises.

Gab looks over at Luther and raises her glass and then waves to Lynna then Jericho whom she has met briefly the other night at the Church where she was studying some books the Ancient one had given her to look over while he was busy with business for a few days. She shys away from most people not knowing them and simply sips her drink.

Jericho extends his own, more athletic arm to Luther, his head dipping again with a less nervous smile this time. "I am glad then, I hope to be shining example for my kind then, and would like nothing more than to have the chance to prove that this possible change in status not be unfounded or a mistake." guided away then, a mischevious smile is flashed to his companion, his ice-blue eyes dancing across her features for a few brief moments. "I....found something to occupy my time until the party..." he replies calmly as Lynna stops to retrieve a bit of a snack, leaving his comment without further elaboration, lips curling at the corners as she whispers to him. A slow nod is given to the woman, Gabriela in reply, studying her for a moment before he leans in to speak to the woman at his arm.

Standing straight once again, Arabella chuckles at the Emir and looks around the room at all the decorations and slaves. Racing a hand to her flat stomach she begins to rub in a slow circle and draws her studious gaze once again the the large Emir "Herr Offizier," the title rolls off her tongue "You have set a feast that I am sure will leave me saying my eyes were bigger than my stomach.". Once again there is a bow of her head a dip to a curtsey "I will go ahead and say thank you for your gracious hospitality. If there is anything I could do to help you this evening, please do not hesitate to ask."

Lynna pops a few grapes into her mouth and turns, shifting Jericho as she does. "You like the room? I really do think that should be a side business for me... offering up my services to help decorate and organize events so those in power just.. *show* up..." Leaning into his side further, her hand moves from his arm and trickles along the chains that flow down his back and then further down still to the exposed tattood ass. "We all need little dishes dear, to occupy ourselves." Leaning in she presses a kiss to his shoulder and then leans up to whisper to him again, a soft creep of a blush in her cheeks as she does. Clearing her throat she smiles across the way to Gabriela and waves with her free hand.

Nasaeonna catches the beckoning gesture that Celeste gives her and pads over towards the woman and offering the tray of assorted alcoholic beverages that she holds. Her eyes seem to study Celeste, as well as everyone else here, with a certain amount of unbridled curiosity. She remains silent, the tray offered and once nearly empty she returns to the bar for it to be replenished. Because of her short height, the chains suspended from the ceiling aren't a hindrance to her with only a very few perhaps brushing against her hair or long, tapered ear.

As Nasaeonna glides past him with her tray of drinks, Luther secures a mug of cool, golden lager, bringing it to his lips and indulging in a lengthy pull from the refreshing beverage. Shifting his gaze over the crowd, the man's penetrating blue orbs seek out any who would be hiding out. Arabella speaks, and Luther leans in to murmur a response, punctuating whatever he says with a sharp pinch of her red ass. Over to Celeste he moves, and he rumbles, "You kan enjoy yourself too, liebling. Have somezing to drink!" Dipping his thick fingers behind her, a firm shift of the golden plug buried within her is given as well.

To Gabriela he glides through the crowd, leaning over and pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "Kome und join ze party, liebling! Make some neu freunds..." Luther tilts his head over at Jericho and Lynna, before offering the young one a wink. Finally over to the silent, still Varai, an unknown woman to Luther, and the hulking man abruptly moves to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder with no explanation, carrying her over towards the center of the room and depositing her on her feet there! "Guten abend, fraulein. I am ze Archduke Luther Koenig, but you kan address me as "Herr Offizier"."

Celeste turns her eyes to Arabella then looks around the room. "There is a feast prepared for everyone...I think things look delicious." she nods sagely then looks at the woman. She doesn't exactly trust the demony looking woman but she seems pleasant enough so she doesn't get her britches in a twist. When she feels eyes on her she turns her gaze to Lynna and offers the woman a smile. When Luther steps closer to her and tells her to have fun she squeals and presses her lips together with a bit of a tremble. "As you wish Herr offizier...but I have to look out for you too..." she insists quietly. Then her eyes move to Nasaeonna she offers the girl a smile. "Thank you very much." she murmurs to her and accepts one of the glasses. Taking a drink she cringes and shudders a little while she watches the Emir closely, clearly not taking his order 100 seriously as she watches him to be sure he doesn't get himself into 'trouble' though the chances in what seems to be a group of friends is low. But she does watch carefully...

Gabriela who is quiet even at her own events gives a smile to Luther and says softly as she is kissed on the head "I am fine Herr Offizier and having a fine time." She blushes a little keeping the back of her outfit out of sight and smiles at people passing by then laughs as the naked girl is picked up just shaking her head.

Jericho lifts up quickly as Lynna's hand moves along the bare curves of is ass, his first words stuttering before he finds them again. "Mmm...that we do, but sometimes the main course is so much better.." He replies with a soft grin, turning himself to face the woman. "And imagine the prestige organizing parties like this could earn you? I think between that and the bar though, you wouldn't have time to enjoy the finer things in life..." there's a brief flash of teeth and another smile, reaching forward slowly to hook his finger beneath Lynna's chin, leaning in close for an almost kiss and speaking softly.

A wiggle of her firm red bottom as Luther hand slides under the things to tease the flesh and Arabella's eyes move to Celeste when the man rumbles in her ear. A grin that is surely meant of nothing good is curled on her black lips before a chuckle and nod of her head "Of course Herr Offizier, but I am sure the pain it caused would be worth every moment of misery.". The passing slave with drinks gives the demoness something to feast her eyes on as she takes an offered drink "Thank you." and lets her go back to work. The squeal of the angel sends a shiver down her back that sets those large wings a flutter and draws her closer to Celeste with a charming smile "Hello, and how are you tonight?" see she is harmless.

While Luther schmoozes his way through the crowd, Varai is becoming increasingly fascinated with the details of the room's decoration to the point that she even leans forward to get a better look at things here and there. She continues back-stepping towards the couches, coming within a few steps of one before she is surprised by the Emir and bodily picked up and manhandled over his shoulder. She gives a gasp and a shriek and tosses her hair back, her legs kicking against Luther's chest. "Let me--" Varai can only get those two words out before she is unceremoniously dropped to the ground, "go," she finishes, finding herself in the midst of the gathered group. "V-Varai," she offers to Luther before his attention can be swayed again.

Celeste turns her eyes to Arabella and straightens a little more, her wings flexing and unflexing as she offers the other woman a smile. "I...I am well. How are you, miss?" she asks softly and peeks at Luther, she doesn't look entirely comfortable before her eyes return to the demon woman. Tilting her head she smiles a bit once more. "Have you looked over the buffet, I imagine Herr Offizier spared no expense in making this quite enjoyable." she steps back slightly and wraps her wings around herself almost like a cape as she watches Arabella, keeping her pleasant face on for the moment.

Khaylah had been here for a short while standing sort of in the shadows. She wasn't used to big social gatherings but felt she should be there its where everything happened and she didn't feel like missing anything. she held a half empty glass of red whine and was trying not to drink to much which she did all the time. she watched what was going on carefully taking in everything and listening to all the conversation she could hear. she took another sip of her drink and leaned up against the wall on one side of the room.

Lynna turns towards the table and picks up a few more pieces of fruit and nibbles at them. Seeing a waiter go by she scoops up a glass - which of course means her hand leaves Jericho's ass. She looks down to her full hands and then back to Jericho's ass and offers him her glass. "If you don't hold that, I can't touch.. so I leave the choice to you.." she cants her head, her eyes shifting between glass and ass. Though she sneaks a sip of the red wine before he chooses.

Nodding in the direction of the demon and then the angel.. "Now that could get interesting.. natural enemines, trapped in a world where sex rules... I give them... a week and they will be all over each other in the tabboo!" she chuckles and winks to Jericho.

With her serving tray refilled, Nasaeonna ventures back out onto the floor again. The first time she'd been pretty random about where she wandered with her tray and it's assortment of alcoholic beverages, but now she had a bit more purpose. Several people now had drinks in hand and so they were skipped. Those new to the scene or who had finished what they were holding were the targets of her attention. So she padded from one to the other, silently offering drinks while studying everything that was going on.

Arabella grins as she takes a step closer with each that is taken back from Celeste "Yes the food does look absolutely delicious, Herr Offizier has always provides the most scrumptious things to satisfy my appetite." but those white eyes never look at the food Celeste motions to, just to the angel. Drawing the white teeth against her black bottom lip as she mms softly "Tell me, if Herr Offizier was to touch your backside like that again, would you squeal..." a shiver rolls through her once again as if reliving it "like that again?". Keeping her hands to herself, and leaving a mild amount of personal space, she is just talking to the angel "I would offer to do it for you, but I am not sure you would allow me.". Arabella takes her eyes from Celeste to look at the tub of chocolate "I would offer a dip in that sinful chocolate, but I don't think you would accept that either."

"Varai, mm? Vell, I am sure it vill be a pleasure, fraulein." Luther rumbles after having dragged poor Varai into the heart of the party. She receives a pat on the head from the hulking man, and as he glances over towards the angel and the demon, a wicked smirk curls on his proud lips. "I told you to relaks, Celeste! Zat ist an order!" Shifting through the crowd, the large man offers a nod in response to Jericho's words, saying, "I only have problem viz traitorous parasites. Dankfully, most of zem seem to have been disposed of recently." He claps his large hands together. "But! Now it ist time for our first party game!" Two more claps, and a bound slave-girl (Jennifer) is brought in and hustled up onto the "buttplug table". "Our game, ist "Pin Ze Buttplug in ze Sklavemadchen!" Ze kontestant ist blindfolded, und must try und get ze plug into her arsch. Any who are interested in playing, kome over here und grab a plug!" Luther himself takes up a thick silver plug from a tray of them nearby, calling out to Nasaeonna, "Sklavemadchen! Kome here und help blindfold und spin all of ze players!"

Jennifer gets up onto the table and hoists their ass in the air as the next Buttplug Contestant.

"So I'm a packmule now, am I?" Jericho says with a laugh, seeming to weigh his options for a few moments before taking the glass of wine from Lynna with one hand, the other moving to lead her away from the table before she can find more for him to carry. His finger hookes at the shimmering bit of chain that hangs between her nipples and he begins to walk, heading for the section of couches, eyes drifting over the partygoers as he walks. "Always about touching my ass....is it that appetiz..." he trails off and slows when she points out the demon and angel, studying them both in turn. "I give them less than that....come.."

Jennifer makes no noises or motions as she is brought into the room and placed on the table. Her gaze is initially fixed on the floor, though she takes a brief moment to look around the room. As she hears the description of the game, she shuts her eyes and makes a soft squeak or whimper, though then is silent again. Her body seems to shake visably for a moment, but soon becomes passive again.

Gabriela is sitting at the bar watching everything and eyes that vat of chocolate knowing that at some point she will probably be thrown in as will likely all the guests she thinks. Her violet eyes watch the door to see who will come next and occasionally she us watching angel and demon to see what they will do. She still makes no move towards Luther though, that Angel makes her nervous, she remembers the first meeting well,,

Varai winces slightly as she's patted on the head like a well-behaved pet and watches the solid man call out an order towards Celeste, only shifting her gaze to the angel and demoness after Luther begins to walk away from her. Just then Nasaeonna comes near with a tray of goodies and Varai reaches out on instinct to pluck up a glass of something, anything. With a quiet, "Thank you," offered to Nasaeonna, Varai twists to watch the bound slave-girl Jennifer push herself up onto a table and lift her ass up in the air. Varai's free hand flies up to her mouth to muffle a gasp.

Celeste narrows her eyes at Arabella, watching her with a worried glance she tries to look over at Luther for help. Trying SO hard to be a good guard and not get all trapped. When he yells at her to relax she looks at him and her jaw drops. Turning her eyes back to Arabella she gulps and takes a long drink of the liquid in her cup, nearly gagging she shudders. "I would...he...makes me feel strange good things..." she says quietly and bites the inside of her cheek. "I'm sorry...only...only Herr Offizier touches me like that." she insists quietly. Looking over at the chocolate she shakes her head. "I have this feeling you do not wish just an innocent dip...calling it sinful and that." she says quietly. "Maybe I should...go over there." Watching the demones closely but doesn't actually move. Peeking at Luther she looks helpless before her eyes return to Arabella. "I'm Celeste...it's n...nice to meet you." trying to steer the conversation away from naughty chocolate and her 'jewelry'.

Javier glances about himself, taking in his surroundings quickly from behind the cool and calculating reflecting pools of his cerulean eyes, a small smirk twisting at the corner of his lips as he watches the German act quite the gentlemanly host. He grins slightly, bowing his head towards Luther as he makes his way towards a seat. "Herr Offizier. 'Eet 'ees always a pleasure, monsieur." He smiles, stepping past him only to be stopped by the slave girl. He lifts a finger, his otherwise seemingly warm smile turning cold in an instant as he scrutinizes her. His voice rings out curtly, if still melodiously. "A glass of wine..." He snatches it from her tray without any further words and continues stepping past her on his fleet feet, taking lighthearted steps and pausing to flash a bright smile at Gabriela, his eyes twinkling momentarily as his eyes almost instinctively trail over her. He makes his way towards her, extending his hand to take hers, should she allow it, and bow to kiss her atop the knuckles. His eyes glance quietly back towards Luther as he announces the game he intends to play, and a light chuckle escapes the Frenchman's lips before his eyes return to lock on Gabriela's. "'Eet 'as been far too long, ma cheri."

Jericho may be tugging on the chain that is linked to Lynna's breasts, but with the annoucement of the content, Lynna reaches for his hand and guides him over to the table. The drink is taken from his hand and places on a table, her food is dropped as well, knowing full well the slaves will pick it up. At the table she looks over the various shapes and decides on a long, glass one.. longer than the others. "Oh I shouldn't have to much trouble.. do we get to lube it up? I mean... to help get it in ..." she knows full well with enough lube she will just slide it along til it gets somewhere.

Nasaeonna didn't at first realize that Luther was calling for her since she wasn't used to his speak, accent or language. But when she glanced up and saw him looking right at her, she quickly understood that she was expected to do more than serve drinks. With a little bit of sigh, she set the tray down on the bar and wandered over to the Emir. Next to him, she looked even smaller than her already petite size. "Blindfold? Spin them?" She seems a little confused by the entire concept of what's expected of her. Blindfolding seems easy enough, but spinning them?

R A slow draw of her black tongue over her matching lips and Arabella smiles at the angel "Celeste, a very beautiful name indeed. I am Arabella.". Taking a steps away from her she motions to the party game "Come lets play the game Herr Offizier is about to start, I would never touch you without permission sweet angel.". Even starting to walk toward the game first to relax Celeste a touch "Willing is so much tastier than the unwilling anyway, besides I fear upsetting you would upset Herr Offizier and I have no desire what so ever to do that." winking at the nervous woman. Reaching the party game she finally lets her attention be drawn to the large Emir "How could I pass up the chance at this yummy game Herr Offizier."

Gabriela sees Javier come in and she *gasps* then grins "well Javier I have to say it is a pleasure to see you too although I nevert expected to see so much of you out in public" She stifles a smile behind the hand that is not being kissed and purrs a little "I have missed you also, I moved into a house and bought a shop since last you and I saw one another." Her head tuens to the game and she says "I will play if you will."

