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Pool Party at L'Renor Crysto Manor - 3/21/2010

Participants: Garret, Gwynneth, Isoko, Kaedin, Kor, Liliu, Llinos, Lucifer, Mjolnir

    Submitted by Kor via Autologger.


    As once was the old Blood Alley, now the new is reborn within this garden of old. As the new Alley is been reborn inside the walls of this garden, the old will stay and die. The Lady of the Manor has made it clear, to have the old remain; the old Blood Alley that is. To have it be rebuilt within the walls of her garden. The once heavy wrought iron gates are now the doors that lead into her garden of old. The tall natural stone walls surrounding this spacious garden are covered by the roses of black where a hint of blood stained hues are present, blooming jasmine and nightshade line the walls as well. As to the stone that covers paths that lead into a maze inside the garden itself. At the end of the garden, there is a nice size covered patio. At night lights on the roof top seem to flicker like fireflies. Along the walls themselves, there are many small but faint lights that look like fireflies. The fate glow makes the garden seem magical and wondrous. The paths, also wander through the garden and across the grass. Several large blood orange trees provide ample shade with a large swing hanging from one of them. The trees also have Japanese lanterns hanging off them. Many are hanging in different lengths, across the trees. Making the garden, itself seem more magical. The garden itself is pretty big. In itself, it is a little bigger then a half of block wide and long.

    In the center of the garden is a large pool made of the same natural stones of the walls that is fed by a natural spring. Hot and cold sides of the pool are divided by a standing wall. Seats have been cut into the stone for either a crowded or intimate setting as well. However, a few lily pedals and flowers do float on the surface of the pool. A variety of fragrances of nightshade, jasmine, and roses fill the air and tease your nose. A table and cards are sitting to the side of the pool beneath the shade of a tree. The table is covered in a variety of fresh fruits, cheeses, and meats. Cold and warm beverages are at the ready. Several benches are placed around the garden where one can move away from the center and have a bit of privacy behind some of the roses that have grown over some privacy fences.

    There is a fire pit that at times will be cooking some kind of meat. Either it is a wild fog, or some other type of animal that the Mistress of the house was found within the forest. The fire pit does have several seats that surround the pit, as it makes a huge circle. There can be at times a few servants that are enjoying themselves and roasting some marshmallows and some hot dogs. The Mistress of the Manor doesn't stop her servants from not enjoy themselves while they are doing a good job in attending the house.

Kaedin walks into the gardens holding his Persian flute at his side. Taking a look aroumd, the short slave gives a soft smile and tosses his hair back, having just been orderd to perform here, though from the look of him, he dosen't seem to mind at all.

Striding into the garden, Kor sports a very large white Persian towel about his hips that drapes down his legs. He looks about and note that aside from the ever etertaining Kaedin, the party seems barren. "Still early yet..." he muses and scratches the back of his head, stretching soon afterwards to get the last of the day's kinks and aches loosened up. "So Kaedin!" the genie says as he walks up to the minstrel, "Isoko rolled you in to entertain?"

Garret is running a little late himself do to an unusually high amount of paper work this fine spring day. The watchman's nose splinted as only one recently busted can be. Spotting the fluitist and then Kor he nods to both. "Even'"

Kaedin gives a low bow and smiles. "Yes Mister Kor, entertainment is what I do best." he says with a prideful smile before giving another bow to Garret. "Good evening sir." he says before looking around for the perfect spot to play, preferably, one where his music can carry over the garden, and possibly a place for him to perform a few dances as well.

A column of water in the cool side of the pool briefly turns dark, as if only lit by the moonlight and not by the lanterns around the gardens. Liliu drops from the middle of this and strokes swiftly under the water to reach the edge of the pool. She pops to the surface dressed in just breastband and loincloth, sans the usual travelling clothes.

