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Party for the new Arcanus - July 14, 2009

Participants: Aimend, Cressida, Evie, Gabriela, Isolde, Jalal , Khimaira, Kor, Luther, Samual, Thalassa, Xyliquay

    Submitted by Gabriela via Autologger


    Large columns rise from floor to ceiling in this Roman themed home. White marble with streaks of gold running through it make up the floor and walls and the lighting is provided by sconces on the walls containing candles while a small fireplace warms the room in cool weather.

    Furnishings here tend to be light and lovely but staying with the theme. You will find chaise's large enough for 2 to fit comfortably and various other seating areas and even a piano.

    There are paintings situated strategically upon the walls of beautiful angels that seem to be struggling for release from chains and others of those same angels in various stages of rapture. A fountain bubbles softly off to the side with a few benches added with gold rings on the base of them for guests to secure the leashes of their slaves if they wish surrounding it.

    Here you will also find shelf after shelf of books that her family has been collecting over the centuries. Each one perhaps more rare than the one before. In glass cases set in small intimate alcoves one may fine an original scroll written by Plato and in another case sheet music written by Bach. While at the back of the room is a small wet bar affording rare blends of spirits as well as a collection of fine whisky that her grandfather collected over his lifetime.

Gabriela paces the floor allowing the hem of her new gown to flutter across the floor as she walks. She sighs afraid noone will come, she may be thought of as brash being so new and having a party for the new Arcanus. Having had a good glass of blooswne already she looks quite motral in this light.

The precise clack of iron on marble is paired with a sharp staccato click, as the hulking Emir of Akashat and his lovely Chancellor arrive at the formal ball. Both clad fashionably in black, they walk in equally-harmonious step, the sensual woman on the large man's arm. Shifting his azure orbs about the room as he enters, drawing in the various details and specifics, the corners of Luther's lips are just slightly turned upwards as he searches for the hostess of the party, as well as its guest of honor. "Vell, I zink ve have demonstrated ze virtue of punktuality, mm?" His gaze falls upon the pacing Gabriela, whose apparent nervousness draws a rumbling chuckle from the man's chest. "Guten abend, fraulein. Your first guests have arrived."

Aimend walks at Luther's side, her hand resting on his arm. She looks calm, professional and as though she's prepared to be gracious and polite, if not exactly enthusiastic to be here. When she sees Gabriela, she gives the young woman a nod of her head. "Thank you for inviting us, Gabriela," she says cordially. "Lovely gown you're wearing tonight." She smiles and looks around the room, never having been in this place before. "I do hope you'll have a good turn-out tonight." Aimend sounds sincere, without any hint that she might have practiced what she says.

A string of slaves, all svelte young things of lithe bodies and smoldering eyes--the creme de la creme it seems--show up at Gabriela's door. A soft looking courtier in a crush velvet jacket smiles at Gabriela as he enters. "Ah, you must be Lady Gabriela." He turns his attentions to the two political figures already present. "My Grace Koening, and My Lady Aimend," he bows deeply, sweeping his arm wide. "Please, all, accept this token of entertainment and..." he gives Gabriela a soft chuckle and wink, "refreshment, from his Lord the Arcanus. Bon soir." With that he leaves the slaves, thirteen in all (7 female, 6 male), in the hands of the lords and ladies and steps out of the house.

Gabriela smiles as the door opens to the salon and Luther and his lady walk in Herr Offizier" she says softly and bows slightly and then a smile for Aimend "I thankyou for coming also, and thankyou for the compliment. There are refreshments in the ballroom when you are ready." Her hand sweeps the silk of her gown and she flushes a little "It is a new style for me." she mentions and then her eyes grow large at the string of slaves walking in "Oh dear" she says as her small hand covers her mouth "whatever am I to do with them?" Just as she is telling Lady Aimend she also looks lovely she is stricken quiet.

Aimend sees the confusion on Gabriela's face and takes pity on the girl. With a smile to her, she says, "Just tell them what you want to have done, dear. They'll take care of things for you. They have to do a good job or Senara will flog them horribly. Unless they like that kind of thing, in which case, she won't. She's good at making people suffer, one way or another!"

Gabriela still looks comfused a little and says simply "oh well then please mjust make sure everyone has a drink at all times and whatever else they may need." That being said she is directing everyone "Please the ballroom is in the North Hall and that is where the food and drink will be, also music." A sweep of while silk and ebon silken hair and she is showing the way.

A polite smile passes over Luther's lips, the man letting go of his Chancellor for the moment to press a kiss to either of Gabriela's cheeks in greetings. "Indeed, I am certain zat people vill be showing up for your celebration. Remind me, if you vill; I have somezing to tell ze neu Arkanus vhen he arrives." Turning in place to gaze at the slaves parading in, he evaluates them coolly, a faint smirk gracing his countenance. Back to Aimend he shifts, offering her his elbow once more. "To the ballroom, ja?"

Entering the Estates, the uneven height of Evie against Kor would certainly draw anyone's attention. Evie has one arm looped through the arm of the Genie to her side, the other holding the hem of her dress up just enough to give her ease with her walk. There is a warm, bright smile pulling her full red lips upward as she seem to be in a genuinely pleasant mood. Electric green eyes are set off with the emeralds in her necklace and hair combs and her back is held rigidly straight thanks to the tight fitting corseted top. A turn and a tilt of her head has her looking up to Kor "I do enjoy seeing you all dress up. I don't think you do that near enough." the arm looped with his caresses him gently.

    The Ballroom of the mansion was amazing and even after all these years it still is.

    Gabriela has had it slightly redone to match the auspicious occasion of this ball. Complete with a table set with china and crystal for 20 the room also has a band stand and an amazing dance floor with a huge Silver Dragon chasing it's tail in the center of it.