Khaylah watches as Luther declares its time for a game and hearing the description begins to laugh. though she doesn't move from her spot and just watches calmly sipping at her wine. she had figured it would have been more like an orgy here at first but then decided that if anything like that was to happen it would when more people were drunk.

"Lubrikant? Lubrikant!? HAH!" Luther's booming laughter reverberates from his chest as Lynna approaches and selects her plug. "Mein Gott! Of -kourse- zere ist no lubrikant! Zat vould take all ze fun out of zings!" Seeing Celeste clearly occupied by Arabella, Luther certainly does -not- come to her rescue, instead moving over to retrieve Varai and drawing her by her arm over towards the buttplug competition. "Kongratulations, fraulein. You are now playing zis game." He presses a black plug into her hand, and gives her a friendly swat on the ass. Gazing over towards Khaylah, and then the newly-arrived Javier, the Emir's lips part in a grin. "Ahh, kamerad! Mein sekond-favorite Frenchperson in ze entire City, und mein favorite French-man-! Kome, join us, have a gut time!" Arabella approaches, and if Celeste should follow, he reaches around behind her to give another tweak of the plug buried deep in her tight hole. "I should announce, zat ze vinner ist allowed to deklare ze nekst viktim! Zough ze viktim must be female. Males have ze right to refuse. Nein, it ist not fair, but it ist mein game!" His gaze is roguish indeed.

Jericho protests as his direction is guided back to the table, but more than happy to be rid of everything in his hands. "A game now? If only my birthday parties would have been like this...I might have protested more about being turned." His attention drifts over to the slave-girl on the floor, and to Luther as he talks about the game before turning to find his own toy. He goes for the simple, wide and black, examining it almost hungrily as he considers, a soft nod of his head showing that he has chosen before he turns to butt his hip against Lynna's side. "Now...what happens if we hit a target, just not the right one?"

Jennifer gasps loudly upon hearing that there will be no lubricant, her body shaking suddenly just from anticipation of the pain. She seems very afraid, and her face clenches as her eyes close as tight as she can close them. She continues to listen to the conversations in the room, squrming a bit as she becomes aware that all the eyes are now beginning to focus on her.

Merared walks through the archway from outside.

Javier smirks quietly, a light chuckle escaping his lips and elevating into pitch into an honest to God giggle as his eyes meet Gabriela's curiously. "'Eef ze lady weeshes, I would be 'appy to play ze Emir's game. 'Eet's rude to refuse ze 'eenveetation of an 'ost, 'ees 'eet not." His lips twist into a slight pout, his lips pursing as he bites lightly at his lower lip, causing it to redden. "Of course, I'd 'ate to be blindfolded, and lose sight of you, my beauteeful lady." He chuckles again, the smile returning as he glances over his surroundings again, lifting his wine glass in hand to take a long, slow sip.

Celeste looks relieved as the Demoness steps away from her. "That sounds like a good idea." she smiles at the woman she nods slowly and walks at her side. Taking a drink...as Arabella is talking about willing and she coughs and nearly spits up her drink before staring at the woman with wide eyes. Shaking her head a little she straightens. "Then I am sorry very much that you won't be able to touch me." she insists softly. Standing an extra step away from Arabella she smiles at Luther. When Emir's arm snakes around her and plays with her buttplug she squeals again and trembles softly. Her breath coming quickly as she looks up at Luther, smiling slowly. Tilting her head she lifts a hand to stroke at her red cheeks...feeling that even her wings are starting to change to a blushing pink.

Kor walks through the archway from outside.

Varai holds her drinking glass up to her lips without sipping it, her eyes wide on the scene of the party-goers picking out plugs for the 'game'. Unable to look away, she slowly shifts towards the bar, moving to lean her elbow against the edge between seats. Startled, she takes a sip of the glass and lowers it, the look on her face still registering shock as she watches on.

Merared walks into the ballroom quietly and comes to a near complete standstill. as only her bright tawny eyes sweep around the room slowly, taking in each that can be seen. One would have to watch closely to even see a slight chest excursion as she breathes. Once all is taken in she moves once more, easily shifting through the crowd and toward the bar.

Just as Celeste squeals again, Arabella breaths deep and purrs a soft moan "Again Herr Offizier, she does sound so delicious, please." smiling wildly at the Emir. Drawn close to Celeste when she squeals, the demoness seems drawn between the Angel that gives such yummy sounds and the slave about to be used for the game "Oh Herr Offizier, the things I will owe you after tonight. Mmmmm". Again her taloned hand rubs against her flat stomach and those white eyes flutter with the sensations that leave her wiggling.

Chains rattle, metal clanks and rings as if a score of tin soldiers approach, noisy and clearly making the approaching very noticable. A roar like a bound beast comes from beyond the threshold of the ballroom doors and slowly they part open to admit the newcomer. Like a huge black beast of cold iron and basalt, Kor steps into the ballroom and the plethora of chains, manacles, and bracers rattle over his body and on the ground. Lithoderms sprout up over his stony hide and he has made himself truely monstrous for this evening.

Gan nearly jumps from her seat as Kor comes in and her eyes get as round as plates "Oh My Goth" she says quietly as she eyes him from head to toe and just shakes her head "this is gonna be sooome night" she says quietly and drains her glass and then asks the bartender for something a little more pure but looks at Kor to see if he has a little white bottle with him anywhere on that giant form of his. She smiles at Javier and says "You are SUCH a flatterer, never stop" Ahh perhaps the little vampire is relaxing a little. Her eyes look over at Jericho to see he is having fun and Lynna too so she will try harder.

Merared seats herself at the bar and slides her legs into a cross. She turns toward the doors at the sound of the approaching 'menace', and at the sight of the 'beast' her bright eyes dilate slightly, and a faint tension pulls tightly across the lines of her form. She takes a quick scenting breath that flares her nostrils softly, and then smiles as someone walks up and asks for her drink order to which she replies with a low tone, just enough to be heard in the din and no more, "A cup of warm cream, please." There is a faint near sibilance that is never quite realized on her soft consonants.

Merared moves towards the north and into the area of the Bar.

Javier laughs lightly, his eyes twinkling and glowing as he beams a smile in return back at Gab. "Ma cherie, I am of ze most strong opeenion zat 'eet 'ees never flattery when 'eet 'ees true, and 'een your case, zat makes flattery quite 'eemposseeble. I 'ave not ze words to embelleesh ze beauty you possess." He continues standing unabashedly nude in front of her, a light giggle escaping his lips before he cuts it off with a sip of his drink. "I /do/ feel a leettle silly 'een zees birzday suit... but ze Emir recommended 'eet, and I'm not one to turn down ze requests of Herr Offizier... or most Germans, for zat matter." A brief involuntary shudder brings his shoulders to a tremor before he extends his hand to the vampiress, offering her assistance to her feet, and, should she accept it, offering her his arm. "Shall we make our way to zees game, zen, ma cherie?"

Luther dropped Game Order.

Lynna leans into the side of Jericho and grins towards him. "I am sooo gonna get mine in her ass before you.. its all in the wrist you know. You do it enough times on others, and it seems to find its target all by itself.. " True or not, Lynna at least wishes to throw the gauntlet down before the vampire - who cares how old he really is. With the nudge of her elbow she looks back towards Luther.. 'And who is gonna spread the slaves tush? Or is that not an option?"

With all the people having gathered around the buttplug table, Luther turns to Nasaeonna, and he explains, "To play zis game, you vill vear blindfold, und zen spin around. But -you- need to hold ze sklave's arsch open to make sure it ist a gut target." Turning to Lynna first, Luther says, "Ve begin! Lynna, her kamerad, Varai, Arabella, Celeste, Gabriela, Javier, und zen meinself! Let us begin!"

Game> Lynna rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

A shift of his shoulders sends a cascade of chans to clatter onto the floor at his feet, manacles snapping open at the ends of them. Kor looks about, standing heads and shoulders above the rest of the party-goers and a green glow radiates from behind the iron plate that covers his eyes. Bared feet carry him through the room, "Is it too late to join the festivites?"

Game> Jericho rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 6

Gabriela says "I think I will sit until it is my turn." She puts her hands behind her back and says "the maker of my skirt must have run out of leather because" and as she lifts up a little there she is..bare. her smile is bright though as she waits her turn in this curious game.

Lynna helps slip the blindfold about her eyes and then is spun around a few times. One can see the determination in her eyes, her brow furrowed above the slip of black satin. Pursing her lips, she takes a small step and then thrusts the long, glass dildo forward and seem to ram it right into a hard, muscular chest. "Hrm.. might freaking tight..." she says, and gives it a few twists just to make sure its not *that* tight. Taking off her blind fold she looks to the strong chest of Luther. 'Well shoot....'

Varai sputters, choking on her drink as her name is called by Luther in his too-loud-to-pretend-to-have-not-heard-it voice. With a heavy gulp, she pushes away from the bar, walking towards the table where Jennifer waits so patiently to be violated. As Lynna shoots and misses, Varai picks up a plug without looking at it - her hand choosing a wide, squat, conical-shaped plug which she holds down at her side as she waits for her turn.

Celeste turns her gaze to Arabella she gulps and looks up at Luther a silent "save me" in her eyes. Biting her bottom lip she tries so hard not to look slightly panicked. She's trying to be a good girl and do as she was told and relax. Watching the people getting ready to violate poor Jennifer she watches and wriggles her bottom, reaching behind herself to stroke her bottom.

khaylah tilted her head watching Kor with all those chains and manacles. she chuckled as some fell off as she finished sipping her red wine. she still stood off to the side watching the game finding it quite funny.

"Is that a challenge I hear, my pet?" Jericho says with another flash of teeth, lifting himself to stand up straight, rolling his thick plug between his hands. "And aside from making you my next choice when I win...what do I get when I beat you?" Icey eyes dance over her as he seems more than willing to step up to the challenge, watching as Lynna goes to take her turn. "Mmm...I thought you had the skill for this, love?" There's more laughter as he walks past her to be blindfolded.

He's spun, likely more than a few extra times to throw off his balance, and takes a few, careful and not quite so steady steps forward. His hand stretching the plug forwad, he feels it hit flesh and twists, sinking it in with no remorse for the force of his actions as he hits home.

Javier smirks, another light chuckle escaping his lips as he smiles at Gabriella, glancing to notice as Lynna misses, amusingly, as it may be, then returning his gaze to the vampiress. "I zink 'eet was quite 'eententional, ma cherie. Ze fewer ze clozes, ze better 'eet suits you, I've found." He winks playfully, if mischievously, at her before slipping into a seat of his own at the bar, turning his gaze to the festivities for the moment as his hand gently finds itself at rest atop her thigh. He wets his lips with a slow, methodical sip of his drink.

Jennifer shrieks as the plug enters her anus, shaking as Jericho sticks it in. Her eyes open suddenly, and she rocks back, sliding into Jericho as she squirms. "Please, take it out," she moans, her pain and discomfort obvious in her tone. She looks pleadingly around the room, helpless to remove it herself.

Arabella's eyes shine white as they move from the displayed woman and the attempts to fill her backside and back to Celeste and the wiggle. Finally looking at Luther she smiles "I am afraid after my turn I might have to take a break from your festivities Herr Offizier. I know to come starved to your events because you offer enough to fill me for a month. Do you have a place I can rest for a bit Herr Offizier and rejoin a bit later?"

Luther blinks as Lynna attempts to prod his belly-button with the buttplug, chuckling lowly as she discovers her mistake. "You are going to have some trouble getting it to stick anyvhere near zere..." he says to her, before returning his gaze to the game. Jericho hits home, as Jenny's shriek attests, and Luther claps his large hands together in applause. "Vell done, kamerad! You are ze vinner! Now, you have to choose our nekst target..." Jennifer pleads for removal, but Luther steps over to her and booms, "Nein, you vill keep it in for ze rest of ze party." To Nasaeonna, he rumbles, "Get her off of ze table und untied, und von of you go bach to serving drinks. Ze ozer vill stay here und help out." Kor arrives, and Luther's lips curl in a smirk. "Nein, never too late to join! Kome, you vill be after me." A second guest arrives as well, and the hulking Emir nods to Merared as she arrives, glancing back at his slaves to ensure someone is going to tend the bar. "You need to rest, fraulein? Ahh, I unterstand. Ja, ja, zere ist a room down ze hall for zat, und also to rekover from any substances. Go right ahead."

Jericho makes no move to help the poor girl as his hand slips from the plug, reaching to pull the blindfold from his eyes with a wry grin. At the pleas he looks around slowly, as if to see what Luther has to say about removing the hard rubber from her rear, the anal gladiator in the center of his ring. He nods at Luther's Words, pointing a finger to each and every person in the crowd, before a wicked look is given to Lynna. "Well....since you seemed so confident. I Choose our first player...Lynna take your place dear." He laughs, giving her an innocent shrug before making his way back to the tabe. "I promise I'll use glass this time...."

Making his way to the bar, Kor seems to step blindly, trusting no one will be under his feet as he walks. Reaching the bar, he reaches into the mass of chains about his midsection and pulls out a white ceramic bottle with black iron bands wrapped about it. Attached to a length of chain that loops about his right thigh he lifts it by the clamp at its neck and lets it sway freely against his index finger. As Luther calls out to him, the genie turns his head slightly as if trying to glean the approximate area the emir is and he smirks. "Do I have to use a provided plug or do I get to use my 'own'?" The deep voice chuckles with dark humor as a lift of his other hand draws the chain bound to his manhood taut and shifts his organ about.

With a glare that would melt stone, Lynna looks to Jericho and mouths the words.. *You are soooo gonna pay* before she makes her way up onto the table. Putting her own choice of dildo down onto a table she gets up onto the table. With a sweep of her hand to her ass, she clinks the skirt off to the side, letting her nicely rounded arse be the main attraction now. Looking forward she rolls her eyes and then in tease, sways her ass.. "Oh, can I be a moving target or would that be considered cheating?" she looks over her shoulder to Luther - the big head honcho.

Merared watches the festivities a touch absently, until the slave screams, and that seems to draw her attention quickly enough. She wets her lips and a slow smile spreads as she watches the young woman tremble, and then her drink is delivered. She nods to the young man that serves it and leans forward, beckoning to him so that he leans and she whispers something to him. He laughs softly and then withdraws and the Silvan woman takes a quick sip of her cream.

Arabella leaves the Ballroom.

Luther chuckles deeply as the hulking Kor approaches, and he shakes his head, replying, "Nein, nein, you must use a provided plug. But vhat you do aftervards, vell...zat ist entirely up to you." Jennifer is plugged securely, and Luther gives the order for her to be taken down from the table. Just in time, as Jericho selects the lovely Lynna as the replacement! His smirk grows wicked, and the large man turns to the slim, nude Varai. "You vill be up first. Prepare yourself."

Nasaeonna seems rather shocked by the entire point of the game as she watches the first couple rounds played out. She even flinches a little when Jennifer shrieks out from a "score" in the game. When Luther orders the elf to help Jennifer off the table, the woman is actually fairly quick to provide that help as well as unbinding the victim from her bounds. She doesn't return to serving drinks right away, instead making sure that Jennifer is more or less okay before once more fetching up her tray and wandering through the room with alcoholic drinks. Her eyes are a little wider than before, a little more wary as she offers drinks without a smile.