The night is just starting; the air around the garden is nice and crisp, as a nice spring night falls down around everyone. The few soft clouds dot the sky, as the stars and lights around the garden itself makes it look amazing. There is a few items cooking on the pit right now. Many different items upon the table near the main tree. Cokes, water, wine, and punch is all ready for guests to enjoy the fine night. Many other items like a piņata is hanging off a tree, that is filled with candy and other non-mentionables. There is music been played by some local musicians, in the background. The hostess for the evening is standing by the entrance to her garden. She smiles and welcomes all to come and join the fun. She nods to all. "Please make yourself at home, and enjoy the goodies upon the table and drinks around it."

Kor smiles and he nods approvingly when looking down at Kaedin just before the minstrel heads off to begin playing. As Isoko emerges from her home, Kor smiles and bow deeply to her from his place across the way. When he straightens he notes many others have arrived and so he does his duty as Consular to mingle. "Sire Garret, very nice of the head of the guard to come and partake in this fete. How is the new Emir?"

"The emiress was......fit to be tied when I left her and some other guards to deal with Senara and the librarian." Garret responds, his head shaking before offering a small bow to the hostest in greeting before heading deeper into the garden in Kor's direction so as to be able to lower his voice to his usual low volume. "And I am only the temporary head until she finds a replacement for Captain Tayzon."

The genie chuckles and shakes his head, "She'd be a fool if you were not tapped for the position. You are good at your job and capable." The genie catches a sensation of eyes on his back and looks over his shoulder to espy Liliu emerging from the pool after her entrance. "And she says she has nothing to do with water..." the dao muses and returns his attention to Garret. "As I was saying Sir Garret, you've earned the position."

Isoko seems to be checking in on the food that is cooking in the firepit. She looks around at the others and nods to the cook that is cooking the fine display of yummy delights. She slowly walks over to Kaedin and grins. "Ah..I am so glad you could come. Would you like to join the band and play something for all of us?" She says to Kaedin softly. "Please feel free as well to get yourself a drink, while you are at it." She soon looks around for Kor, as he went to hide somewhere. Isoko, however, looks at the piņata and grins. That is for later, as she wonders around and spots Liliu. "I am happy that you have came. Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

Kaedin smiles and gives a deep bow to Isoko before walking up to the band of performers and speaking quietly. Amazingly, withint about five minutes, kaedin has them all in hand and is directing them with his flute as they begin to play a simple persian melody, somthing light that adds to the ambiance of the evening sun over the water in the pool.

Garret's own eyes move towards the water creature chuckling low under his breath in response to the Genie's words about Liliu. " Every time I smell that girl, she is either in the water, or just come from it." A heavy shrug is given then in regards to his position rather then a vocal answer, much preferring to be walking a patrol or watching someone from the shadows then all of this paperwork. "We shall see." He replies simply instead.

Mjolnir meanders into the garden from within the Manor, his attire not fit for any sort of water activity. Instead he wears his normal attire. Khaki pants, black shues, with a button down blue long sleeve shirt. His eyes briefly scan the garden, a soft smile appearing upon his lips before he leans against the edge of the manor near the exit. His arms cross over his chest while his tail idly wags behind him.

The cook yells out. "COME AND GET IT!!!"

Liliu rests her arms on the edge of the pool and looks around curiously at the decorations and guests. She smiles to Kor as he looks back to her, then levers herself from the water before hopping to her bare feet. Liliu then begins to wander over toward the manor when she comes across Isoko. "Hi! Thanks for putting on the party," Liliu replies cheerfully. "Hope I'll enjoy it. Just got here-" Kaedin's conducting then catches her attention for a moment before her eyes turn back toward the house and Mjolnir.

Sometimes it is good to be fashionably late. Not for Lucifer, who happens to not really know the term too well. She half flies and half runs into the garden. Before she can slam on her breaks, she rams right into the back of Mjolnir. With a bright red blush on her face, "Excuse me, Mjolnir." She half smiles and steps in the garden. Only adorned in dark green bikini bottoms. "Good evening." She says to everyone, and tries to regain her breath. "I am sorry if I am la--" Her words are cut off by the voice of the cook. She plops her behind right on the nearest rock. Sitting in a very unladylike manner.

