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Saniya and Garret discuss HOL bills - 8/24/2010

Participants: Garret, Saniya

    Submitted by Garret via Autologger.


    The Emir's Office is a large circular room with one half of the room's wall covered completely in glass that looks out into the Entrance Courtyard of the Capitol, one would easily able to see the lush gardens that reside behind the panes of glass. The other half of the wall is painted in a rich green color bordered by dark mahogany boards that merge into the set of large double doors made out of the same thick wood as the bordering wood. A thick, lush white carpet covers the entire floor of the office, never a speckle of dirt lasting on it for more than a moment before it is cleaned by a palace slave.

    A massive oak desk takes up the majority of the room, six solid oak legs are needed to support this heavy piece of furniture and nestled behind the desk is a large leather chair which looks very inviting and comfortable. In front of the desk is a long and wide floor mat of a dark black color, in the middle of it is an emblem of a silver eye, the sigil of the current Emir. On one side of the doors is a small book case and like most of the decoration is made from the rich mahogany and contains a multitude of books from different genres. The other side of the door is a small bar of mahogany with a few bar stools set in front of it, always completely stocked with the finest alcohols.

The end of the business day quickly approaching for the vast majority of the city, things however show no sign at all of slowing down within the Capitol. On the contrary, there appears to be a steady stream of both collared and free messangers running back and forth from the Emir's office and the Admin wing of the Capitol as well as the House of Lords. The Emir's office itself appears unchanged from the decor of its previous occupent in all things except the stack of papers and work piled up on most free expances of space on the Emir's desk. With the exception of a series of Ashtray's, and the remains of lunch......Or is it last night's dinner? pushed off to one side in a congealed pile of grease.

The Emir himself is seated behind the desk dictating his latest responce to the ongoing argument on the floor of the house to a male slave sporting the Capitol's collar who is writing furiously and every so often holding up a hand to stall the next sentence from the greying were.

It took news a little while to reach Saniya's retreat in the far mountains, especially since she once more rarely made her way out into any public settings, but the latest bills up for vote were enough to get her moving. It isn't a leisurely visit she is after though, she makes her way with purpose through the outer streets until she comes upon the all too familiar offices of the Capitol.

She doesn't even wait to be properly shown in before her slight frame appears in the doorway, though she does at least stop before crossing the threshold. Her usually sparkling eyes are dull and flat as her amethyst gaze come to lay on the current Emir, her voice calm as she speaks, "Greetings, Emir. I was hoping we might have a word or two about your latest endeavour. I find that it makes my skin itch."

Pausing in mid dictation Garret turns from the cherry of his latest cigar, the slave as well looking up and over from the cushion he is sitting crosslegged upon and then over to the emir in question. With a wave of his hand Garret Dismisses the slave and turns to face you. " We shall finish this later David, why don't you go and get something to eat, and see if Autumn has my dinner about ready as well?" The slave nods and rises to leave as Garret waves you to a seat. "Please, by all means have a seat and we can discuss what seems to be troubling you Saniya."

At that Saniya flashes a hint of a smile, though it still doesn't reach her eyes, the woman's movements purposeful as she makes her way to the offered seat and places herself rigidly in it. "I am terribly blunt, which may be a failing of mine, but it is the only way I care to do things around her, especially in regards to politics. I am wondering what it is that made you decide to propose those bills and if you actually took the time to think about all those it might affect."

Garret leans back in his chair puffing on his cigar and watching the blue grey smoke drift upwards as he considers his answer, forming and reforming his choice of words as the silence draws out. But then, when one gets to a certain age they tend to not pay very much attention to the passage of time. " Bluntness is always a plus, but in answer to your question....Yes. I thought long and hard before I sought out advice from some of the other elected officials on how to keep some of the more recent fiasco's in this city from happening again. Sandstorms in the desert brought on by Abolistionists who do not know a damn thing about opening portals, going after magical artifacts when they are supposed to be procuring slaves. Famine's brought on by too much feasting, and not enough paying attention to the city's actual needs. Parties for slaves where free people are 'made' to serve the slaves. All of this needs to come to an end, my dear lady."

"It sounds like your issue is with a certain person or set group of people. I am not sure why you lump me in with them. I've not made it secret that my beginnings here were as a slave, nor would I ever." Saniya leans back in her chair then, one leg coming up to rest lightly over the other, crossing at the knees. "I would like to know why you lump myself in with them. I can say there are no small amount of slaves turned 'noble' that do not deserve such an honor and distinction, but you've not made any sort of discernment in that area."

"Nor have I ever made any secret of the fact that I believe a slave should remain a slave." He returns in that same calm and measured manner. " Granted from what I have seen of you Saniya, you fit the recently imposed requirements that have become law for freeing a slave. But for that vast majority of your fellow emancipated breathen the same can not be said. And to make one exception would mean to have to make many."

"Then you will understand that while I may agree with parts of your proposal I will not support it based on the sole fact that I will not reliquish my earned status." Saniya wrinkles her nose in a small showing of distaste before adding, "It's terrible that you seem to think it necessary to blanket everyone with the rule instead of simply trying to remove those who have obtained it through means different than my own."

Garret mm's and folds his hands over his chest chewing on the end of his cigar as he once more lets the silence drag out. When he finally comments, his words are dry and free of sarcasm. Rather filled instead with simple curtousy. " Then propose an ammendment, m'lady. The bills are still up for debate. Figure out a way to allow those whom have prooven they can be trusted to have the peoples best interest at heart to retain their status while still nullifying the danger of those whom can not be trusted."

"I could care less about the others and more about myself, as bad as that might sound." Saniya leisurely rises from her chair than, smoothing her hands over her skirt. "I've not much to say about the others, except for Caryl who makes my skin crawl, but I will see about proposing a possible amendment. For now though I will take my leave. I can tell you are busy. Also, I respect the fact that you took a moment to listen to me. Thank you."

Garret gives a slight bow of his head in return. " But of course. After all, it is about time at least one elected official took the time to actually hear what the public might have to say. "

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