Celeste turns her eyes to Arabella and smiles to her "Take care..." she says quietly and nods to the other woman. Looking relieved that the other woman will stop confusing and freaking her out with the flirting. Turning her eyes back to the game she tilts her head, cringing as Lynna gets chosen. Her eyes moving from person to person in the crowd once more. Looking very suddenly more confident as Arabella leaves.

Varai nods her head at Luther's command to her, standing back as Jennifer slips off the table and the lovely Lynna moves up into place, shooting Jericho a look that could kill. As Lynna removes her skirt, Varai seems to recall the fat, squat cone in her hand, her head turning to look at it as if wondering how in the hell it got there. She gulps, finally closing her partially-opened mouth, and stands next in line, though partially to the side, waiting for word from Luther to take her chance, glancing to Jericho as if perhaps to ask permission from him as well.

Jericho carefully selects his next..tool, taking great care this time in the selection of a slender, slightly curved piece of glass. He turns just in time to see Lynna's threat, putting on the best look of innocence that he can, waving the bit of glass towards himself with an amused *moi?* He leans back against the table to get comfortable, eyes looking over the next victim with some interest, though he looks to Varai with her questioning glance, a simple nod of his head given to her as if she needed it.

Game> Varai rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 1

Javier glances around the bar quietly, again. He entertains himself by snapping his fingers before his face only to have a silver coin appear between them. An impressive feat, considering his nakedness. He peers, glancing towards Gabriella for a second before cocking his head to the side. He flips the coin, allowing it to land on the top of his hand and covering it with the other. Slowly moving the hand concealing the coin to the side, he discovers that it landed heads. He shrugs slightly, his voice ringing out as much to himself as to anybody else. "I must be off... I meessed my hourly meal of cheese... 'ard to keep track, wizzout a timepiece."

Lynna looks over her shoulder towards Jericho as her ass cheeks are spread by the hands of nearby slaves. With the roll of her eye she sighs.. 'Apparently not..ok ok.. I'll hold still... no fun in that ...' she says. Waiting, and waiting, she seems to be plotting something as her lips curl into a smirk of sorts. With the chain between her breasts swaying slightly, she finally comes to a stand still and the chain rests atop the table barely touching it. And there she waits...

A blindfold slips down over Varai's eyes and she reaches up to help it into place while she is simultaneously spun silly. She stumbles out of the turns, her free hand reaching out in front of her, blindly. With her mouth pressed into a thin line, Varai surges forward ..! ..and misses incredibly, the cone sweeping down between Lynna's legs to hit the table with a 'THUNK', sending Varai nearly careening into the woman's backside. "Oof! Shit!" she curses, and pulls her head back just in time to keep from planting it between Lynna's arsecheeks. "Damn, I missed!" she mumbles as she reaches up to pluck the blindfold down and stumble back.

Game> Celeste rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 6

The invitations had gone out and even in her preferred seclusion Jerrika had heard of this night and decided it might be worth a jaunt to check out who will be there. Her green gaze sweeps over the room looking at those present the vermillion haired woman placing a fine boned hand to her throat as she looks for any familiar faces. She does spot Gabriela and gives a small smile.."See fall asleep for a few years and wake up forgotten and not knowing any of the shakers or movers" she mutters softly to herself trying to figure out just what is happening.

Gabriela sees that bottle and smiles as she nods and awaits Kor to get close enough for her to wrap her little hans around it and bring it to her to uncork. "I knew you would" she says quietly and watches the game going on until Javier says he has to go and blowing him a kiss and waves "soon then." Seeing Jerrika she waves at her and smiles "Oh good you came" she says brightly/

Celeste watches Varai miss and steps up, it's her turn afterall. Crouching slightly down to let the blindfold be wrapped around her head. Pulling her wings tightly close to her back so she doesn't make spinning her harder. After she's been spun rather effectively she holds out the butt plug. Stumbling forward she makes a squeaking sound as she pushes the toy forwards. Feeling the toy meet some resistance she pushes it forward before stumbling backwards and reaching to pull up her blindfold and see what she actually hit. Cringing a bit as she actually hit right on the money..."I'm sorry..." she mouths.

With the miss there, Lynna remains where she is. Up on the table, ass bared and ready for whoever is lucky enough to plug her up. She looks over her shoulder towards Varai and then her gaze finds Jericho again, another dagger shot with her sky blue orbs. Her hands move out before her, fingers inch along the edge of the platform and she curls them there, as if settling in for some time. With the Angel up, Lynna bites down upon her bottom lip ... Divine intervention and all that... better a timid angel than a raging hormonal man. With the plug just starting to enter, there is a moan that comes from her that hints that it's really not that bad, and few would know that sound exactly. Biting down upon her bottom lip, she wiggles her ass and the little plug that now rests there. "Well.. isn't that just a gift from the heavens...."

Fashionably late, but here none the less Evie arrives at the party for the Emir. Unescorted and the leash unattended as it swings and rubs against the front of her body. Heels lifting her body to new heights and sculpting her calves like perfection. The few leather straps that fit very snuggly around her her dangerously curved body and accent every gift a woman has. A natural sway of her hips with each confident stride draws her through the party revelers and smiles at Luther with only a slightly tilted up head to see his face "Herr Offizier, please forgive me for arriving late. I had a bit of trouble buckling the straps.".

The sound of metal on stone issues forth as Khimaira enters the ballroom, clad in leather corset, boots, and a chain shrug. She seems unabashed, despite being late and her lack of concealing clothing, and arrives only a few moments after Evie. Pausing momentarily, she surveys the guests before making her way over to Luther and Celeste, a smile on her face. "I trust I did not arrive too late to partake in the festivities?" she asks, directing the question at the Emir, but not waiting for an answer, she instead plunges ahead, "What game is this?"

Jericho watches with some interst as the other's begin to take their turns, a look of worrying crossing his usually calm features when the Angel moves for her turn. "Uh oh...this is ging to end b..." he begins dropping his head with some dissapointment as the creature hits home, and the plug sinks slowly into its mark. "Pity....I was so hopeful..."

Celeste smiles, glad that she didn't hurt the woman. Turning her eyes to the group she blushes a bit. "My turn to pick...someone." her eyes fall on Varai and she offers the woman a smile. "I think it's your turn." she says quietly, looking like she regrets picking the girl...but more in the way that she would regret picking everyone. Walking to Luthers side she shifts and rubs at her bottom, grinning at Khimaira. "Hello it's very good to see you." Shifting from foot to foot she stretches her wings slightly before pulling them back. Turning her eyes to Jericho she smiles sweetly at him. "it's a pity that men can say no..." she says simply to him before she smiles a Lynna.

Merared laughs softly at the miss followed by the divine strike home. She takes another drink of the cream, and half closes her eyes enjoying the warmth as it spreads and falls through her. The young man she murmured to earlier appears by the door, and the Silvan smiles slowly with a faintly predatory air and rises from her seat at the bar leaving her drink half finished there. She saunters toward the door and leans to lay one hand on his arm, "I do hope you are fit. I consider running to be foreplay." He looks amused as if she is joking and she simply smiles enigmatically and steps out of the ballroom on his arm.

With her ass just recently plugged, Lynna motions to Luther. 'Yes yes I know.. it stays there...' and she gets down off the table and moves through the small crowd of onlookers and next contestants. Leaning towards Celeste.. "Pick the shy ones, they are more entertaining.." she whispers to th Angel. Moving further into the crowd, her target is clear.. the man with the look of disappointment, who just might deepen that frown when she is done with him. "Well well well.. if it isn't.. *Oh look, lets Volunteer Lynna...*" she mimicks him.

Merared leaves the Ballroom.

Watching over the guests with a keen eye, Luther's lips curl in a smirk as Varai misses Lynna's ass, only to have the innocent Celeste score a direct hit! "Vell done, fraulein! Now, you get to pick you new viktim..." Walking over to Lynna, he gives her bare, plugged ass a good swat, smiling as he says, "Zat vas not so badt, ja?" Merared departs, and Evie arrives, her outfit drawing a rumble of approval from the hulking Emir. "Velkome fraulein! You are just in time for ze game. Kome, I put you on end of list." Khimaira arrives as well, and -she- gets a good swat on the ass. Luther likes to do that, apparently. "Und you are dressed up for me too! Zis ist "Pin ze Buttplug in ze Fraulein". You get blindfolded, spin around, und zen try to plug her up!"

Game> Gabriela rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

Jennifer gets down from the table that marks them as the Buttplug Contestant.

Varai gets up onto the table and hoists their ass in the air as the next Buttplug Contestant.

Varai's mouth falls open as she's picked, her pale blue-green skin tone shifting and undulating, color-changing into an embarrassed shade of fine, baby pink. She sucks in a slow, shuddering breath and moves into place on the table. The young woman's lips begin to move as she quietly murmurs to herself, perhaps a silent prayer while she gets up on her hands and knees. "Be gentle," she requests.

Gabriela stands up and says "Ok my turn I think. She has never seen such a game and looks over the selection to choose the least intmidating one of all, small, pink and seems fairly innocent looking. She gets blindfolded and staggers across the floor towards the hapless girl and *bam* she hits something. Taking off the blindfold she sees where she hit and blushes "OH" and smiles "sorry"

Game> Luther rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

At the approach and subsequent grin from Celeste, Khimaira returns it in full force. "Good to see you, as well. Having fun?" Luther's slap brings a blink and a soft surprised exclamation of, "Oh!" Rubbing her ass absentmindedly, she makes a mock-pouting face at her boss. "Dressed up for you? I suppose so, since it is your party. Lovely game you have here, but I think I shall refrain from joining in so late."

"Mmmm...isn't it though?" Jericho replies to the angel in passing, disappointment still on his features. "We'll have to see though." His smile grows a bit wider afterwards, his attention shifting quickly to the approaching Lynna. "Hey...all's fair in love and war, Miss confidence. You made yourself too easy a target I think. "If it's any consolation...I was hoping it would get back around to me..."

Luther steps up next, after Gabby plunges her plug into Varai's sex, and he wraps a blindfold around his eyes before beginning to spin around in a circle. Drifting slightly, someone might have to duck to avoid getting clocked with a fat silver buttplug, but he eventually begins to slow. "Nein! Khimaira, you are playing, vhezer you like it or not! You too, Evie!" Indeed, he is commanding even when he cannot see. Holding still a moment, Luther aims his plug in the air, trying to guess where Varai might be, before thrusting forward! He hits, sinks in...but he hit the wrong hole! Growling, Luther leaves his plug in place after he removes his blindfold, handing the strip of cloth off to Kor. "Your turn!"

Varai gets down from the table that marks them as the Buttplug Contestant.

Kor lets the bottle be taken by Gabriela and turns to face the general direction of the assembled about the game. He steps closer, being mindful of not bumping or crushing someone's foot as so he stands blindly near the others. He listens intently as Gabriela takes her turn and Luther makes ready for his own. As Evie enters he smiles at her even though he cannot see her, he knows what she might look like in her attire. "Evie my dear... so good to see you managed to get here." As Luther calls to him, Kor nods and reeaches out to take up a random analplug from the assorted ones available and hefts it easily in his large hand.

Game> Kor rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 1

Jerrika sees gabriela's wave but then the girl is off to take her turn in the ongoing shenanigans and Jerrika smiles a soft smile that warms her features. She moves towards the bar feeling the need to have something in her hands and wishing that she did not bring her carpetbag shoulder bag the one that holds her sketch books and other paraphernalia for her artistic endeavors. She looks towards the man with the thick Germanic accent and studies him commiting his face to memory. @emit The soft swish of chains stop when she gets to the bar.."A Glenfiddich please straight up.." she waits her drink further studying the game with a delicately raised eyebrow.

Lynna glares towards Jericho and then sticks her tongue out towards him. Reaching for her own glass dildo she holds it in her hand ... "Oh you just wait... you just wait... smug one." she says to him in a soft tone, though that edge is there, oh she intends to beat his ass, in one way or another. "You best hope I dont get it in.. you will be up there next Vampire man..oh yes you will...." she nods sagely with her idle threats, with her luck she'd poke her own eye out with the next miss. She turns her attention back to the game, a soft snort as if attempting to ignore Jericho in all his smugness.

Already blinded, Kor steps closer to the bound woman and pushes his plug towards her. Prefering not to use his magical abilities, the anal plug in his hand bumps against a firm buttock, but then slides along the outside of a thigh and he stops when his knuckles brushes Varai's skin. "Looks like I failed, no change there." He slaps the woman's ass and then tosses the anal plug aside. "Whomever is next can go."

Varai gets up onto the table and hoists their ass in the air as the next Buttplug Contestant.

Varai's eyes are squeezed shut as Gabriela is turned about in preparation. Her teeth catch her lower lip just before the woman behind her lunges forward and the tip of the small, pink dildo parts her folds, sliding right on home. Varai reacts with a loud gasp, picking her head up as her eyes flip open. She moans, her arms wobbling as she glances back behind her to see Gabriela quietly apologizing to her. Varai shakes her head with acceptance to the woman and faces forward again, her teeth worrying her lower lip.

Bowing her head and the braids that are equipped with leather and chain falls forward. Evie's collar and leash clink agianst the chains on her body and she rises to smile again at Luther "It looks like a delightful game of course I will join.". As the host goes on about his duties, Evie turns to the others and starts to look through the mass of people for anyone she knows. Gabriela catches her green eyes and she smiles while mouthing a hello to her. The mention of Kor's name sets her looking through the crowd with more fevered attention till she spots the very large genie and smiles "Always looking so dangerous love." . Walking closer to the man she waits for him to take his turn before pulling him down to her level for a kiss. "And here I though you had a much better aim then that Kor."

Game> Evie rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

The kiss he gets from Evie is short and heated, but the genie growls and grips the woman's right buttock in a huge hand and presses his brow against hers, the green glow of hs eyes burning behind the iron plate over his eyes. "You best hope you don't get up there Evie, cause I will use my 'plug' without hesitation." He kisses Evie again and his indes and middle finger press into the woman's backside and stretches her anal ring with his thick digits before setting her free to take her turn with Varai.

"You're just looking for a reason to 'Stake' me, aren't you?" Jericho replies to Lynna with another laugh, shaking his dildo at her menacingly before folding his warms t watch the festivities. "How about this....if you win, I won't say no. And if I win, I'll choose myself. But yu have to think of someting of equal value to offer when you fail." Those eyes dance back over to her, challenge dancing with the fire in his eyes.

"I am most certainly not playing," Khimaira disagrees, frowning at the Emir as he misses his target, despite the fact that he won't be able to see it. "...Unless it will affect my employment in some way," she allows grudgingly, crossing her chain-clad arms under her free, golden breasts with soft rustling clinks, "Only then will I participate."

As Luther steps up into place behind her, Varai shuts her eyes, preparing for the worst and receiving.. something not quite so bad! Luther's dildo sinks in right above the other one, eliciting a louder moan from the woman on the table. Then it is Kor's turn, the beast of a man clanking and jangling behind her, setting off her nerves something fierce until she is visibly trembling on top of the table. Perhaps this assists in Kor's massive failing as the plug hits her ass and slides off. Varai's shoulders sink, her ass slapped, waiting for Evie's turn.