Kaedin smiles as the band seems to get the gist of it, he then lifts his flute to his lips and begins to play along with them, adding that sweet, yet familiar sound that recently, people actively search him out to hear. The soft evening melody, is played with with expert control, and with that, Kaedin turns to face the rest of the party, playing his flute in acompanyment wit hthe band, and once again, as he always does, looses himself in the soft music, as if nothing else matters to him save that.

The servants of the Manor come with plates, forks, knifles, and spoons. Dishes that match the fun atmosphere. Potato salad, different types of salad, hot dogs, fog, and beef are all cooking and ready to eat. Chips of all different types are here as well. The hostess of the Manor (Isoko) didn't waste any money to get all the goodies. Isoko looks over to Lucy and Liliu and both laugh a little. "Ah..it is okay Lucy. Please relax, and join in. The food is ready to eat. Would you like to join me and getting a drink? You too Liliu. Would you like something to drink as well?" The trees and flowers around the band seem to be swinging in the melody of the music. Everyone, might feel the presense of laughter within everything in the garden right now.

Kor nods and as the cook calls out for feeding time the genie's brows rise and he clicks his tongue against his lips. With a shake of his head, Kor smirks and then claps the guard on the shoulder. "Well Garret. Regardless you are here now, so go have something to eat and drink while you can before some of the gluttons feast in."

Garret chuckles, and turns on the heal of one boot to head towards the table of refreshments. If for nothing else then a nice stiff drink after the past day. As he moves along, smoky eyes drift across Lucifer in an admiring glance, but nowhere near as admiring as the wetbar gathers.

Isoko finally spots Kor and waves to him. "Ah..there you are." She nods to Garret and grins. "Yes..better get in while the getting is good." She looks over at the two girls, as she pours herself some punch and pours two other glasses for the girls. "Please drink and enjoy." The punch has some nice things in it, if you know what I mean, as it wouldn't be right to not spike the punch. However, Isoko does get in line to get some food. Licking her own lips as the food makes her hungry.

Liliu giggles as Lucifer and Mjolnir collide. She waves to the latter before turning back to join Isoko. "Sure," Liliu answers, examining the punchbowl curiously as Isoko names the drink. She bounds over to collect a cup for herself, then spins around with an excited smile to survey the other choices.

Mjolnir stumbles forward when Lucifer plows into his back, his wings quickly spreading their full width to brace against the wind to stop him. When he catches his footing his wings furl to his back, and he chuckles, "Well, it is good of you to come, Lucifer." He watches her move to the rock before returning to his former position, "Save some for me, if you will. I am also hungy." He rolls his neck about his shoulders, allowing it to pop in several places.

Looking to Isoko Kor cocks an eyebrow and he shakes his head, "How could you miss me? Only being larger than me might be Mjolnir there... maybe!" he teases the Lady of the manor. He does not join the queue at the tables, electing to watch as everyone goes and he crosses his arms over his chest.

Lucifer slaps her thighs softly. She'll then raise her arms above her head to stretch. It causes her to yawn soundly. "Thanks for having me." She says to Isoko with a smile and waves to Liliu. Her cheek is turned, with another bright blush, when she is being looked at by Garret. She comes to a complete circle to eye Mjolnir, with a wink and smirk. "I am still sleepy. I slept all day." She does not get up yet to retrieve any food at the moment.

Garret follows along after the line of guests, zigg zagging his way to the drinks table and pouring out a large glass of whiskey over ice and taking a decent sized sip before moving off to find a wall to hold up with his back.