    French doors lead out to a terrace. Perhaps one can almost see a couple dancing out there as a matter of fact it is quite possible you might see such a thing here. The soft sounds of Bach and Mozart waft through the air in here and yet there is no band. The rustle of fine gowns can also be heard if you listen close enough, and yet there may not even be anyone dancing

    Servers walk around with tidbits of food on platters as they serve `hors- douvers and a banquet table is off to the side with an ever replenishing supply of every food the hostess could think of. For the food challenged there is a champagne fountain of sorts with angelwyne flowing at the perfect temperature.

Aimend takes Luther's arm and gives Gabriela another encouraging look as the slaves head off to do their work this evening. She turns to look at in the direction of the Ballroom, but then, seeing that Evie and Kor have arrived, she pauses to give them a smile, then goes into the Ballroom with Luther.

The slaves all bow and/or curtsie deeply to Gabriela. "Aye, Mistress." They rise and head for the ballroom to fetch trays of drinks to start handing out. They return, garbed in what little they are (leather wrist bands, sheer linen smocks and loose linen breeches, as well as the black leather collars stamped with Xyliquay's silver dragon), smiling at the lords and ladies, offering wine and munchies. One particularly exotic male and female pair approach the Emir and his date the Chancellor. "Lady Chancellor," the male intones, "Lord Emir," the female mirrors, "we have been instructed especially to meet your every need." They keep their heads lowered. Another large male approaches Gabriela. "My Lady Gabriela, I am to be your personal attendant for the night. Please make use of this slave."

Gabriela smiles as she is kissed on the cheek and says "thankyou m'Lord." As Kor and Evie walk in she smiles and says "welcome, thankyou for coming." Her hands sweeps the room "if there is anyrthing that you do not see please as a passing server and they will find it for you." When tha large male approaches her she is taken back and sputters "oh I um" she actually blushes a little "I will call you if I need you." She turns away and says quietly "oh dear"

Coming in with Evie on his arm, the hulking genie has need to duck under the lintel to clear it. He spares a look down at the diminutive woman on his arm and nods to her. "It is rare for when I bring such attire out, although most days do not call for formal attire to be worn. Besides..." and he takes up a length of the mantle into his free hand and lets the metallic fabric run through his fingers, "I oft times feel very overdressed when I do." Kor glances about, his greater height giving him a much added benefit over his companion when seeing who is in attendance. He smiles as Gabriela comes forth and bows to her, "Our thanks to the hostess for this evening. Our hopes are that all goes well and that you gain much prestige from your peers." He straightens and motions to Evie at his side, "This is the Lady Evie and I am her complanion, Kor."

Glancing over his broad shoulder as he strides into the Ballroom, the Emir notes the arrival of two familiar personages, his lips parting in a smile. Once they are in the chamber to the north, he turns to greet them; Evie is met with a kiss on either of her soft knees, while the genie is offered a firm clasp of the hand. "Gut to see you in healzy form, kamerad." he rumbles, continuing to grip Kor's arm for a moment as he speaks. "Ve vere tremendously vorried by vhat happened. But I am glad you have returned to us." Releasing the man, Luther is met by his exotic slave. Arching his eyebrow upwards, he plucks at her loose-fitting linens with skepticism. "Zis ist vhat Zeel sends me? Insulting! Strip down, sklavemadchen. Sklaves have no business vearing klozes. Mach schnell!" Shaking his head, he says, "Honestly, I fear for our City every passing day."

soft cheeks*

Xyliquay finally makes his entrance, fashionably late as snooty politicians are wont to be. But he doesn't come through the front door. There is no knock, no fanfare, no announcement of his presence. Instead, he quietly steps up behind Gabriela and wraps his arm around her waist, a slick arm wrapped in a black silk sleeve. On that hand's thumb is a platinum ring capped with a large onyx gemstone and three small rubies. "My Lady Gabriela," the Arcanus purrs, putting his chin on her shoulder and his mouth next to her ear, "my apolgies for being late. I hope you found my gift for your hospitality to be suitable." He raises his eyes to the genie bowing in front of the vampire, smiling at him and his date. He licks his lips slowly, then plants a soft kiss on Gabriela's cheek. Straightening, he looks over to the Emir and Chancelor, giving them both a wink and grin. Gabriela's man-slave nods at her commands, pushing over to a wall and kneeling nondescriptly, his attention always on the Lady of the manor though he never looks up at her. Luther and Aimend's two slaves smile brightly. "Of course, Lord Emir." They are both quick to remove their clothing, both hairless below their eyebrows. The male is naturally toned and of average stature, but he wears a cock ring that keeps him constantly erect, almost painfully so. The female is of an average C cup, perky nipples holding high and proud. They both kneel before the palace's inhabitants. "Any other desires, Master?"

Isolde steps into the formal affair and looks around, her fingers twined in front of her as she stands near the entrance. Looking around she flicks her eyes around the room and steps back a few feet. Seeing all the couples she stays back to observe quietly while she watches everyone. Not ready to step out into the main party yet while she leans into the wall...sighing a bit she smiles at the sight of everyone looking so lovely.

When Evie and Kor come into the Ballroom, Aimend turns to them and gives Evie a quick kiss on the cheek. "Good luck in the election," she says warmly. "Kor! You're alive again!" she chuckles, leaning up to give the towering genie a hug, or as close to a hug as she can approximate. "I'm so glad that your essence has been restored." She gives Evie a knowing look. "No wonder you look so radiant tonight, Evie," she teases gently. When the slave approaches her and his partner is ordered by Luther to strip, Aimend chuckles. She looks at the male slave for a long moment, watching him as he removes his clothing too. "I have no idea what to do with you," she says frankly, paying no attention to his physical... attributes. "I do hope, however, that you have a good supply of holy water on hand tonight? It's all I will drink, here." "Well, Luther," Aimend says, leanign on his arm a bit, "Xyliquay is here. How long do we have to stay? Really. Election fraud victors only deserve so much attention, I think."