Gabriela is watching all of this as she sits at the bar sipping from her bottle and then is relatively quiet again after waving to Evie and saying hello just before she claims Kor and all Gab can do is smile and curl up again.

The kiss leaves Evie with a smile of happiness, even as he grabs her bottom. It is the slip of the finger under the leather that invades her private space that lets a squeal and shiver through her body before slapping Kor playfully and stepping away with a gasp "Your trying to distract me so I mess up!". Leaving Kor's side, Evie gets blindfolded and a large plug placed in her hand before spun a few times. The heels not helping her balance as she stumbles a few times before walking forward. Pushing forward the thick plug till it is put into the victim with force. Thinking she did it right the blindfold comes off with a cheer, and then a sigh and stomp of her heel "Man...." . Sore loser she turns and walks away leaving it pressed deep into the woman.

Game> Khimaira rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 2

Securing two fresh buttplugs, Luther places one deliberately in Khimaira's hand before thumping his own against her bare mons, saying, "Nein, it vill not affekt your employment! I just demand zat you play! It ist your turn!" Watching as she makes her move, Luther chuckles at Evie's petulance, gazing back over the entire crowd to ensure all are participating in the game. Shifting to the other side near Celeste, Luther dips thick fingers down along her back, toying with the gem buried between her toned cheeks. "Hmm, how vill ve be able to handle zis, if you are selekted, mm?"

Game> Lynna rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

Game> Jericho rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 1

Celeste shivers softly as she feels Luther's fingers on her toy, blushing she peeks up at him and offers a smile. "I don't think they will select me, Herr offizier....I think they might be gunning for one another." she says with a bit of a smile...though she says it quietly so she's not offering anyone a specific challenge of any kind.

Lynna looks towards Jericho and she shakes her head. "Oh no.. no more deals, you seem to have the luck tonight and there is no way I'm putting myself in a situation where I know I'll lose..." Watching the next few contestants, Lynna leans up anyways and gives Jericho a kiss on his cheek, regardless of her ruffled pride and full ass. Blindfolded and seemingly spun an extra few times, Lynna purses her lips again and moves closer. The long thin glass dildo in her hand clinks against a few others and then is easily pushed in. "That.. did not feel right.." she whispers, and then slowly tugs the fold down. "Oh dear..." and then feeling sorry for the girl, she reaches and pulls a few out from the stretched opening. Turning back towards Jericho, she brushes her shoulder up against his as he moves to take his turn.

As Evie spins and lunges forward, a THIRD dildo sinks home into Varai, this time with a struggle. Her poor sex stretching wide to receive the third toy, she almost looks like a pencil-holder on her hands and feet. "Unh-oh!" Varai moans out, her brows lifted high as a mix of pain-pleasure washes over her face, leaving her mouth hanging open while a tremble shudders through her body. "Nnh.. Someone please make it.." she quietly pleads, now bent down so that her forehead rests on the table as Khimaira moves up into place for the next turn.

The look that Khimaira gives Luther is one of distaste. "Fine. I shall indulge my employer's bizarre request." Nevermind that it was a demand. Taking the blindfold, she deftly ties it around her head, concealing her eyes, and frowning, aims a half-hearted attempt at plugging Varai. It misses, clinking off the other inserted ones, but she doesn't seem to particularly care. Taking off the blindfold, she hands it off to the next person and wanders back over to Luther and Celeste, fixing the Emir with a fierce expression.

The whiskey is raised to her lips and Jerrika leans back against the bar staying out of the ongoing game she nods to Gabriela.."Evening Gabriela ..has it been a good party so far" she asks softly but her voice pitched so it should reach the other vampire."

Jericho steps up slowly, waiting in the wings as it were and watching with some anticipation to see how Lynna fares. "Aww...such a shame, you know I would have gone up there too..." He says with a slight hint o his hodgepodge of accent showing through. He Catches her for a moment, letting his hand brush over her flesh, tweeking her own plug a bit before the blindfold is slipped on. Around and around, Jericho stumbles slowly forward, not uite so well balanced this times. His hand jabs the thin glass forward, catching air this time and stumbling against the table. Theres a soft curse and the blind is slipped off, the man looking dejected as he moves back to his place. "Swing...and a miss...."

A chuckle and a grin, Kor watches as yet another dildo is pushed into Varai's sex and Evie's curse marks her failure at winning the round. The glow behind the eye-plate shimmers and dims slightly with his pleasure. He turns and his blind gaze settles on Gabriela where she sits and he grins at her. "No fear Gabriela. She will be alright." He offers her the bottle again and smiles again. "I would think you had better aim yourself Evie. maybe you need something with more girth."

Game> Celeste rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

Lynna moves over towards Jericho and extends up onto her tippy toes to whisper a few things to him. Shifting through the crowd, she gently touches Luthers arm "If you will pardon me Luther, there is something I need to tend to that I had forgotten. Do enjoy the rest of your evening." Weaving back through the small crowd at the game table, she is back at Jerichos side and slipping her hand up around his neck to draw his lips to hers for a kiss. 'Do behave tonight, I dont want trouble in my rock." she offers up with a faint wink before she makes her way from the party and back home.

Luther watches with a wicked smirk as Varai takes dildo after dildo into her poor, stretched sex, chuckling deeply as she struggles under the assault. "It seems you are too slippery, fraulein!" Khimaira comes over to him, and he soothes her with a burly arm around her slim shoulders, rumbling, "See? Zat vas not so badt, now vas it?" Jericho misses, Celeste steps up, and Luther gazes back at Gabriela. "You are up after Celeste, fraulein!" Lynna draws near, and the hulking man nods, saying, "Ja, zat ist fine. Danke for koming, fraulein!"

Celeste watches Jericho take his turn and steps forward. Taking the blindfold from him she covers her eyes. Being spun around in a quick circle she seems to have lost her balance more then time then the last. Walking towards Varai she pokes the dildo at the back of the girls' leg. Peeking at her she blushes. "No...not this time..." smiling she steps back and sets down the butt plug, setting the blindfold down she moves back to her spot next to Luther. "Seems I don't have good aim two times in a row." she laughs quietly and peeks up at him.

Evie shakes her head and steps away from the party game for others to have room, not really even caring that the poor Varai is getting hit over and over and prolonging her time up on the table. Turning her attention to Kor she smirks "I at least made it IN something dear. But perhaps your right, I am used to a lot more girth." and sticks her tongue out at him.

The look on Varai's face is one of immense relief as Khimaira misses and Lynna steps up into place with her glass toy. She sucks in a breath in preparation and -A FOURTH- dildo slips in amongst the others. "Hhhn!" Varai protests the latest sink-in with a loud, lusty moan, her eyes going up into her head while she winces. Thankfully, Lynna plucks two out, Gab's small pink one and Luther's, leaving two still inside. "Gods.." she moans, dropping her head back down to look between her legs as Jericho approaches and thankfully misses adding yet another one in her pouting sex. With Celeste up next, Varai's hands are flat on the table, fingers curled to grip the edges tightly, white-knuckling it, though thankfully she misses, sending the toy into Varai's leg.

Gabriela smiles and takes the bottle lifting it up for a good long sip to steel herself and then she stands to walk over by Luther so she can be blindfolded and handed a plug.

Game> Gabriela rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

Gabriela steps forward and again makes her mark in the wrong place!

Game> Luther rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 1

"Me? Trouble?" Jericho says with a playfully innocent look, putting his dildo at himself again as he moves to meet her lips. "I'll try and keep myself out of harm's way. Perhaps I'll wake you later, depending on how things go here. Get your rest though, I think you may need it."

Lynna leaves the Ballroom.

Jericho misses, but Gabriela hits home, sinking yet another dildo into poor Varai! This draws a booming chuckle from the muscled core of the hulking Emir, and he shifts his own plug in his hand as he retrieves the blindfold. Tying it behind his head, spinning around, Luther moves to plug up Varai, but he misses, instead banging his plug against the bottom of one of the dildos already lodged within her stretched sex! Grumbling, Luther passes the cloth off to Kor, saying, "Gut luck! She ist slippery, like I said!"

Game> Kor rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

Khimaira merely shrugs noncommittally at Luther, recrossing her arms in a show of deciding not to enjoy a game she was cajoled into playing. She does lean into the Emir a little, though, but only to comment, "That vat...it looks familiar." Her gaze is riveted to the object in question, as if the mercenary is trying to remember where she encountered it, or something like it, before. "Why does it look so familiar?"

With a clink against the other two toys already lewdly sticking out of her, Gabriela's dildo sinks home with a small, labored push and the Emir barely gives Varai time to bemoan her luck before he gives his a try and misses, to her relief, though one could hardly tell that throughout her faint, shallow moans. Varai shifts her arse, swaying her hips slightly while Kor moves up in to place.

Not needing the blindfold offered by Luther, Kor steps forward and again misses the mark with the dildo and he shakes his head. "I should simply use my own dick. Using these puny things is hardly being entertaining anymore." Kor steps back and nods to Evie. "Your turn I guess."

Game> Evie rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 1

Evie is blindfolded again and spun, she stammers forward and misses totally this time.

Celeste watches Luther she grins "I thought you would surely get it, Herr Offizier." she murmurs and winks at him while she watches the other people trying their damn hardest to get the girl's neglected anus. "I feel sort of bad that I picked her now..." She grins. Peeking at Khimaira then back at the game with a cringe...everyone missing now

Game> Khimaira rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

by this time khaylah was on her fifth glass of wine and was now sitting on the floor humming to herself. though she wasn't quite trashed...yet. she looked over at the poor Varai wondering if any of them would ever get it in the girls ass.

Luther peers at the difficult time that everyone is having plugging up poor Varai, and he declares, "A few more tries, und unless she ist plugged, Varai vill get to declare her own replacement. She ist hard to hit!" Gazing over towards the bar, Luther spies the unknown woman (Jerrika). Making his way over to her, Luther rumbles, "Guten abend, fraulein. I am afraid I did not see you before, vhat viz all ze excitement. I am ze Archduke Luther Koenig, ze Emir of Akashat. You may address me as "Herr Offizier"." He extends a muscled forearm in greetings to the woman before glancing back over his shoulder. "Nein! You have never seen zat vat before, Khimaira. Trust me."

With the glass dildo from her first attempt still firmly in hand, Khimaira approaches once more, taking the blindfold once Evie has removed it, and ties it on. Again, she misses, the glass tip lightly hitting the flesh of Varai's ass. Removing the blindfold, she hands it off and goes back to Celeste as the Emir wanders off, giving the angel a smile.

Game> Jericho rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

The vampire is content to stand alone among the throng of the party goers and gameplayers, left to his own devices to watch the proceedings. This poor little thing, stuck up there for so long. Jericho waits patiently for his turn, studying as if attempting to memorize the proper path to the girl, until he is able to step up to be blindfolded. He spins and makes his way forward again, close, but not quite on the mark. The other dildos are brushed against and he frowns, knowing already his miss as he slips his eyes free and moves back to find his place.

Game> Celeste rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 6

Jerrika smiles softly and in perfect german says "Guten Abend Herr Offizier..Jerrika Boyington Akashat Artist and these days recluse" She takes another swallow of the Glenfiddich feeling the alcohol burn its way down her throat but spreads fingers of warmth through her stomach. She takes the offered hand and gives a warm smile to her host..'It is an interesting party"

Celeste turns her eyes to watch Jericho and hopes that he gets it. Rubbing her hands together she cringes as he misses. "Come on luck...don't do me wrong!" She puts on the blindfold and gets spun all over again. Her stumbling feet carry her towards the girl and she feels something against the toy in her hand, pushing forward she steps back and pulls up her blindfold. Smiling she looks around the room. "My turn to pick another replacement..." she looks relieved to be the one to get poor Varai off the post. Turning her eyes to Evei she smiles sweetly. "I'm sorry...I know you and...well...I think that Kor might really enjoy having you up there..." she winks at the girl before stepping back and whews.

It is all Varai can do to hold her faintly quaking body up as participant after participant step up into line behind her and miss. With each shift and shove against her, Varai's skin reacts, faintly changing color, mottling with blues, greens and purples. Overall, Varai's skin-tone begins to slide from pink into a deeper red, her hands curled tightly around the edge of the table as Celeste steps up and -finally- pushes on home, sinking her plug into Varai's arse with a long, drawn out groan from the unfortunate, and apparent, dildo-receptacle. Varai sinks down to her chest on the table, taking a moment before she rolls off and her hand flies to her sex, catching as one of the three toys in her sex slides free.

Varai gets down from the table that marks them as the Buttplug Contestant.

Luther blinks as Jerrika speaks in his native tongue, the words drawing a deep rumble from his muscled core. "Rekluse? Vell, zat ist about to change, fraulein! I am pleased you kould make it! You should kome und join ze game!" Moving up from the bar and back over to the table, just in time to see Varai -finally- plugged in the ass, Luther claps his hands, rumbling, "Ah hah! Finally! Und now, ve have Evie up!" He glances to Kor, saying, "Now, you kan -definitely- use your own plug!"

Evie is walking back towards Kor as the angel makes her replacement known and the woman turns very very slowly to look back at the woman. The green in her eyes almost gone as they open so wide the white over powers the color and she looks from Luther to Kor and then back to Celeste. Her mouth opens and closes several times before words come out "I am sure you can pick someone else right?". The look on everyones face around her says no and there is a stomp of her heel like a child throwing a fit before she moves over to the table. Turning her back to the slave helping "Please undo the leather." her voice in full on pout as the slave does as told. Climbing on the table with her bottom bare she glares at Celeste "Your next." and then looks at Kor "You best pick the smallest toy in the table when it is your turn and you better not miss."

Gabriela blinks as Evie is chosen and sighs as she gets up to go and get blindfolded again thinking 'this does not bode well at all' She looks at Jerrika and smiles, glances at Jericho and takes a big drink from that moving bottle when she can catch up to it. Her cheeks flush as she looks for the least intimidating one on the table and takes a deep breath.

Game> Gabriela rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

Gabriela hits /something/ and laughs as she has found the buffet table and the poor roasted pig has been VIOLATED! but she missed Evie!

Game> Luther rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 4

Evie tries to stay relaxed, cause everyone knows it hurts worse if you tighten. The first attempt misses and she sighs as her shoulders visibly relax.

Luther steps up after Gabby, putting on the blindfold and spins around, staggering closer to Evie before thrusting forward with his plug! He misses, just barely, scraping between her trim thighs and possibly bumping up against her exposed sex, but failing to penetrate! Again he growls, and he declares, "I have no luck viz zis game! I zink Celeste ist stealing all of it!" He undoes the blindfold as he steps aside to let Kor have his chance.

Jericho laughs softly as he watches Gabriela take her turn, those soft eyes dropping for a moment before making his way slowly across the floor to join her. "That will teach that pig. Though I really don't think he was playing, my dear. Maybe he'll be up next and we can count that as a win."

Celeste smiles sweetly at Evie, tilting her head as her eyes sparkle. "I'm sorry." she replies to the womans question. Blushing when Evie threatens her she does hope that the woman is wrong. Her eyes turn to Luther as he blames her for stealing the luck. "It seems to be something I do in every game...isn't it?" she asks him.