Eyeing the expansive ballroom as Evie enters with Kor at her side, she can not help but smile as the slave are quick to rush Luther and Aimend with the greeting and bid to do their bidding for evening. Stopping once in the room and the hostess approaches with a warm greeting that most would return just as warmly, well just as her date as done, but not Evie. The warm bright smile loses a bit of its luster and there is a stiffness in her nod "Thank you." is all she offers Gabriela , not rude...but certainly not warm. Even worse then the lack of bliss in her attitude toward to woman is that she dismisses her to turn her attention to the approaching Luther and gains back every ounce of that lost happiness. Reaching out a small hand she accepts the kisses and returns them "Always good to see you Herr Offizier.". The woman at the arm of the Emir is given the same warm greeting and return of the kiss "A pleasure to see you again Aimend, you look lovely this evening." The mention of the elections draws an almost blank face in return "Thank you, I was talked into running to the position. If I am elected I hope to work closely with the Emir and yourself." . Returning to Kor's arm once again, Evie draws close to the genie as the discussion of his return doesn't seem to be a liked conversation.

Jalal makes his way in a little while after Isolde arrives, with Cressida on his arm. He's dressed in....well, it's pretty much the same thing he's dressed in all the time. Multi-purpose wear...fittingly formal or informal. This will save on the cost of wardrobe when his life becomes a feature film/epic play, allowing them to spend extra dollars on getting the correct shade of sand flown in from a remote desert. Or buying enough packages of for the diva who absolutely must have a bag of the purple ones in her dressing room. Or other important expenses like that. He takes a moment to glance around at the other attendees.

In the blink of an eye, between the collective flutter of eyelashes that close around the room (for those that are inclined to blink), Xyliquay seems to disappear from one spot and reappear in another. He's no longer standing behind Gabriela, but pushes up behind Luther and Aimend, stepping between the pair. He wraps an arm around each, dark fingers curling softly over their shoulders. "Leave, Aimend? Come now, who will help me open my gift of garlic and holy water? Who will help me recount the election votes?" He purrs softly, the index finger of his left hand tracing the triangular edge of the black stone on his large ring. He looks up to Evie and laughs. "But not with your new Arcanus, child? Tsk tsk." He looks down at the slaves in front of the Emir, "My, don't they look scrumptious."

His huge hand dwarfs the Emir's large mitt, yet the handshake is respectful and only so strong as not to cause injury or damage to the City's arryan officer. "Your Eminence..." he begins and nods to Aimend as she hugs him, "my Lady Chancellor. I am an elemental first, and a living being second, so like stone I can be broken asunder, yet stone I remain." He releases Luther's hand and rolls his eyes as Aimend and Evie spare knowing looks and words, "It was, your Eminence, the duty of a genie to protect those he has sworn to, but forgive me when I say..." and he looks down at Evie, cupping her chin and caressing your cheek with a thick finger, "...it is something I do not relish to repeat anytime soon or ever." He releases the diminutive woman's chin and smiles to Luther and Aimend. "I am thankful for the return of the most precious item to me though." He chuckles at the grim look to Evie's face as she mentions her running for Margrave, "What she means is that, a fool of a man made a suggestion to the City census board and in turn, Evie here has made it her first... duty if she gets elected to make said man pay dearly."

Gabriela smiles as she is greeted by Evie and Kir although she understands not all are fans of her sort so she takes things in stride. A smile crosses her face as the guest of honor appears and she says "Everyone lets please raise a glass to the new Arcanus, will you join me?" She accepts the kiss on her cheek and asks quietly to a passing slave to bring fresh drinks." A smile also as Jalal and his party arrive and she says "Thankyou all for coming."

Jalal takes advantage of the cluster of people around Luther and Aimend to sidestep with his slave, moving over to offer Gabriela a warm smile and a kiss to her cheek, "You look magnificent, Gabriela. I cannot stay very late, but wanted to at least make an appearance and thank you for the invitation. I trust the courier delivered the pastries you requested?"

Isolde leans against a wall as she watches the going ons in front of her. Turning to peek at Jalal's entrance with his slave she smiles before her eyes return to the group before her. Not wanting to interrupt anyone she stays back and to the side, practically in the shadows as she chews at the inside of her lip. Flicking her fingers over her dress as she straightens what's not even wrinkled...dropping her eyes away from the crowd.

Staying close to Jalal Cressida looks about curiously at those here her eyes nose and ears registering many things and cataloguing strangers to a name or a position she had heard Jalal speak of. Still she does not allow herself to get distracted.

Aimend looks about at the slowly-increasing group of people who are here, some willingly, some apparently on sufferance, to take note of Xyliquay's mis-election as Arcanus. When said Arcanus interposes himself between her and Luther, Aimend stiffens at his touch. She gives him a cool look. "Ah, Xyliquay," she says softly. "I thought it best to leave Lars, Stavros and Alonzo at home tonight. Perhaps it was unwise of me," she says referring to the guards who habitually shadow her everywhere she goes in the city. "Were they hear, you'd be firmly staked out by now, drenched in holy water. The city could relax once more!" she sighs a bit theatrically. She gives a brief frown at Evie's response to her jocular reference about Kor's resurrection, but says nothing more, for now. Noting Jalal's arrival, she shrugs a bit and turns to the male slave Xyliquay has offered her. "Holy water, please," she says. "No ice."