A nice slender built woman appears all dress in a skin tight black leather bodysuit. Her name is Isoko, and yes the one that was almost killed the other night by two hunters. She finally makes her first appearance sence then. Her long curly black hair hangs losely down her backside, slowly walking in and scans the room. Swaying her hips from side to side, as she walks over to Luther and watches the entertainment. She smiles as she looks on.

Evie knows for damn sure Luther isn't going to be nice about it and his miss is a blessing ever there was one.

A laugh and a wicked grin, Kor looks in the direction of Celeste and then Luther at their 'kind' words at the peril of Evie's bottom. "This should be interesting..." He muses and refuses the blindfold again and declines taking up one of the dildos. He steps forward and a hand grips the large girth of his manhood as he sims blindly for Evi's tiny target.

Game> Kor rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 5

Game> Jennifer idle for too long, sending home.

Jerrika shakes her head.."No I am sorry it umm violates some inner...demon of my own I fear" as the Emir tries to draw Jerrika out of her shell but she has been hiding now for a time and is not easily pried out of safe patterns. "I will watch and drink quietly and do what i do best observe" she says almost breathlessly. She hears the taarget is changing well not really the target but the one who will play target .."i guess they should be happy it is not a blindfolded archery contest" she says to Luther before taking another deep swallow of whiskey.

Gabriela flushes now that she has had the special bottle Kor carries for her and she smiles a little shyly saying to the pig "sorry" in teasing. "Well my aim is not to good I think but I have never played a game before so I get a learning curve." She watches a Kor gets his mark well, a little off and shudders "she gonna keeel him."

Game> Khimaira rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 6

A single step closer and a hard thrust of his hips and Kor slams his cock balls deep up into Evie's sex. The thickness of his rod plugging her body even about the manacle about the base of his rod and he growls with laughter, "Hmm... seems to have found a mark here." He spanks Evie's backside while he lets Evie's body try as it may to get adjusted to the massive monster that has filled her.

The thick, long girth of Kor slipping into Evie melts any tension in her body with one long sighing moan. Wiggling her hips back against the man she chuckles "your an ass!" but her words are soft and laced with so much heated breath.

Gab is up looking at the vat of chocolate, she has been staring at it all night in curiosity as she has never seen such a substance before. She looks at Jericho and says "what is that?" thinking that he had probably seen such a thing before. Her eyes look over and see Kor and they get big as plates "Oh" she says quietly and looks at Jericho for an answer before it is his turn again.

Kor chuckles again, swatting Evie's backside again and leaning over her to murmur something in her ear. He smiles and jerks his length and pulls his slickend cock from her gripping folds and watches as Khimaira gets ready to take a shot. "I best get out of the way before my ass becomes the target."

Still in possession of the dildo from two attempts previous, Khimaira steps up after Kor has hit home using his own shaft. Once he has removed the blindfold and moved away, she puts it on and is spun. With a frown of concentration, the woman's arm lashes out and the dildo sinks into Evie's anus. Releasing it, the mercenary removes the blindfold and smirks triumphantly. "I suppose this means I won?" she asks, "Well, seeing as I have no preference on who to choose, I will instead do this: whoever can guess the number I am thinking of, or the closest to it, shall win the choice. Choose between one and ten, please."

Luther exclaims, "Seven!"

Gabriela says 1

Kor says, "Ten."

Evie Still tense from the forceful push of the dildo into her bottom she mumbles "3" and shivers.

Celeste hrms and shrugs "6"

Isoko says, "2"

Jennifer bends over, moving uncomfortably around the room with the plug still stuck up her anus. She stands by the game table, watching as Khimaira wins and is given the oppertunity to pick the next victim. "I...I can't be..." she slowly mutters, "chosen again, right?" Her voice trembles a bit as she considers the posibility of being chosen again. "Three..." she says.

Jericho says, "7"

Varai quietly pipes up, barely heard over the din of the other guesses, "Four."

"Four it is," Khimaira announces, nodding to Varai with a smile, "The choice is yours...but please, be kind, do not pick me." With that said she graciously steps back.

Evie is let down from the table and the leather strap thatis her skirt is buckled back around her waist. Shifting with mild discomfort as the plug stays in her bottom she looks to Varai "Celeste needs a turn!" offering her thoughts before walking carefully back to Kor with a look in her eyes that dares him to touch her bottom right now.

As Khimaira nods in her direction, a quake buckles through Varai's legs, nearly sending her down to the ground, though she catches herself. Her hand on the back of a chair, Varai's eyes swing around, looking for someone in particular.. until they land on target. "Ma'am?" she calls, pointing at Celeste.

Game> Isoko rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 3

Celeste looks at Varai she pushes out her bottom lip and shakes her head "That...just isn't nice at all." she mutters and turns to look at Khimaira, siiighing and walking towards the table she looks over her shoulder and chews at the inside of her cheek. Whimpering softly as she's tied down and her ass cheeks are pulled apart. her current dildo pulled out to allow for another to maybe eventually be pushed in.

Celeste gets up onto the table and hoists their ass in the air as the next Buttplug Contestant.

Isoko laughs slightly, once her wasn't the one that was picked. She sighs as well and just leans in closer to Luther and whispers into his ear before licking at it. She then had her chance in rolling and it was a miss. She soon shrugs her shoulders.

Game> Varai rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 2

Khimaira has the decency to look guilty when Varai picks Celeste, and she flashes the angel a very apologetic look. "I would not hold it against you if you took revenge, my good lady." She calls as the angel takes a place on the table, "And I shall do my best to miss entirely!"

A dare, a challenge, and far be it from the genie not taking up such a case. Kor looks at Evie as she comes to stand next to him and he leans over. He murmurs something into her ear again and a hand does come to rest at the small of her back, but thast causes the chains and manacles hanging from his wrist to slap, bump, and twine about the plug in her ass and he smirks broadly.

Game> Gabriela rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 2

Gabriela is blindfolded and misses entirely perhaps poking a passing slave in the eye!

Moving uncomfortably, Jennifer positions herself next to Celeste and helps to spread her cheeks wide apart, exposing her anus for the others to attempt to pin the plug in her. "I'm sorry," Jennifer softly whispers as she holds open Celeste's cheeks.

Using the toy that slipped out of her as she rolled off the table, Varai steps up behind her chosen victim. The look in her eyes before the blindfold is placed borders on sweet revenge. She is turned about a few times, setting her off balance enough that she misses as she lunges forward, striking Celeste's arsecheek with the plug. Grumbling, she steps away with a whispered, "Damnit."

Game> Jericho rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 3

Game> Luther rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 2

Celeste holds her breath and peeks up at Jennifer, smiling at her she shakes her head. "It's not your fault." she says quietly. Taking slow breaths she curls her toes and waits to the rather inevitable thrust. Gasping as she feels the toy hitting her ass she breathes a bit of a sigh of relief. Breathing slowly while she tries so hard not to clench, peeking over her shoulder she bites hard into her bottom lip.

Evie growls something very unhuman deep in her chest as Kor whispers to her and teases her. Reaching a hand down between his legs she grips his balls firmly and grins big "You are going to see a side of me you have let to see my Love." winking at him and blowing a kiss.

"That?" Jericho says as Gabriela makes her inquiry, turning his gaze to fix on thevat for a long, cool moment. "Would be CHocolate....or mud perhaps." his brows knit together, contemplating its purpose whike Gabby moves to take her turn, moving quickly to rejoin the line of players. He's still a bit distracted as it comes his turn to spin and take his chance, lurching forward as the slender bit of glass slides against the Angel's back. He sighs softly, his head shaking as he moves back to join the vampiress, shrugging lightly to her. "I guess I used up all my luck on the first run...."

Game> Kor rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 2

Luther steps up after Isoko murmurs in his ear, responding with a low chuckle and a pinch of her ass. Blindfolded and spun, he takes aim with his dildo, going slower this time as he tries to hit home! He feels something, and he whoops in triumph as he secures his toy inside of....Jennifer's mouth? Luther pulls down the blindfold, grinning before he sees what he's done. "Scheisse!"

Jennifer gags for a moment, coughing as the dildo is removed from her mouth. She lets go of Celeste's cheeks in suprise, staring at Luther but saying nothing for a moment. She appears totally shocked, though a look in her eyes suggests that perhaps not all of the shock is bad. "You did that on purpose!" she accuses to Luther, though she quickly looks down, her face flushed with embaressment.

Jennifer re-spreads Celeste's cheeks as the game continues.

Kor laughs and is about to say something when Evie fishes between his legs and takes a firm hold of his large testicles. He pauses, listening to the growl that comes from her and the glow behind the plate over his eyes intensifies as she addresses him. The genie grins and his cock jumps over her forearm as she continues to maintain a grip on him. Using his magic he lifts a dildo from the pile and lets it fly towards Celeste, it soars over her back and claters on the floor beyond her. "I was distracted."

Game> Evie rolls a die and it stutters to a halt, the eyes showing a total of: 6

Gabriela watches as Evie growls at Kor and she smiles and looks at Jericho as he misses and comes back. She puts her finger out to capture some of the curious liquid and brings it to her lips to paint a little on and then sputters as she tastes it "Oh MY" she says and wipes her mouth "whatever if it FOR?" Her eyes search for an answer as Kor's mark is missed and Evie's is met!

Looks at Luther as Isoko felt that pinch on her ass. She smiles and then just slightly shakes her head at Luther once he got that dildo into Jennifer mouth. "Hmmm..This is getting interesting indeed." She looks over at the group of party goers and smiles. "Do your best Evie."

Khimaira watches the goings-on guiltily, her gaze more or less fastened on Celeste as she squirms uncomfortably. While she may have no qualms about killing people, accidentally humiliating them is apparently a bad thing in her book.

Evie releases Kor and laughs as he misses. Looking down at the toys on the table she picks out the largest, thickest, fattest one that everyone passed up just to be nice and laughs "I am a bitch when it comes to revenge.". Allowing herself to be blindfolded and spun she then steadies herslef and breaths slowly before taking the few steps needed and plunging that thick toy deep inside of Celeste and knowing she hit the right damn spot. A wiggle to add insult and she pulls the blindfold away and grins at Luther "She might need some aftercare."

Jericho laughs and watches as Gabriela reaches out for a taste of the chocolate, pausing for a moment to look ove rhis shoulder at the game before fixing his stare to the vampiress. "For eating. Though this I imagine is for dipping...something. What I'm not sure...but I can think of some uses for chocolate. Most of them fun..."

Luther rumbles with amusement as Kor is distracted by Evie, but the reverse turns out not to be true! The plug is secured firmly inside of her ass, and Luther claps his hands together, declaring, "Zis game ist not at an end! I deklare ze beginning of a neu game!" And with those words, he suddenly moves to lift up Khimaira, moving her over to the enormous vat of chocolate and dunking her right into it! Pwnt! As for Celeste, he moves to replace Evie's plug with the original one, before she too is hoisted off and carried over towards the basin of rich, creamy chocolate! Oh no!

Celeste tries not to look behind her to see what's happening...she doesn't want to see it coming at all. When the people begin to miss and 'attack' Jennifer. When she sees Evie's turn is up her eyes go wide before squeezing her eyes shut. Breathing slowly while she tries so hard not tighten her body in expectation of something unpleasant. When she feels that giant toy push inside her ass she parts her lips and lets out a pained cry of shock at the feel of it forcing itself inside her ass. Blinking wetness from her eyes she whimpers as her toy is pulled from her ass and her original one is put inside. Squeaking as she's lifted and carried towards the chocolate she clenches her ass cheeks as she feels the painful ache between her ass cheeks. "Herr Offizier!" she squeals

So preoccupied is she that Khimaira doesn't realise what's happening until she's being picked up. "Hey! Signore, what are you doing?" Being dumped into the vat brings back memories of an earlier party...a beach party. She surfaces, sputtering, and says, "This is all too familiar!" Wiping off her face, she gives Luther a very displeased look, "You have ruined the leather on my outfit."

Gabriela is thoroughly confused as she inclines her head and thinks for a minute saying "Oh like the big tub of whipped cream Herr Offizier dumped me in the night he made an ocean for the beach party." She seems to understand until Jericho says he can imagine fun things.

Jericho laughs as he sees the women dumped into the vat, that mischief dancing in his eyes again as Gabriela speaks. "And that...." he says, motioning towards the chocolate drenched women. "...is one of the many uses for a pool of chocolate. And I missed a beach party? With whipped cream?" He looks almost hurt by that. "Sounds like it could have been fun...":laughs as he sees the women dumped into the vat, that mischief dancing in his eyes again as Gabriela speaks. "And that...." he says, motioning towards the chocolate drenched women. "...is one of the many uses for a pool of chocolate. And I missed a beach party? With whipped cream?" He looks almost hurt by that. "Sounds like it could have been fun..."

The sound of boot heels click with each step Isidora takes as she steps into the ballroom. Later than fashionably late, she scans the crowd, coming to a stop on the edge. A faint grin curls along her lips, her amusement evident at the game which is being played and without thought, one hand reaches back to brush the short length of leather over her rounded ass, though the movement causes a wink of garnet to be seen from between her perfectly rounded cheeks before the leather hides it again. Still looking more than a little amused, she slowly begins to circle the crowd.

Jennifer begins to slowly back away, attempting to avoid the notice of the other as Khimaira and Celeste are pushed into the chocolate. She looks towards both of them and nods her head slightly, though she suddenly lifts her body, forgetting the plug for a moment, and cannot help but make a noise as she feels it push further into her anus.

Jerrika watches Luther return to being a good host the rather introspective wman jumping to sit on the bar to get a better look at what is happening now the chains that make up her skirt pooling between her legs her thighs exposed. "hit me again Bartender please " she says holding out her empty old fashion glass.

Kor looks at Evie and grins as he pulls the plate from before his eyes so he can see. As Luther leads the charge to the poor of decadence, Kor's eyes gleam capriciously and he looks down at the woman at his side. One moment Evie is on her feet, the next she is slung up and seated atop his left bicep. He winks at her and makes for the tub of chocolate but as he passes by Luther, the enormous genie snatches the chain belt about the Emir's waist and he flings the man like a ragdoll into the chocolaty goo. He laughs and looks to Evie and then to Gabriela with Jericho, "Feel free to join the Emir. I am certain he wishes not to be the only one in the 'pool'."

Laughs at the actions of Luther and just looks onward at the pool of chocolate and licks her lips. "Hmm..it looks good enough to eat." She says, as she looks at Jennifer and Evie. Tilting her head to smile more as the chocolate gets into everything. Soon, she smiles to Luther and walks over to him once again. "So Luther, Where ever did you get this crazy idea for a chocolate pool?" She leans in and slightly leans up against him.

Gabriela says "I don't know the whipped cream made me all sticky" and then she smiles and says "But it was all for the best I think." She laughs a little and looks over across the room before she is back examing the chocolate pool "many uses to mortals but not to us yes?" She has just learned to drink tea and keep it down so this is odd to her.

Uncomfortably moving over to the bar, Jennifer begins to fix Jerrika a drink. She brings it over to the bar, nodding her head slowly as she hands it to Jerrika. "Here you are, mistress," Jennifer says softly. She steps back, but stays at the bar in case any others require service.

Well, Kor grabs the Emir by his chain loincloth and yanks hard, but succeeds in breaking the thin chain that kept his skimpy garment on! Thus, the large man is now completely nude! However, as he was in the process of dumping Celeste into the vat as well, the sudden shock jerks him back, and he overcompensates in his move forward; a slip on some wet chocolate, and he tumbles head over Celeste into the vat of chocolate! Erupting from beneath the surface, spraying gooey deliciousness everywhere, he exclaims, "Mein chains! Zat vas a sneaky zing!" Isidora arrives, and Luther wipes some of the chocolate from his face and gives her a grin, saying, "Velkome to ze party, meine Fee! You are just in time!" Indeed, as he proceeds to dunk Khimaira back under the chocolate! "Take off your klozes if you are in ze chokolate, so no von gets hurt!"

"Well...." Jericho says in response to Gabriela, arms settling across his chest, the slim glass dildo in his hand all but forgotten for the moment as he looks to her. "I'm sure we could thinkg of some...entertaining uses for it, if we put our minds to it." He fixes her with a toothy grin, the glass brushing against the hain links of his shirt, seeming to study the woman until Luther speaks to them. "Well....shall we see what this is about? Or do you perhaps tire of chocolate?"

As the others begin to hover around the tub of chocolate, some slipping in by choice and others tossed in, Varai makes her way -carefully- towards the bar, though she doesn't sit. Still with one plug in place in her arse and only one remaining in her sex, she waits patiently for the bartender to see to her and leans forward, murmuring a request to him. With a flurry of quick movements, the bartender sees to her request and places a tall multi-colored drink on the bar in front of Varai who picks it up with a small nod and a quiet 'Thank you'. The now red-flushed woman lifts the glass to her mouth as she turns about to watch the party now in full swing.

Evie claws at Kor as she is lifted, no marks show on the dark skin of the man as she clings to him while being lifted up "DON'T YOU DARE!" she exclaims! Luther taking her place in the chocolate she bust out laughing "Herr Offizier, you do look good enough to eat." winking as she wiggles in Kor's grasp so that she can sit more comfortable and perhaps more securely.

Jerrika looks at Jennifer..'Don't call me mistress I work for a living" okay poor play on an army saying when a noncom is mistaken for an officer "Jerrika will do just fine" she says softly and sips her Glenfiddich..yes not the cheap stuff for if it is it will be spat across the floor. Thank you" she softly and with a finger dipped into a small puddle of water on the bar she starts doing quick strokes of water on wood making a thumbnail sketch of Jennifer and even a line drawing down on a bar with a wet fingertip it is easily recognizable as the one who served her.

Stands there looking at the Emir and just smiles as she shakes her head and crosses her arms infront of her. "Hmm...This is crazy. You all are nuts." She knows better not to jump into a pool of chocolate and get all of her outfit dirty. It takes forever to clean leather.

Celeste lets out a shocked cry as Kor grabs Luther and sends them both head first into the chocolate. Clinging to Luther desperately she pops out of the chocolate and flails as she grabs onto Luther's thick arm. Gasping and coughing while she opens her eyes slowly, wiping at the chocolate to get it away from her eyes she looks up at Luther with a smile. Her wings drooping at the weight of the chocolate in her feathers. Trying not to fall over in the sticking chocolate she looks around with a soft laugh. "That...was...different." she laughs quietly and lifts her wings to pull them against her back. "Chocolate is heavy..." she mutters. Moving to press against Luthers side as she sees Kor carrying Evie towards the pool. Laughing quietly she peeks up at Luther. "definitely good enough to eat like she said Herr Offizier." she grins

With a pained sigh, Khimaira climbs out of the vat and, after looking around vainly for a towel, simply resorts to wiping the chocolate off of the now-ruined leather with her hands, grumbling to herself. She stands there, dripping chocolate, and eventually gives up on the leather, instead trying to wring the chocolate out of her hair.

Gabriela looks suspiciously at Jericho and that piece of glass in his hand and says "I would ruin my boots." She looks in the vat and breaks out laughing as Luther is tossed into the vat and says to Kor "and I did not have to offer a prize this time." She smiles at Jericho and says "I don't think I want in there really, I think a drink would be good it looks crowded in there."

"We'd just have toremove those boots then...." Jericho replies casually enough, though at Gabriela's reluctance to want to join in the fun he nods, letting his gaze drift almost longingly to the party in the vat. "You sure? It does look inviting....though if you'd rather have the company for a drink, I'm sure I could tear myself away from the festivities to have a few sips myself."

Kor smiles as he looks up at Evie and then glances about, "Evie, you should head back. Scion was hoping to spend some time with you tonight and if things get 'hairy' I do not think you covered in chocolate will be welcome to either of you." The genie sets the woman down onto her feet and kisses her deeply, his hands stroking her shoulders and back to come down to a rest on the plug in her ass and he gives it a few slow tugs and thrusts into her backside. "Go on before I ruin his time with you..." he winks at her and twists the plug in the woman's ass one last time before letting her go. He begins to remove the plethora of chains, manacles, and plates from his body as he watches Evie and then looks to Gabriela. "Strip Gabriela, I think it would be fun, you shoud try it."

Gabriela laughs and says "get in the vat Jericho it looks like something you really want to do and O don't want to ruin your fun, I will watch from here for a few minutes and decide" and then she is hearing Kor tell Evie to go and she is unsure what to do but she is grabbing for that bottle.

Luther gives another shake of his head, spraying little droplets of gooey chocolate around as he works to clear his eyes. "Zere you go! Everyvon in ze tub! But take off all your klozes!" Luther himself works to unfasten all of Celeste's accoutrements, as she is the one directly in front of him, but as Khimaira moves to get out, he reaches out to her, to draw her back to him. "Kome, undress und get in. Smoke somezing first, if you vould like!" Isoko is behind him, and he asks, "Are you getting in as vell? You know vhat you need to do!" Peering at Kor, Luther announces, "Zere vill be revenge for zat! Sometime..." He grins wickedly as he takes a seat on the edge of the basin, splashing some chocolate at Gabby for being so reluctant!

Evie slides down Kor's body and kisses him as she does and her face softens with a look of devotion. "When you get home, you will be punished." Hands caressing the man's face before she kisses him once again and turns to the chocolate colored Luther "Thank you for the party Herr Offizier, I will return your toy later as I am not going to remove it right now."

Jerrika moves towards the north and into the area of the Bar.

Gabriela leaves the Bar.

Jerrika watches others join her by the bar her heels kicking the barfront as she swallows a few more mouthfuls of good whiskey. She gives a small sigh and watches the fun with a gentleshake of her head.

Isoko continues to watch by the bar and at Luther, as she nods to him and goes over to the tub and begins to strip. Leaving everything but one thing. Her collar around her neck. Her neck hasn't fully healed yet and so that is there for protection. She steps into the tub and slides right behide Luther and starts to wrap herself around him and begins to eat/lick off the chocolate off of Luthers back.

Celeste helps Luther get her out of her clothes and chains, glad to be rid of at least some of the weight. Tossing her clothes and chains outside the vat she hears them splat outside and laughs quietly. Following close to Luthers side as he sits she kneels next to him and tries to keep her wings above the chocolate. Rolling her shoulders as she reaches back and tries to flick at least some of the chocolate out of her feathers. "I would like to say that I will tkae pleasure in your revenge." she laughs quietly and winks up at Luther. Hanging her wings outside the vat she shifts and sits next to Luther, her hip pressed to his as she laughs quietly. "Oooh heavens There's so much chocolate..."

Gabriela jumps as chocolate is dripped on her and then smiles as it does not hurt like she thought it might. She says "I will take off my boots and see what comes next. Then she hears that booming voice, well both of them Luther and Kor telling her to strip, well what can she do. she starts unbuckling leather.

"Only if you promise to get me if you decide to leave..." Jericho says teasingly, tempting Gabrieala for a few moments longer, handing the smooth bit of glass over to the vampiress. He has to study his own clothes for a few moments before figuring out the best way to shed them, working at the fastens and straps, letting them fall to the ground as he moves to climb into the pool to join the fun.

Returning to the party walking with a very naked female slave, Arabella laughs full and throaty at the mass of chocolate covered body that is Luther. Stopping the slave that looks almost drugged with the lethargic look and kissing her on the forehead, the demoness pats her on the bum and sends her back to bed "Herr Offizier, your slaves are simply divine. " . Approaching the splattered mess of chocolate, Arabella make sure to stay away from the mess and laughs "Oh, Herr Offizier, you have spilled on your delicious angel. May I help clean the mess?". KNowing it will upset Celeste she licks her lips just to poke more at her.

As the last lengths of chain gets removed from his body, Kor channels his energies and metamorphazies into a more 'normal' size and he goes over to help Gabriela out of her attire. He smiles, and leans to whisper something into her ear. He smiles as he whispers and his hands take the chain garment from her and adds it to the large pile of his own discarded costume. "Ready?" he asks the vampiress, quirking a brow and winking at her.

Irritably escaping Luther's grasp, Khimaira repeats her earlier sentiment, "The leather is ruined." She begins to loosen the laces on her corset before unbuckling it and letting it slip off, revealing her trained midsection before doing the same with the boots and chain shrug. Instead of reentering the vat, she simply leans against the side, frowning at it in puzzlement as she tries to recall the beach party.

Jennifer begins to relax a bit, moving around the bar to get a better look at the partygoers in the pool of chocolate. She smiles, for the first time in the evening, upon watching the playful removal of clothing, perhaps as it draws a bit of attention away from Jennifer's own naked stature. She looks around the party, though she is careful not to make eye contact with any of the others.

Gabriela sighs and is undressed all the way and just gets in the chocolate as everyone else is as it seems she is bound to. A hand is put out and she is in between Kor and Jericho.

Jerrika dips her finger tip into her drink and starts on another sketch muttering softly to herself one of the problems of living alone you start talking to yourself.."I should of brought my sketchbooks and charcoals..a heavy agitated sigh making her bosom rise and fall..the chocolate pool becoming her target for this sketch done on the bar in whiskey

A single snap of his fingers, after sliding them between Celeste's lips for cleaning, and a few guttural words brings a sensual slave-girl holding a MASSIVE lit joint for Khimaira; the girl is rather insistent, even while remaining demure. In any case, Luther can feel the warm tongue of Isoko laving across his broad back, and the hulking man parts his thighs to allow Celeste some room to move closer. Arabella arrives, and chuckling deeply at her remark, he says, "I am so gladt, fraulein! Und you may certainly get into ze chokolate und help klean up meine Engel! But first you must take off all of your klozes!"

Jericho moves slowly to stand at the edge of the vat, the long, winding tattoos that cover his body clearly visible to cover a majority of it, as well as the small, roundish scar that covers his breast. He halts for a moment, nude now, as Gabriela undresses, turning to her with a playful smile as she holds out her hand, moving easilly to take it and coax her in. "You don't ahve to stay long..."

Kor settles down into the goo, the silky warm chocolate pooling about his upper abdomen as he leans back against the edge of the pool. He smirks as others join and he motions to a waterpipe from the assortment gathered and has a load of herbs packed into the cinder. He floats the lot over to the edge of the bath and taking one of the pipes to smoke from. He inhales deeply and lets blue smoke escape his nostrils as the amphora fills his lungs.

Moving over to the table, Jennifer retrives a sketchbook and some paper, bringing them over to Jerrika. "Here you are, Mistr...Jerrika," she says, smiking as she hands over the drawing materials. "I think your drawings are quite wonderful." Jennifer smiles and steps back, her face turning a bright pink as she turns back to the bar, muttering to herself softly.

Celeste parts her lips to clean off Luthers fingers she smiles up at him. "Chocolate is tasty" she murmurs softly and shifts to move between Luther's thighs. Turning her eyes to Arabella she blushes...not that anyone can see it through all that chocolate. Letting her wings droop instead of trying to keep them up she stares at the other woman and then turns her eyes to Luther. "Herr offizier" she mutters and rests her hands on his belly as she leans forward. Chocolate is super heavy in feathers! When she's offered to the demoness she gulps and her eyes go round...slowly sinking into the chocolate more...aaah sweet relief as her wings sort of 'float' in the chocolate.

Isoko licking continues up his back, as she cautiously leans in and nips Luthers earlobe and licks inside it and moving down across his neck and back down his back. Moving herself ever so closely, as her firm breasts spread around the chocolate upon herself and him over and over again.

Varai finishes her multi-colored drink with a final swig of purple down her throat, her head tipped back. As she turns about to ask for another drink, her skin begins to change colors, shifting through a bright rainbow of reds, oranges and yellows. The colors mix in amongst her pale skin tone as she reaches out for the second multi-colored drink. With a slight swaying, she turns back towards the group in the pool and begins to pad over to them on silent feet. Drink in hand she perches rather drunkenly on the side of the tub, her breasts and elbows hooked over the edge. She reaches out a hand for the chocolate and swipes some up on her finger, lifting it to her mouth to taste.

Gabriela has never been in a tub of any sort with so many people and watches curiously as thjings start happening. She smiles as Kor settles into the chocolate and then on the other side of her is Jericho and all she can say is "Uh-Oh I need a strong drink" Her nose catches the smell of the pipe and she inclines her head at that and then she splashes Luther for splashing her after tying her hair up better.

Jerrikalooks up and the smile is warm and genuine that is flashed to Jennifer.."Thank you.." her she is her shield placed in her hands and a pencil..all she needs to make her feel suddenly at ease and comfortable. The book is flipped open and in moments her hand is moving in a blur forgetting not to slow down..her preternatural nature been easily revealed as in seconds she has the scene captured on paper

After a lengthy amount of protesting, the scowling Khimaira accepts the joint and, her now very annoyed gaze fixed on the Emir, puffs on it in a rather violent manner, leaving fingerprints on it and letting burning cinders fall. It doesn't take long for the drug to take effect, and her gaze wanders away from him to the smoke trail. She remains leaning against the tub, staring at it in drugged wonder. "It is beautiful," she eventually murmurs, fading into the oblivion of a marijuana-tinged world.

A deep draw of breath through partly opened lips makes a hiss as Arabella is given permission to enjoy the angel. "You are so good to be Herr Offizier." and with those words she starts to remove the little leather clothing she is wearing. The hardest part of her outfit are the tall boots the cover most of her legs. Set free of the clothing she exposes her ripe breast, shaved smooth sex, and long powerful legs. Soft pads of her bare feet toward the chocolate and she is stepping into the thick dark mess. Instantly she slinks down to her knees and begins to crawl on all fours toward Luther and his angel. The arch of her back raises her red bottom up into the air and shows the seductive sway of her hips with this animalistic crawl till she is at their sides. That long black tongue draws painfully slow over Luther's thigh, starting at his knee and ending at his up, while her white eyes stay upturned to watch him. Lifting up her chin drools chocolate while her black tongue pulls into her mouth. Long black hair soaks up the chocolate and her breast are dipped black like two big ripe strawberries.

"C'mon....just for a minute? For the Emir?" Jericho asks a bit tempingly, motioning towards the bar for a drink to be brought for Gabriela if needed before he takes the sow steps to settle into the pool with the others. "I'll make it up to you? Good harmless fun and all, maybe if you're lucky I can show you the house..." He tempts a bit more, sinking into the chocolate fully now.