A rich chuckle wells up from the depths of Luther's core as Evie mentions the elections for Margrave, a nod of his head offered in response. "Likevise, fraulein. Und I am sure you vill make a gut showing in ze elektion; as far as I know, you are reliably sane, mm?" Nodding solemnly to the enormous genie, Luther replies in turn, "I have no doubt zat it vas unpleasant, kamerad. But it ist more important zat you are still here viz us, und your artifakts vere properly returned, ja?" Turning from the pair, Luther's gaze shifts over towards the wallflower on the side (Isolde), and he parts his lips in greetings; only to have Xyliquay manifest behind him, a cool arm draped across his shoulder. Without conscious thought, Luther's hand shoots up with agility born of reflex, to grip around that chocolate wrist, eyes blazing hotly....before his mind catches up with his body, and he realizes who is behind him. Loosening the vise-grip on the vampire's hand, the Emir rumbles, "Do you not know it ist badt form to be so sneaky, kamerad? It kan get you into all sorts of trouble." As Aimend will no doubt provide a cunning distraction, Luther takes the opportunity to finish his greeting, stepping over towards the nervous girl at the side and greeting her with two kisses on her CHEEKS. "Guten abend, fraulein. No hiding over here in korner. Kome und say hallo to everyvon, mm?" With an insistent hand at the small of her back, Luther guides Isolde into the center of the room, not allowing her to hide all alone. To his nude female slave, the Emir rumbles, "Get me a drink, mach schnell. Und somezing for ze fraulein."

Gabriela smiles at Jalal and s is now getting used to the compliments so she has stopped flushing, The slave that is watching her every move jumps up now and then to rush to her side and makes her jump when he does so but she is settling also to this. Now that people arrive she is silply walking around and being a hostess. This presents an oppotunity soon enough to walk up to the Arcanus and link her arm in his "come and greet your guests please m'Lord and let them all greet the new Arcanus" she flutters her lashes just a little against the softness of her cheeks and does her best to distract things going on.

A soft turn of her head away from the appearing Xyliquay and it would seem she is trying to keep from breathing directly in through her nose "I am afraid I do not know you at all...Sir..". Evie struggles to be polite in these moments "I am Evie Campbell, and you are?" not offering a hand. Thankfully Kor takes her chin and saves her from that. A warm smile caresses her face while looking up to Kor "And he is not allowed to run off to offer himself without me again. I do not care to have those feelings of lose ever again." switching from one conversation to the next. Once again saved from looking to the Arcanus as Gabriela announces the toast. Taking her glass and lifting it she does at least join in the cheer, even if it doesn't look totally warm and happily felt.

Luas'an enters the room alone. The tap of her heels lost beneath the general hubbub of conversation that flows through the room. Her eyes dart, quickly studying the crowd at large, yet resting on no one in particular, or for any amount of time. Drifting across the the table, she persues the offerings, taking a single strawberry. Eating it with a slow relish, as she turns to face the room again. The delectable fruit finished, Luas'an casually licks each finger clean. As a cat might clean their paws -with a lazy leisure that would not be hurried. The on-going toast superbly defines the Hostess of the gathering, and Luas'an offers her a polite nod of greeting from across the room.

Samual wanders in and looks about in curiousity.

Isolde doesn't notice Luther's look as she was looking down at her dress. When he comes up to her and kiss her cheeks she shakes her head. "but..." she argues...well as much as a single word is an argue. She doesn't pull away from the insistent hand on the small of her back as she's pulled into the thick of the crowd. Looking none too happy about it she twines her fingers in front of herself again and stops when Luther stops pushing her. Looking at the slave she mutters her order "Something with lots of alcohol..." then stands still again as she looks up at Luther then purses her lips while she looks from noble to noble

The male slave assigned to the chancellor looks to Xyliquay at the contradicting set of instructions he's been given: 1) Serve Aimend, 2) Make sure she doesn't try to kill me. However, Xyliquay simply nods to the slave and smiles. "I brought my box from the Chancellor with me, child. Bring her the holy water from there." He provides no antagonistic reaction back to Luther as the hulking German grabs his arm. Instead, he purrs, pleased that he caught the man off guard. As Luther parts, the Arcanus leans down to Aimend and nuzzles into her hair. "I always said I'd party with Lars too. He's cute." He looks up to Evie. "I am Xyliquay, Evie. Some percentage of the city saw fit to elect me as their Arcanus." He chuckles and turns to Gabriela as she approaches, licking his lips and grinning. He takes her arm on his elbow and turns to Aimend. "Madame Chancellor, thank you for coming and supporting your new Arcanus. I look forward to your support and cooperation." Snorting, he turns to the genie and his date. "Sir Kor, I take it from conversation, a pleasure to meet you. If you voted for me, thanks, if you didn't, yay for democracy."

Samual walks in, cloak pulled about himself as he walks into the crowd without much if any hesitation at all.

Jalal snares a glass from a passing tray, lifting it briefly to salute the new Arcanus, before he reaches his free hand to touch Cressida's arm lightly. "I think I must head home, Cressida. However, if you would like to stay, you are welcome to. Either simply to enjoy the party, or you may see that the Lady Gabriela..." he indicates the vampiress "Does not get taken advantage of in any way she does not wish to with the crowd this evening."

Luther's slave girl curtsies deeply to him, scurrying off to fetch two drinks. She returns with one stein of ice-cold dark lager, the thick head nearly spilling over the top of the impressive glass. For Isolde, the slave holds a crystal goblet of bubbling champagne. "My Lord Emir, My Lady."

With Gabriela's toast, Kor raises his right hand and a chalice of rosewater and honey appears and with the rest, gives toast to the Arcanus. He does sip from the golden cup and then offers it first to the lips of Evie if she is wont to sip from it and then to Isolde now that Luther has brought her into the fold. "Drink my dears, while it may not be a potent a tinture but it will soothe the senses... if not dull them entirely." The last said slowly as he looks at not only Evie, but Isolde and Aimend each in turn. He gives a slight bow to Xyliquay as the new Arcanus spares words for him, "Lord Xyliquay it is my thought that you are a fresh set up buttocks to warm whatever chair resides in the Tower. Mayhap for good. Mayhap for ill. But time will tell either way. We had Xyrthia for a long spell, maybe your sorcery will be as entertaining at times."

Cressida nods and shifts subtly her stance now one of protection behind the petite Gabriela.."no harm shall come to your friend Master" she says softly..'Unless she tells me the harm is one she wishes to feel"

Gabriela almost chokes on her angelwyne as she hears Jalal announce he has to go and that his slave could watch out for her. A smile crosses her face as she says "indeed" and turns to guide in as subtle a fashion as she can Xyliquay around the room as she says "do you like the way I had the floor done m'Lord?" The chambree music is softly wafting through the air and she nods her approval to them as they pass. A look over her shoulder and she smiles Cressida I am Gabriela and please, I will be fine I am certain noone here would do nothing to me against my will. Please enjoy yourself, do you dance?"

Aimend receives the glass of holy water she'd requested and she raises it in toast to Xyliquay though, as he's at her side, she says to him, "You stole the election, Xyliquay. Don't expect to get away with it. As for Lars, he's gorgeous. And gay, too, if it matters. But he has standards. You'll have to find others to molest. Do keep in mind, though, that molestation is a crime in Akashat." She nods to Samual as he arrives, giving him a brief smile, and then tilts her head to one side, listening to Kor's little speech to Xyliquay.

Finally a warm jovial smile brings to Evie's lips when she looks to the Arcanus "It is nice to meet you Xyliquay, but I do see now why I do not know you. I voted for Aimend." a soft chuckle rolls from her throat as she shakes her head "Small world Mmm.". The offered drink from Kor is accepted willingly, having no reason to doubt her dates intentions. A sip is taken before the explanation is given and Evie can not help but to chuckle "You do know me to well, it is a shake you did not offer said drink before we entered. It would have saved me a bit of discomfort.".

Receiving the mug of chilled lager without thanks for the poor slave-girl, Luther takes a tentative sip, nodding slightly in consideration at the flavor. "Nicht badt." he murmurs, before his heavy boots take him back over to his Chancellor, setting a gloved hand on her arm as he leans in to murmur across her ear. A faint smirk passes over his lips, and the Emir indulges in another sip of his drink. "So, now zat ve have all gazered here, vill I be finding out vhat entertainment ist to be provided?" Wickedness flashes in the man's cool orbs, and with a hand at Aimend's elbow, he guides her out of potential confrontation with Xyliquay, over to where the comfortable benches are set up. Easing down into his seat, a snap of his fingers follows. "Sklave, get over here." he commands, pointing at the ground in front of him. "Knees und elbows." Once she has obeyed him, Luther props up a heavy booted foot against her side, relaxing a bit with his cool beverage.

Samual shrugs. "If he stole it, he did an incredible job in doing so." Samual notes. "Congratulations. With luck we won't see the tower explode or a need to rescue it's master from rooms within it this term." He grins a bit. "Though, I somehow doubt it will be a quiet term either.

Cressida blinks as if this is a new thought a new thing..she is what she is a shifter and a guard..in her native lands a temple guard her one of Jalal's harem and a guard for himself and his girls..and as such not worth much attention.."D-dance..my Lady...I..have danced.." her memory returning to the celebrations her people took part in..and what it felt like.

Isolde accepts the goblet of Champagne and smiles to the slave "Thank you." she says softly and shakes her head "No thank you Kor." and takes a sip of her drink, letting the bubbles float into her head and all the way out to her fingers and toes. When Luther leaves her side she inches back away again as she looks at the ground. Nothing to say really as she wraps her fingers around the flute in her hands. Taking a long drink she sighs a bit and flicks her gaze from person to person.

Xyliquay laughs, a hearty spill of baritone peals that bubble up out of his chest. "To my buttocks, then" he grabs a drink off a passing tray, raising it to Kor, "may they be warm enough with the blood of living flesh to be of any use warming stone. And may they produce sorcery as entertaining as Xyrthia managed." He winks and lifts his glass, a dark rum poured clean, for a soft sip. "Wonderful drinks," he comments to Gabriela. "You surely outdid yourself." He turns and watchs Jalal depart, eying his slave carefully and giving the werewolf a wink. "Hello cousin." Turned back he looks up to Aimend and smiles softly. But he only offers a little waggle of his hand, and that large onyx ring, in her direction before he turns and is guided around the room by Gabriela, playing nice political figure with the contituents. He looks down at the floor for the first time, just now seeing the silver dragon painted on it. "Oooohhh, a play pretty." He slips off Gabriela's arm just enough to bend and touch a finger to the dragon, which starts to move on the floor. Its scales ripple and its mane flutters as it floats in a slow circle on the floor. Xyliquay smiles and nods to Gabriela, leading the vampiress over to Samual. "Master Samual, I believe we met once in the park. With luck, I won't explode my Tower, very true." He snickers. "I bring only peace and prosperity to the city, good sir," said with a sly wink.

The conversations having no bearing on herself whatsoever, Luas'an walks about the outer rim of the room, fingers trailing against the wall as she persues her surroundings. The curcuit made complete, she finds herself back at the overflowing banquet table. Lifting a glass of champagne free from it's companions, she molds delicate fingers about it and continues to move. Gracefully weaving through servers and party-goers alike. The motion of the dragon in the floor arrests her causal walking long enough for her to direct her path closer to the main centre. Gazing at the display with a canted head, she hmms gently beneath her breath before easing out of the way, and back to her idle patrol about the large room.

Aimend allows Luther to draw her away from the little knot of people and over to a covered bench. "I was just getting started, Luther," she says in mock reproach as she turns to sit down very carefully beside him. She leans up to whisper something to him briefly, but then settles calmly at his side once more. Her posture is impeccable, likely because of the tightly-bound corset that holds her securely upright, though she leans forward slightly, cradling the glass of holy water in both hands.

The dragon on the floor slides in a sinuous circle, its large silver jaws opening as it lets out a loud bellow and blows silver paint-flames toward the bandstand (nothing actually catches on fire, of course). With a flap of iridescent wings, the grand serpent continues its writhing encircling of the floor.