Kor draws another pull on the waterpipe and he catches sight of Gabriela from the corner of his eye. He pulls the pipe from his lips and offers it to her as Jericho motions to have a drink brought to Gabriela. "Bring the white bottle girl.' he informs the slavegirl heading off to get the drinks. Kor looks to Jericho and smiles with a shrug, "Gabriela has her vices, her bottle is one of them." he offers and looks back to Gabriela for a moment. "You inhale the smoke. It is not as harsh as the stuff the Emir smokes and is less intoxicating as well." He accepts a glass of rosewater that is brought to him and he sips from it gingerly.

Luther smirks faintly as Khimaira begins to indulge in her joint, the marijuana taking its effect on her. "Kome over here und klean mein bach, fraulein." he says to the slim Italian woman, edging off Isoko with his elbow and replacing her with the adventurer. In the meantime, the intensely-sensual Arabella slinks through the chocolate over towards the Emir, and when he has both angel and demon nestled in between his muscled thighs, it is really little wonder that his thick, chocolate-covered manhood should begin to swell and thicken with arousal! He is suddenly splashed with chocolate, and he laughs aloud, winking at Gabriela and her men. "Und you say I kause trouble, fraulein, hah!" Varai makes her way over, and Luther says to her, "You should get in ze chokolate as vell! You are already dressed for it!"

Gabriela is in an element that is confusing her but she seems to be adjusting, damn the sheltered life shehas lived. She sees her white bottle and sips from it and smiles at Jericho "Is true, I require special...vitae and Kor makes sure I have it always so I don't have to hunt." She hugs him and says "this is a rare thing for me." Then she is smelling again and asking Kor "and does this smell affect ome like me and Jericho?" She is curious "I will try it, seems I am trying everything else tonight."

Jericho looks at Kor curiously for a few moments before nodding his head. "don't we all have our vices though?" He asks with a smile, settling into the edge of the pool next to Gabriela, listening to her explanation, smiling at the hug. "Always a night for new things, faces, experiences..." he adds, letting his gaze drift around towards the other partygoers. "I might partake of some of those experiences myself before tonight is over.."

Seeing the bar completly empty, Jennifer moves over to the chocolate tub apprehensivly. She seems timid to enter the tub, testing the chocolate with her feet, though she slips and falls face-down into the chocolate. She emerges with a slight smile on her face, though she says nothing as she looks around at the others in the tub.

Celeste turns to watch the other woman and shifts over, moving over for her she reaches to stroke Luther's chest. "Herr Offizier...the chocolate...it's too heavy." she says quietly. Looking rather pained she smiles at Luther. "I'm sorry...I'm sure you will not be lost for fun." she peeks at the demoness and smiles a bit. "Perhaps your pursuit will need to be postponed." She crawls out of the vat and drops to the ground, landing heavily...which is definitely odd for her. Crawling to her clothes she picks them up and carefully stands, peeking over her shoulder she smiles. Her wings drag heavily behind her while she moves to leave, a chocolate path left in her wake as she drags the heavy chocolate home.

Without protest, the world suddenly gone so beautiful that it's all Khimaira can do to keep from staring around, she slips into the vat with the joint firmly between her lips and slides behind the Emir, suddenly gone graceful in her relaxed state. She reaches up to knead his back with the heels of her hands, staring out across the room as she does so, entranced, her pupils dilated. "It shines so wonderfully..." she tells no one in particular, her voice far away and dreamy, and then, "I could go for some food right now."

The genie smiles and he nods to Gabriela. "It will have an even less affect on you, but it may help relax you a bit more." Kor plants his hands on the edge of the pool and hoists himself up out of the pool. Dark silky chocolate oozes down his dark skin and he looks at the Emir and his harem about him. "I hate to go but I think it best. My thanks for the evening your Eminence." He reaches out a hand and looks to Gabriela. "Do you need an escort home tonight or will your friend here serve as your guard for the evening?" he offers the maiden.

Varai's unfocused eyes watch the women circling the Emir, sliding their way up against him, then drift off to see Kor leisurely smoking while Gabriela teases. As soon as Luther addresses her though, Varai whips her head back to the Emir which causes her to sway to one side. A tipsy smile spreads across her face, "I've never swam in chocolate before.." she muses aloud, lifting up onto her toes to lean forward and snake her hand through the thick fluid. "I suppose it couldn't hurt though.." Deftly, she stands tall again and lifts her leg, sinking her foot into the chocolate. Letting her leg sink up to her thigh in the creamy mess, she slides her other leg in, careful not to spill her drink.

A swipe of her tongue against the chocolate chin and she frowns as Celeste is leaving "I hope you are not leaving on my account beautiful angel Celeste.". Arabella tilts her head and looks curiously as she wings pin her to the floor as they do "I understand the problems you have, I am lucky mine are slick and the muck will come off me much easier than you sweet angel."

Gabriela says "I am going home and to a bath, this chocolate has me feeling ill." She gets up and says "Night Herr Offizier thankyou."

Celeste turns to smile at Arabella. "I need to clean..." she nods to the woman. "Fortunate you are...I hope I can get it all out." she smiles pleasantly as she nods to the woman and disappears to do just that...clean herself all up.

Gabriela leaves the Ballroom.

Kor leaves the Ballroom.

"You know, fraulein, chokolate ist food. You should lick some of it off mein bach!" Settling down onto the raised seating rim of the basin, Luther is partially submerged in the delicious chocolate, and as Celeste departs, Luther reaches for Arabella's inky tresses, to pull her fully into place between his muscled thighs. "You did not skare her, zough she ist nervous. But zat kan be fixed, mm?" Varai settles in next to him, and the hulking man drapes a burly arm around her, drawing the woman-of-many-dildos against his muscled frame. "Zis chokolate ist not going to eat itself, you know..." Jennifer slips in, and Luther shifts his gaze over towards Jericho, and back to the slave. "Sklavemadchen, see zat mein kamerad ist attended to." He raises his voice. "Zat goes for all ze sklaves. Mach schnell!"

Arabella watches the angel leave with a curious interest, right up to the point her hair is taken with force and her body draw up to Luther. A roll of her hips and a deep moan shows she loves the action and her smile draws back wide when looking up at Luther "I am very full Herr Offizier, you have no worries. For that, I am very greatfull and her for your use and desire. Tell me Herr Offizier..." her tongue playing against the man stomach and dipping as low as the grip in her hair will allow "what does the Emir wish of this slave of your wills."

Jericho settles in with a soft shrug as the vampiress and her genie make to leave, not about ready to leave such festivities quite yet. He reaches down, taking a quick scoop of the chocolate for a quick taste. He lets out a soft chuckle, looking towards Luther as the large man speaks, licking the chocolate from his lips before it is drawn to the slave he is addressing. "No need to accomodate me Herr...." the thin man says as he begins to protest, though he silences himself quickly, remembering just who was in charge here. Cool eyes fix on Jennifer once more, inclining his head gently as if to invite the slave over to join him. "I do not bite...hard..."

With her glass lifted to her lips, Varai settles in against Luther, her free hand sliding to rest against his chest. Her eyes though, regard Arabella, head tilted slightly, studying her with curious intensity. Varai's glass-hand drops until half of it is submerged beneath the chocolate. As Arabella licks at Luther's stomach, Varai's head drops back lazily against the man's arm and she shifts in the thick, creamy fluid, her knee brushing up against someone, though it could be the Emir or the demoness. The quiet, reserved woman shifts again and her hand slides off of Luther, descending below the dark surface.

Jennifer slowly pulls herself out of the chocolate tub, nodding to Luther as he commands her to attend to Jericho. She rises slowly from the tub, lying flat on her stomach as she slides out, unable to lift herself fully out with the weight of the chocolate now pulling down on her. She stands, and chocolate begins to run down her body, dripping from her erect nipples and streaking her redish hair with shades of black. She walks slowly towards Jericho and sits on his naked lap, pressing his thigh against the plug still stuffed in her ass. She moans a bit as the plug goes in even deeper, and smiles at Jericho. "He...hello," she manages to stutter, her seeming fear of the others the only factor allowing her to even approach this level of immodesty.

"Not gonna eat stuff I've been sitting in, Boss," Khimaira tells Luther, "S'not clean." Standing wobbly, she leaves off the massage for the already well-attended Emir and stares at the webbing, fascinated. "It's pretty. I'm going to touch it." Slogging through the vat, she nearly falls on her face as she flops out, before getting up again shakily and wandering over to the webbing, tracking chocolate across the floor. Upon reaching it, she stands and stares at it in drugged awe, puffing absentmindedly on the joint, before reaching out to embrace it...and getting stuck, arms outspread and cheek against the sticky stuff. "What...what the fuck? This isn't...isn't cool, man."

Mike slowly crawls into the Ballroom. The muscular slave is totally nude except for the tight leather collar around his scrotum, which makes his balls dangle like a christmas decoration. His face has a scared expression as he looks at the people around. Looking at Luther first, he gives a gentle bow and then he looks at Varai and bows down his head further, scanning her legs and feet. A faint smile spreads across the slave's lips as he sees Varai's feet and toes covered in chocolate. He slowly begins to crawl towards the tub. Halting before Luther, Varai and the others, he speaks, "Greetings Miss and Sir. I have been sent from the market to be used by the females in this party......Someone had ordered for a foot-slave..." he says the last part in an uncertain and humble tone.

Khimaira begins to gently massage Luther's broad shoulders, but she wanders off, only to get stuck in the webbing! "Zat ist not so gut!" he announces, glancing to Jericho, and then to the captured Khimaira! His attention is diverted as Arabella laps across his muscled abdomen and Varai dips her hands beneath the chocolate, Luther moves to grab both of them by the hair, saying in a rumbling, commanding voice, "You two are koming viz me." Rising up out of the chocolate, he guides the two of them over towards one of the plush, comfortable couches. With a thick, throbbing erection, Luther eases down onto the couch, and he says, "I vill tell you vhat I vant. I vant you two to attend to me, und make sure zere ist no chokolate on me!" Mike arrives, and he peers at the muscular slave. "Foot-sklave? Oh, ja. To be used as foot-stool. Eksellent!" He points over towards the trapped Khimaira, Jennifer, and Jericho, saying, "See if any of zem need you!"

Luther makes themselves comfortable in the area of Sofas and Chaises.

Jericho sits up a bit straighter as the slave moves to him, more than willing to make the room as she slides into his lap, arousal stirring already beneath the thick liquid. "Well hello my dear...please, I don't think you have much to fear at the moment.." he says, flashing a teasing smile and ust the barest hint of fangs, one toned arm slipping around Jennifer as she settles down, lifting her breasts as it slides in the chocolate, leg lifting to work the plug slowly inside of her. As Khimaira slips and tumbles into the webbing, he wheels around, almost losing his grip on the slave in hand, stifling a laugh as he moves to stand. "Come...we'll have time for better..introductions...in a moment. WE have a stray..." He does indeed laugh now, steadying himself before pulling himself froom the pool, tugging jennier along. "Don't worry Herr....I have her.."

Arabella makes themselves comfortable in the area of Sofas and Chaises.

Varai makes themselves comfortable in the area of Sofas and Chaises.

Mike gives a humble nod to Luther as he kneels before the sofa. He then looks at Jericho and quickly turns to Jennifer as she begins to leave.Looking at Arabella, he appears amused by the size of her 5' heel and the paltform boots. The slave gives a confused look to the chocolate fountain before looking at Varai again. "Hello Miss" he whispers.

Jericho is secured In the Webbing.

The grip in Arabella's hair is tightened as she is made to move with Luther. The pain and pleasure showing on her face as her tall body stumbles to stand and move with the long stride of Luther. Red body dipped in chocolate she leaves a messy trail with each and every till she is on her knees again at the feet of Luther and in the plush chairs. There is a laugh as the command is given and the demoness pulls against the grip in her hair "Oh, mmm, yes Herr Offizier..." the words are a purr when her tongue starts to draw along the thick inner thighs. Each swipe leaves a patch of white flesh till her head tilts and she takes one long draw of her flat tongue along the engorged shaft. There is a thought process for an instant and she slathers more chocolate on the clean spaces "Oops, this might take a while Herr Offizier."

Khimaira is secured In the Webbing.

Jericho is released from In the Webbing.

As she's grabbed by the hair and forced up and out of the tub, Varai shrieks and her drink spills and tumbles from her hand, left behind to slowly sink into the chocolate. She stumbles as she's dragged to the couches, more than once saved from a tumble simply from the hold Luther has on her hair. As she's dragged along, Varai's skin-color dapples with black, making her a black-dappled twin against Arabella, minus the horns of course. She flicks the demoness an unsure glance and sinks to her knees, seeing that the woman has already begun the process of 'cleaning up'. Catching sight of Mike she offers him a tipsy smile before bending down and running her tongue up the side of Luther's leg from mid-shin to mid-thigh. "Mmm.." she murmurs, her mouth sliding messily up his thigh to his stomach, slurping at the goo.

Mike looks at Varai and smiles again. He kneels aright exposing his bare manhood before Varai and Arabella.He looks at Luther's calves being licked by Varai and looks at Varai's lips carefully, biting his own lips. He then gives a smile and gentle bow to Arabella, "Greetings Miss.....footstool?" he says as his right hand playfully fondles with a leather shackle fixed on the floor.

Luther is indeed forceful in his grips on the hair of his girls, apparently figuring that they can handle a little rough treatment! Having settled down on the couch comfortably, his chocolate-covered backside leaves a distinct Luther-ass-impression on the expensive fabric as Arabella and Varai both settle on their knees in front of him. The male slave crawls over, but if he isn't careful, Luther will give him a heel to the head; distracting his girls is not a smart idea. "She ist busy, sklave. Go und klean ze boots zat Khimaira left behind." In any case, Arabella's hot little tongue has his attention soon enough, and with a grip maintained amidst her hair, he guides the sensual demoness towards his groin. It needs a lot of cleaning, after all! To Varai, he says, "Keep kleaning, sklavemadchen. Use your tongue to make sure mein Teufel ist also produktive."

In the attempt to free herself, Khimaira ends up getting even more stuck. The joint falls to the floor during her struggles, the coil of smoke trailing up her body as she wiggles in a languid manner, her black hair pasted to her skin and her body now hopelessly caught. "H...hey! Boss! Somebody! Any help here?" calls the mercenary, stuck between chocolate and a sticky place.

Jericho reluctantly lets his grip on Jennifer loosen as she needs to excuse herself for other duties, doing his best to make a careful progress across the floor to rescue the wayward Khimaira. Such is slow going, nearly tumbling himself as he slides in the chocolate that smeers nude form. "I'm...shit....hold on..." he says as he attempts to steady himself, nearly tumbling into the webbing himself as he moves to reach for the woman, managing to get a slippery grip on her in his attempt to wrest her free. "Find ourselves in a predicament, have we?" he asks of the woman, one hand resting against the webbing, sticking despite the chocolate mess, though not as bad as it could be, pressing his smeared body against her in an effort to pull it free.