Leaving the drink with Evie, Kor takes up a hand of hers and lays it one his arm. Seeing Isolde being left to her own devices once more, the genie takes a hand of hers and lays in on his opposite arm. "Come dear ladies, I will provide proper seating for the two of you." He offers and leads them away to where Luther and Aimend sit. As he approaches a short pillar of stone molds from the very floor and the genie sit down upon it. "Evie... here." he offers his date his left thigh to settle onto and be supported by his left arm. "Isolde..." and he nods to his right leg and smiles to her, "Be comfortable and at ease amidst firends."

Samual laughs. "I will believe that, sir Arcanus, as much as I truely believe that Seiluna was innocent. Though, I"ll admit, she admiriably punched holes in every bit of evidence against her." He smirks as he finds a spot to lean, instead of sit. The kender seems friendly enough but is being more than slightly watchful of the entire crowd.

Gabriela smiles as dancing girls trail out from the other room all dressed in various shades of blue and all wearing skirts made of silken veils and nothing else. Gab watches as she is curious of such things and walks along with Xyl "I was told they would be very good, I hope they are." She smiles at Samual "thankyou for coming" and then says "what does that mean about your backside please?" The her attention is on that Dragon she had painted and she says "the artist did not mention that."

Isolde looks down at Kor's hand as hers is grabbed, sighing abit as she keeps getting tugged around. Following she shakes her head when he offers her a seat. "No thank you." she says quietly and shakes her head as she steps away from him and stands still while she watches the dragon. Taking a sip of her drink she seems very intent on the dancing dragon and the girls dancing around the room.

The poor slave that finds herself baring the weight of Luther's heavy feet causes Evie to chuckle and shake her head. The movement sends her curls in a wave against you back, dancing with the ripples. The calling of the shifter cousin brings a scoffing chuckle from the woman and another laughing shake of her head "Cousin...". Turning to Kor and lifting her chin so she might once again look at him, a hand motions the man to bend to her as she certainly could not reach up to him, even on her tip toes. At the end of her mutterings there is a soft kiss placed on his cheek and she turns her head just in time to see the rippling dragon slither with the touch.

Xyliquay laughs and nods to Samual. "Good man. I think Aimend summed it up best, never trust a man that lacks a heartbeat." He grins and continues on his walk with Gabriela. "I believe Kor was wishing me luck. I'm fond of my ass, so I thanked him using the same imagery." He watches the dancers come out from their hidey-hole and start to strut. Lifting his hands, he golf-claps softly. "I am sure they are wonderful." But his attention is soon drawn by Luas'an. "Hello, my dear," he says, walking over to her. Xyliquay eyes her slave market collar. He reaches out and strokes the Luas'an's cheek, purring softly. "A fae? You smell it. Are you here with anyone, or sent from the Market on good behavior?"

Luther's slave girl buckles under the weight of his heavy boot, beads of sweat forming on her brow and her elbows buckling slightly. But she remains steady, on hands and knees... for know.

The rippling dragon on the floor draws Luther's eyebrow upwards a bit, gazing at the silvery waves with a faint smirk. "It ist like....television." he murmurs, though what he is referencing may escape a few unfamiliar with the device. Pushing on his poor, nude slave-girl with his foot, Luther has her move down to the floor on her stomach, stretched out on the cold marble; his heavy jackboots dig into the flesh of her back as he finds this form of footstool more pleasing, to judge from the contented smirk on his lips. Kor approaches with the two girls as he takes another sip of his drink, nodding as they join him in a make-shift circle. "Bitte, join us. In fakt..." That poor slave! Luther lifts his feet and boots her roughly in the side, so that she is once more on hands and knees. "Now ve have table." Turning his head towards his Chancellor, Luther murmurs something to her in response, his free hand disappearing behind her back in an easy half-embrace. "Isolde, you kan kome und sit next to me if you prefer. At least vhile ve vait for ze -real- entertainment!

Up and down, Luther's slave girl does as she's prodded to do with no complaint or hesitation. Trained well it seems, she only flinches slightly at the rough touch of the boots.

Aimend watches the enchanted painted dragon with considerable interest as the thing begins to move sinuously. "Well, it is beautiful," she concedes, speaking more to herself than to anyone else, it seems. Catching Luther's reference, she nods. "It is, though few here know what that is, unfortunately," she says to him. She watches him manipulate the poor slave girl. "Luther, you did that to poor Mirage, all the time," she sighs, for using that girl as a footstool wasn't all that Luther did.

The dragon continues to attract Luas'an's attention. Amusement held deep in emerald orbs as she watches it with a piqued interest. The approach of the Arcanus causes her to swing her head, eeing him with a curious look as he walks nearer. At his touch, she merely chuckles, The sound deep and throaty, even as she inclines her head graciously. "Fae, yes I suppose- such as I have been told." Taking a moment to sip from the champagen, she glances towards the other participants in the festivities, as she continues her reply. "Good behavior, I doubt it Sire. Although I've yet to be paricularly naughty either." The tonal quality of her voice rich with suppressed laughter, apparently humor a common trait for the braided and leater clad woman. "Congratulations on your appointment, may Akashat be all the richer for it." the after thought added in a low gracious undertone.

While Kor is hunched over, he slowly nods and his eyes lid. The hushed words from Evie he attentivly listens to and when she is finished, looks into Evie's eyes deeply and nods. "Of course." he says with a hint of finality. Sitting upright he looks about and watches as the dragon makes its slow progress. He stands, taking Evie's arm in his and then brushes the panels of his mantle. "Your Eminence, Aimend. I think Evie and I will be leaving. My recouperation is not complete and I would be remiss if I were to have a relapse." With a bow to Luther, and a kiss on both cheeks of Aimend, he guides Evie to where Gabriela is and bows to her. "Lady Gabriela, my apologies but we must go. Many well wishings to you and to your guests this day."

Gabriela smiles as Kor and his lady depart "I thankyou for coming m'Lord I am new here and this has been an honor to hostess, be well both of you." Some scary vampire she is !

Aimend accepts the kisses from Kor and she reaches out to touch Evie's hand affectionately. "Take care of each other, you two. I'll see you soon, I hope." She smiles warmly. "It's good to see you tonight. Safe home!" she says as though there was any doubt that the enormous genie could keep the two of them very safe, indeed.

Xyliquay laughs, winking at Luas'an. "You must be new, child. Come, even denizens of the market may join in our reverie." He walks over to the center of the room, nodding and waving to Kor and Evie. "Thank you for coming, friends." Slow steps take him over to the seats next to Aimend, Luther, and Isolde, where he smoothes out the seat of his slick, sharply creased trousers and sits. Xyliquay lifts his hands and gives a series of three sharp, staccatto claps. 10 slaves bound from where they were serving others, making their way to the center of the dragon. Luther, Aimend, and Gabriela's personal slaves stay put. "I hope you don't mind, Lady Gabriela. I had the slaves practice some...entertainment...for the evening. They've actually been trained in tandem with the dancers you hired." He chuckles and shrugs. "I cheat."

Isolde turns her eyes to Luther and then moves her eyes back to the entertainment, dropping onto the bench but not close to anyone she sits and waits to see what will happen next. "That's okay..." she says softly to Luther and finishes her drink, holding out her glass she nods to the slave who takes it away and rests her hands on her lap. Her arms crossing loosely as she waits to see what other entertainment might come about. Lifting her eyes as she watches Kor stand to leave. Turning to watch the slaves she twines her fingers on her lap.

Aimend looks at Luther when he whispers something to her. Her eyes glow warmly and she gives him a firm nod. Looking around the room, then, she says, "Indeed, Luther. We have much to accomplish. That's very clear. Whenever you're ready, I'm happy to return to work." Slowly and carefully, she stands up from the upholstered bench.

Arriving somewhat later to the party than is considered fashionable, Lystra sweeps into the hall. For once, she's dressed as more of a lady than a tomboy, though there is not guarantee she hasn't smothered a flask of her dreadful coffee in hooked to one of her garters. The 'retired' explorer's expression suggests a sort of resignation at the dress code. After pausing a few metres from the entrance, she spots Luther and glides over to him, pausing only briefly to eye the dragon in the centre of the room with a hunter's eye, her invisible heels clicking softly against the floor.

Luas'an cants her head faintly at Xyliquay. "Not terribly new Sire." A quick smile of pure devilry is shown, even as she nods at the invitation. Several steps carry her closer to the main gathering, before she stops and finds a resting place. One lean hip notching upward, seeking a perch on the edge of the wall. The crystal flute in her hand rests on one thigh, as her thumb idly strokes up and downward along it's smooth surface, collecting the beads of condensation that have formed. Her gaze sweeps back towards the dragon, and the ensuing arrival of dancers, she leans back with lithe stretch.

The announcement of her departure with Kor has her offering smiles to the gathered. Leaving Kor's arm to lean into Aimend and offer a kiss on her cheek "I hope to see you again soon, it was a pleasure.". The slave that is being abused with the heavy feet of the Emir gets a soft tickle of against her head before she stands and strides to the man dishing out the abuse "Herr Offizier." her head bows "I hope to find time to meet you with you, I have a few things to discuss.". A polite smile and bow of her head goes around to everyone else as she slips her arm against Kor's once more. "Gabriela, you have a lovely home. Thank you for the party. Congratulations on the election Arcanus." Her voice and mannerisms showing her effort to be kind.

Isolde stands up with a bit of a sigh and starts to move towards the exit. Stopping to smile at Gabriela "Thank you for inviting me, it's lovely." she turns her eyes to Xyliquay. "Congrats on your win." Turning she leaves the party quietly.

Isolde leaves the North Hall heading for the Main Room.

Gabriela jumps as she hears the claps and ends up on a seat a little harder than she meant to saying "Oh that is fine m'Lord" as she calms herself and smiles sweetly sitting next to Xyl as she downs a glass of wybne a little to fast. She smiles at Evie "I hope you come to visit again." She is trying tp keep up with everyone coming and going and make sure she does not over indulge in wyne. Leaning over she says "people are leaving m'Lord, I hope all is well?"

The offer for Evie to come for a return visit to Gabriela's home strikes her odd and she tilts her head. Leaving Kor's arm she walks closer to the lovely woman and speaks to her softly so it is a conversation only between the ladies.

With some of the first guests already beginning to file out, Luther rises to his feet, booted feet digging into the back and thighs of the poor girl he tramples beneath him. Stepping over her without a second thought, his Chancellor is still at his arm when Xyliquay stealthily glides over in typical tricksy fashion. The man's cerulean gaze is diverted by the arrival of Lystra, however, eyes widening some at her attire. "Mein Gott!" he exclaims, stepping to meet the woman and laying a kiss on both of her cheeks, as both Italians and their northern neighbors have been known to do. "Look at you, dressed up like a proper fraulein! You had best have gut reason for vhy I have not seen zis before, hah!" Turning to recapture Aimend, Luther shifts his gaze to Gabriela, smiling at the woman. "Danke for ze party, fraulein. Not a badt start to zings at all."

The dancers in blue, ten to match the slaves Xyliquay provided, take places behind the slaves. There is a male dancer per female slace, and female dancer per male slave. The music from the bandstand changes to tambourines and drums, a tribal dance music with a heady beat. The slaves slowly start to raise their matching blouses, pulling them up and off to reveal nude toned chests and breasts of all colors and sizes. *BAM* *SHNICK* *SHNICK* go the drum and bells of the tanbourine. The slave throw their shirts at the audience and the dancers pull long floggers out from their tunics.