Wrapping a taloned hand around the thick shaft of Luther's manhood, Arabella is very very careful with such important equipment. White eyes never leave Luther's face, even as she is spoken to, and presses the thick head across her lips. Painting the black lips with the chocolate she drops her mouth over him and suckles the chocolate coating from his body. Only seen with the movement of her jaw and the swirl of her head, the dutiful tongue swirls and lavishes around him and swallow down the sweet coating. Pushing down her mouth as far as she can and pulling away slowly to show the clean work, there is only a moment before her dirty hands recoat the clean flesh so she has to keep working (darn).

Mike looks at Luther and nods as his face turns a bit pale in fear. He gives a furtive glance to Arabella's torso before fixing his gaze upon his chocolate covered feet for a moment. He then looks at Khimaira's boots lying on the floor and crawls towards them. He looks at Khimaira as she cries for help and then at Jerricho. Shaking his head he inspects Khimaira's boots by taking them in his hands. He licks the chocolate from the sole of the right boot and smiles, "UUUUmmmm......"

Varai's searching mouth finds Luther's nipple and she immediately flicks her tongue against it, sucking at the small peak on the man's massive, well-muscled chest. She startles slightly as she's ordered, making her bite down on the little nub of flesh. "Yes, sir," she murmurs on sticky, sugary lips which she slides across his chest in a O-shape, sucking up the chocolate like a Hoover vacuum. Her hands slide down Emir's great-big arm, gathering up some of the chocolate on the edge of her hand. The moment Arabella pulls away, she shifts down Luther's body and lets the chocolate seep out of her mouth, over the base of his shaft so that the liquid seeps down over his balls. Her other hand brings the scooped up chocolate to the tip of his manhood and she slides her hand down the pole, depositing a length of chocolate over the thick length.

Hearing a voice behind her, Khimaira attempt to peer at her rescuer with one pale blue eye, a dopey half-smile on her face. When she feels said rescuer, Jericho, pressed against her, she blinks owlishly at him, the smile widening. "You have tattoos," is all she has to say to his question, and it is accompanied by a giggle. The woman is obviously out of her mind at the moment. "It's a sticky pretty thing," she informs him seriously, attempting to pull her body away from the webbing as he tugs to free her, obviously wanting to be out of it, "Don't hug it."

"I do...." Jericho muses as he manages to get his hand free, causing his body to rock a bit against the trapped Khumaira, his heavy and uncut manhood stiffening a bit against her. He finally manages after a struggle to pull free of the webbing, trying for a different approach, placuing both his hands around the captive's wrists to steady himself a moment, sliding against her in the smear of chocolate before pushing back, using his momentum to try and pull her from the sticky webs. "Off you go...c'mon...you can think of a way to make it up to me in a minute..."

Luther's iron pectoral flexes momentarily as Varai bites down on his nipple, her warm tongue blazing a trail through the chocolate that smears his skin! Of course, she also proves handy in assistance the gorgeous Arabella as she lavishes attention of his rigid prick, ensuring that it remains perpetually "dirty" and thus in need of cleaning! With his free hand, Luther tangles thick fingers amidst Varai's tresses, tugging firmly just to keep her on her toes before saying, "Do not neglekt your kleaning! You vill learn how to do multiple zings. Und you vill address me as "Herr Offizier", und nozing else. Ist zis klear, sklavemadchen?" His other palm remains on the demoness' head, guiding her smoothly down on his rock-hard shaft. Glancing up, Luther sees Jericho "rescuing" Khimaira, and the slave licking the woman's lost boots clean of all their coating. "See, your boots, zey be gut as neu!"

Mike looks at Khimaira and Jericho as he laps his tongue once more upon the toe of her boot. He closes his eyes and swallows the chocolate and bits of dust from the boots. "UUUmmm....so this is how chocolate tastes!" His face is happy as he is lost in the flavor of dirt and chocolate, savouring it. He looks at Luther and smiles and then at Khimaira to see her reaction. He takes a special notice of Khimaira's feet and toes with eyes full of admiration. Sinking his nose into the inside of the boot, he takes a deep breath, trying to sniff the scent of Khimaira's foot-sweat like a dog.

Arabella's was clean of chocolate, save her chin, but now it is simply smeared everywhere in her 'attempt' to clean Luther. Having never let him truly get clean and constantly wiping more chocolate on him as she goes, the added globs brings a smile more to her eyes as her mouth is somewhat O shaped right now. Reaching out a free hand she glides over Varai's body, smearing and the dark mess till her sharp fingers tickle over the woman's breast. The hand clasped carefully around Luther's shaft starts to take on the rhythm of her mouth in a show of clean, then chocolate covered flesh disappearing and reappearing from her mouth. Tilting her head she draws the thick head against the roof of her mouth with every upstroke. Working the webbed cradle of her thumb along that thick underside, the demoness is enjoying her tease of the Emir.

"Your tattoos, they're so..." Khimaira pauses, peering up at Jericho, "Tattoo...like." Her grasp of language while high is astounding. "Yes, pay you back," she agrees dreamily, struggling to free herself alongside him until his efforts finally pay off and she's peeled off the web. Stumbling free, the mercenary wraps her arms around him and babbles in an inane, high manner about "How great you are, man, seriously. I owe you one." Whether the hug is a stabilizing gesture or one of thanks is unclear.

Varai was consumed by the sight of watching Arabella suck down Luther's rock-hard shaft, shifting her hips and twisting them until Luther's manhandling shocks her out of her voyeurism. She gasps loudly and winces, the unexpected shake and order causing her to tense up. There is a quiet 'thunk' as the last dildo in her sex squeezes out of her and hits the ground, though it goes ignored as Varai turns her head back to Luther's stomach, lapping across it, following the corded lines of muscles. "Yes! Herr Offizier!" she calls out, moaning a moment later when Arabella's hand slides across her breast, teasing her nipple into hardening. Methodically, she laps and swallows, sucking up the sugary-sweet mess and cleaning the man's chest and stomach. Her hand slides across his arm, up and around the back of his neck while her other traverses the length of the Emir's leg closest to her.

Mike continues to lap his tongue all over Khimaira's boots. The leather can be seen now, most of the chocolate swallowed by the slave. His tongue however appears to be a bit sore and his speed too is slow now. He slowly begins to crawl towards Khimaira with the boots in his hands.

Jericho nearly slips on the chocolate covered floor as Khimaira comes suddenly free, stagging back a few steps before managing to right himself. "Yeah yeah...I hear that a lot..." he replies, tough whether to the comment about his tattoos or in regards to how great he is unclear. He's pressed against her in the hug, smearing more chocalate to replace any she had lost in the webs, and she can't help but feel the press of his shaft between them being so close.. "But I'll give you the chance to find that out.." he says in a bit of a tease, his hands slipping down from her shoulders along her back adn the curves of her ass before he begins to move off towards the row of couches, tugging her along. "C'mon....we're missing all the fun, we'll find you a nice safe place to..rejoin the party..."

Teasing she is, the sultry demoness kneeling between Luther's legs. That moist, warm tongue laving over his rigid shaft, the pulse of lust throbbing against her alluring lips and dainty fingers. To be certain, the hulking Emir is indulging in the sensual treatment, a near-silent exhalation escaping from his lips as his thick fingers tighten amidst Arabella's raven tresses, a firm hand as he insists that she take him deeper and more fully into her warm, velvety throat. "Zat ist better, sklavemadchen. Do not forget, or you vill be punished nekst time." Varai is a swift learner, however, and she learns how to address Luther as well as keeping his hard rod coated for Arabella's attention. But as his arousal grows, his deep voice thickening faintly with lust, he booms, "Get down und help out mein Teufel, sklave. You are bozh going to share mein seed. Mach schnell!"

Entirely unaware of the activity surrounding her boots, Khimaira continues to babble on about how great Jericho is until he replies, at which point she smiles up at him and informs him, "H...hey, hey. There's something in your pocket, man. Is it a telescope? Can I see it?" Yes, she's the mistress of language and unmatched in brains while high. "Let's find out, yeah," she agrees, rubbing against him as he feels up her curves. Shambling on along after him as he moves, she parrots in a sing-song voice, "Rejoin the party!" The joint is left behind, forgotten, in a puddle of chocolate beneath the chocolate-coated web.

Mike turns Khimaira's boots and licks the places where he finds tiny bits of dirt. With a smile on his face he quickly heads over to Khimaira with the spotlessly cleaned boots. With a jolt he kneels right before Khamira's feet, blocking her way. Extending his hands forward with the boots he speaks, "Greetings Miss. Your boots have been tongue licked. Would you like this slave to put them on your adorable feet?". With his right hand outstreched, holding the boots, Mike bends down and plants quick and gentle kisses upon Khimaira's toes. He waits in the bent position for the female's reaction.

Jericho chuckles, looking back at Khmaira with some amusement as he tugs her over to the couches, slipping gain as he falls heavily into the safety of the cushions. "My dear...you can see my 'Telescope' all you'd like." He flashes a toothy grin, pulling te mercenary down atop him to slide against his body, revealing more of the twisting pattern of tattoos as his hands slide over to cup her breasts. "Now....I beleive we were in the middle of a party..." He does pause for a moment to look to the kneeling slave, giving a dismissing wave of his hand before bringing that hand in a firm slap against his damsel's ass.

Splayed half across Luther's body now, Varai's knee slides up the man's leg as her lush lips reach for the nipple furthest from her. The young woman gives a soft moan, her nipple pinched by Arabella as she tends to the Emir's shaft who practically forces it down her throat. Her head is yanked back, however, pulling her lips away from the smooth curve of heavy muscle. She swings her eyes to the Emir, trying her best to look at him side-long. The next order has her reacting immediately, drawing back to slide down the side of Luther's body and join the demoness on the ground at his feet. She reaches out for the other woman, gliding a hand down her side while she doubles forward and slips in between Luther's legs, her mouth now searching for his badly neglected balls. "Mmm.." her nose presses up against them before her lips meet flesh, sucking and licking the chocolate carefully from them in her twisted position - the top of her head against the couch, facing up.

Arabella shifts to the side to allow Varai to slide between those thick thighs with her. Skillfully she slips her dangerous hand between the slaves legs and starts to tease the chocolate covered sex. The added pressure of Luther's large hand to push deeper into her mouth brings tears to her eyes as she fights to gag on the large shaft. Even this doesn't stop the demoness, it actually draws her up on her knees more and pumps her mouth faster on the full shaft. A slight shift of her body draws a leg on either side of Luther's and rubs her body against his leg as she whimpers softly.

As she is guided to the couch by Jericho, Khimaira trips over Mike, apparently not noticing the slave in her state. Blinking as she is lowered into Jericho's lap, she asks, "H...hey, Telescope and Tattoo Man, what's yer name?" The golden-skinned woman peers owlishly at him, smiling in that same dopey way, as she offers her own name, "I'm...'m Khi-Khimaira." Her hands slide over his thighs and up his abdomen as she leans into his cupping hands, "Y...yeah, part-" She never finishes that parroted agreement, as the smack draws a gasp of surprise. Glancing over her shoulder as if she can't figure out what caused the slap, she notices Mike and stares at him for half a second, obviously puzzled, before smiling goofily at Jericho again.

As dual sensual ministrations are at work on his rigid, pulsing manhood, the feminine delights indulged in by the hulking Emir drawing a low groan of pleasure from between his proud lips, the push of the man's hands and the shifting of his muscled hips foretell of his rising pleasure. Arabella sets to work with vigor, and Varai helps to relax him with her careful attention to his heavy balls, and before too long, a low, primal snarl wells up from Luther's hardened core, as he explodes into orgasm! Leaving Arabella's slim hand to continue to pump his swollen shaft, the man jerks her hair backwards, trying to clear her mouth before his steaming-hot cum spurts from the bulbous tip of his cock! He fails to some extent, shooting a pearly strand across her lips and into her mouth, but this is his only miss; his heated potency drapes across the demoness' chin, cheek, lips, and even the side of her nose. When his full testes have been fully empties on her face, Luther turns his gaze to Varai, rumbling, "You vill klean her up viz your tongue, sklavemadchen, und I ekspekt to be kleaned as vell. Not a single drop of mein seed ist to be disrespekted. Get to vork."

"Sorry...couldn't resist..." the vampire muses, polite enough to at least rub the offended cheek with a firm squeeze, lifting his hips teasingly to let her feel the hardness of his manhood. "And you...." he says with a trailing pause as he looks to Luther and his attentive slaves, which only seems to stir him more as he pulls the woman against him. "Can call me Jericho, or anything you might remember later" His blue eyes dance mischeviously over her golden breasts, letting his hands slip around to brip her thighs, tugging on them and urging her to straddle him. "Now...about that telescope..."

Khimaira gives him a pleasantly blank look, apparently not understanding that it was he who smacked her ass, instead of some phantom hand. In her state, she'd probably believe anything. "Jericho...like the...like the...." She stops, having nothing to compare his name to, and so attempts to be clever, "Like the you I totally just met." A giggle follows this. Yes, we have a bright one here. Obligingly, she lifts herself up and, looking down at his cock, exclaims, "That's not a telescope!" before straddling him, a sigh escaping her lips as she runs her fingernails lightly over his chest. leaving little quickly-fading lines behind.

Arabella rides against Luther's leg, the sounds and movements of his body raising a fire in her body as she moans loudly and keeps pushing him. That first taste draws her mouth deeper only to be ripped away with a shudder through her body and whimper of protest. Her body pulling against his grip to bring her lips back to Luther's shaft but can not. The feel of the streams of hot seed on her face feeds to her desire as she presses her hips along Luther's leg and starts to get him wet with something other than the chocolate. Heavy pants of breath show in her chest as she focuses her eyes on Varai and waits for her face to be cleaned. Arabella's black tongue shows on her lips but she noticeably has to make herself stop from licking her face.

Varai feels Luther's balls tightening against her mouth and she pulls back just in time to watch the 'fireworks'. As rope after rope of sticky semen shoots across Arabella's face, some of it splashing across Varai's body. Her hands slide up and down the Emir's thick ankles, watching on with lust, her gaze half-hooded though the next order shakes her into sitting up. "Yes, Herr Offizier!" Varai calls out obediently and timidly approaches Arabella. Closing her eyes, she licks the broad flat of her tongue across the woman's cheek, and then turns her head to suck the cum from her chin. She swallows and her tongue slides out across the demonesses lips. Pressing up close to the other woman, she twists to lick at her other cheek and catch the side of her nose. Varai pulls back, her silver and black dappled eyes checking her work, traveling across Arabella's face. Finding one last bit of sticky white cum sliding down the woman's neck, Varai catches it and twists again, pulling away to secure her lips over the head of Luther's shaft and briefly down its length.

Jericho can't help but let an amused chuckle escape his lips as Khimaira straddles him, rocking his hips suggestively against her while his hands snake slowly in to tease his fingers against the firm curves of her ass and the folds of her sex. "Mmm....it seems I've been found out." he teases then, back arching into those nails, contorting his body as he leans up to distract her with a nip to her collarbone.

Settling back in against the couch, Luther exhales slowly as Varai licks Arabella's cum-streaked face clean, a smirk on his proud lips as he gazes over to Jericho and Khimaira as well. "Now zat, zat ist a gut vay to end a party. I vill make a note of it." His smirk remains, and it is wicked indeed.

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