With the pleasantries done with, Kor takes up Evie's arm once more and he looks to Aimend. "And I look forward to speaking with you again Aimend. We too have much to speak on." He is about to go, when Evie feels need to have private words with Gabriela and so the genie simply waits till his date is done.

Resting her hand on Luther's arm, Aimend moves across the room with him. When they reach Gabriela, she gives the girl a genuine smile. "Thank you, Gabriela. You've done a wonderful job here tonight." She turns to nod her farewell to friends in the room, but pointedly says nothing to Xyliquay and then looks to Luther. "All right, then," she says. "I'm ready."

Samual chuckles, and apparently put in apolite apperance, but is looking rather drained and in no mood tos ee flogging done either way. He gives a polite nod, and slips out with the same stealthy grace he came in with.

Xyliquay turns his eyes from oggling a few of the larger endowed female slaves to watch guests begin to depart. He smiles and nods as needed, lifting his ringed hand for the Emir. "Good night, Emir, Aimend," and waves, even without a reciprocal good bye.

Luther leaves the North Hall heading for the Main Room.

Evie bows her head to Gabriela and returns to Kor's side so they can continue to depart from the party.

Gabriela speaks to Evie and smiles at her knowingly as she responds. More leave and she sighs a little as she watches the dancers mill around and entertain. "they are very good I think" she says and sips her drink more slowly "did you enjoy m'Lord? And you" she asks Samual "are you well taken care of m'Lord?"

Kor leaves the North Hall heading for the Main Room.

Evie follows behind Kor.

Xyliquay puts his hand on Gabriela's arm. "Very lovely party, Gabriela. Don't worry about those that leave. Just enjoy yourself. We are all very well, and if not it's not hard to find a slave to fetch us the drink or trinket that we desire." He looks up to Lystra and smiles, winking at the woman. "Well, no contract, but I did return Luther's diagrams to him. Does that count?"

Luther's comment draws a scowl and Lystra murmurs something about it being a formal event. She watches him go with the same scowl before regarding the room with it. Noting the dancers with distaste, the woman turns to stare at the dragon more before hearing Xyliquay speak. Turning on her heel to face him, she gives the newly-made Arcanus a withering look. "No. It does not. You burned it, and with it, any desire I have to be civil to you. But I shall, Signore, since you are the Arcanus now. It does not make you any less of a fool in my eyes for abandoning the contract, though, I am afraid." As if it is an afterthought, the woman adds, "Congratulations, by the way."

Gabriela sits quiet for a moment to allow Xyliquay and Lystra to talk and watches the dancers as they perform. Finally able to slip out of her stiletto heels the petit girl curls up on the chair and leans her head against the guest of honor's shoulder saying "thanks for letting me throw a party for you."

The party breaking up, Luas'an leans aside and places her empty champagne glass neatly on a nearby table. Straightening from her hip hitched perch against the wall in the same fluid motion. A brief smile of offered to those still present as she murmurs, "A brilliant affair. alas, I believe I definitely out of place by this time of the evening." Her words no doubt unheard over band and the noise of the dancers, although the woman appeared to not care either way. the A hint of a curtsey is sketched, before she turns and makes her way from the ballroom.

Xyliquay reaches up and puts his hand on Gabriela's cheek, giving her a soft embrace. He turns his head and kisses her cheek. Soft brown eyes rise as the Arcanus listens to Lystra cheek. Snorting, he stands, easing himself out from under Gabriela. He steps close to the Italian woman. "What is it with Luther's bitches, hm? Aimend, and now you, both decidedly uncourteous to your new Arcanus. And over what, paper?" He reaches out with a snakelike strike of his arm and grabs a thick handful of her hair. Pulling her close, Xyliquay stuffs his face right next to Lystra's. "Congratulations, indeed. You know, I'd still like to see you in my collar. I can put you there, one way or another." He licks his lips, nostrils flaring as he scents the woman in his clutches. Then he turns back to Gabriela, hand still firm in Lystra's hair. "Thank you so much for the party, my dear. It's getting late and I have much to do at the Tower."

Gabriela blinks as Xyl moves away and then has the confrontation with the woman. She drops her wyne and stammers "yes m'Lord."

Gabriela .

Lystra bristles, "I am no one's bitch. I am under the Emir's pay and so it was in my interests to have those damn diagrams. Your actions cost me a chance at redeeming the fiasco concerning the paintings. Those diagrams were valuable, Signore. Why do you think that the Margrave and Emir wanted them so badly? Paper? Bah, they were more than that." The woman utters no gasp of surprise or pain as her hair is grabbed and she's yanked close. "If you were to do that, chances are I would willfully bite off my own tongue and bleed to death, Signore. Slavery does not suite one such as I." Her icy gaze is fixed on the Arcanus as he turns away, as if by sheer stare alone she could burn a hole in the back of his head.

Xyliquay lets go of Lystra, dropping his hand and turning to Gabriela. He leans down over the woman, reaching out to grasp her chin gently and lift her up to face him. He leans in softly, putting his cool, undead lips against hers in a sensuous kiss. "It was a wonderful party. Thank you very much." He strokes both cheeks with his dark hands before straightening, giving the vampiress a wink. He chomps his fangs at Lystra before he turns to head out. "Watch yourself, child. For something that the Margrave and Emir want that badly are bad for your health." He pauses as he walks out, looking back over his shoulder at Lystra. "If you get a chance, madame, visit me in the Tower. I'm sure we can think of something to sate your employer's need for redemption." He waves again at Gabriela and blows her a kiss before heading out.

Gabriela stands there and smiles "I think it was a good party, I wanted to introduce myself and this seemed a good way." She is however left with these slaves.

The Arcanus' words receive no reply. Once the man has left, Lystra nods at Gabriela commenting, "Lovely party, though I think it best that I head off as well and get out of this horrid dress. Be well." Giving the woman scarce time to react, the 'retired' explorer turns on her heel and stalks out, little blue sparks jumping off of her as she goes.

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