Kaedin now decides it would be best for him to act in a cute way, so he simply keep playing, yet with light steps, he moves amoung the party goers, first stopping by Isoko and Kor to slide under the rather large genie's legs and playing a soft melody for Isoko, a wink to her before he twirls and moves twoards Mjolnir and Lucifer, playing a snake charming tune while still in beat with the band as he pokes at Mo with the flute, before giging a flirting trill to Luci, then after that he moves twoards the refreshments, goosing Liliu playfully before he is offerd a cup, still playing he uses the end of the flute to suck up the punch, and then, without drinking the liquid, he continues his playing, a now watery sound that spreads the smell of the punch as he continues his musical banter.

Liliu smiles back to Lucifer, then begins hunting for a good part of the hospitality to take advantage of. She leans over the hot dogs for what is hopefully a discrete sniff before loading up a cup with them. Intent on this, she misses Kaedin's change in style at first. She grins as he slides Lucifer and pokes Mjolnir with the flute. As he wanders over in her direction, she doesn't turn quick enough to see him sneak up behind. Liliu squeaks and jumps in surprise at the poke to her backside, then turns to look at the odd performance in the punch cup with blue-specked brows lifted.

Isoko looks at Kaedin and shakes her head. "Ah...stop playing Kaedin. You are going to make everyone tired of your lovely flute playing." She gets herself some hog dogs, and some salad and looks at Kor, as she gets him something to eat as well. She moves back over to him and nods. "Please..have some." Isoko, soon notices a new comer and waves. "Please come in and join us. The food has just finished cooking. There is punch and other drinks here at the table."

Kor smirks and he looks down at the food that Isoko presents him. He plucks up a hotdog between two thick fingers and he examines it. "What is it?" he inquires having never had the privledge of seeing let alone eating such foods before. He sniffs the weiner and then shrugs and bites into it. Savoring the taste, the giant genie masticates his mouthful carfully before nodding approvingly. "Very nice. Simple construction too." His right arm snakes about Isoko's back and he gooses her just as he snags the plate of food from her.

Leaning back against a wall with a glass of whiskey in one hand, Garret's eyes continue to move across the other guests over the edge of his glass. The were's nose bandaged, and even still constantly flaring as much as possible in order to catch any new scents working their way through the garden.

Mjolnir's gaze turns towards Kor with a smirk, "Hardly, dao. You are much larger than I, but you know that size itself does not determine the victor." He adds a late chuckle before looking towards Lucifer, "You did? I do hope you were comfortable enough." He smiles softly, finally pushing off of the wall to approach the full tables of food, "If you wish, Kor, we can add a little show to end the festivities, if you would care to travel to the area that is."

Kaedin stops playing as orders and drinks the punch from his flute. He smile,s giving a bow before tucking the flute into his sash and looking around abit, smileing, he moves to a place out of the way to watch people while cleaning out his flute, a content look to him.

Lucifer really seems to like the music. She gets up from her spot, and sways her hips. First from front to back, and then side to side. Her motions decidedly like that of a belly dancer. "Oh how I miss making sweet music." She muses to no one in particular. Once Kaedin walks towards the table, she slowly begins to make her way there. "Oh yes I was comfortable, even on the floor." She beams proudly over at Mjolnir.

The genie chuckles, acting innocent is hardly a skill suited to him so he fails miserably at it. "It wasn't me... It was Garret..." he says to Isoko indicating the militiaman standing aside drinking his whiskey in peace. Kor's eyes dance with mirth and he looks over to Mjolnir. "If you think that would be beneficial to everyone I think we could arrange something. Just let me know my friend."

Garret hm's, obviously having missed some accusation or another as eyes move in question to Kor. " What have I done this time?" He asks, the barest hint of a smile playing across his lips as he considers his luck. At least this land does not hang criminals like California.

Liliu also seems satisfied to have snagged some hot dogs, taking a little nibble from one, then a sip of punch from the other cup. She then slips over to Mjolnir, moving with decidedly less hip-swaying than the other guest (perhaps because she has less hips) but light steps all the same. "What kind of arrangement?" Liliu asks, slipping the punch-cup behind him to offer a light hug. "Magic?"

Laughs at the two, as she looks over to Garret and nods to him. She soon walks over to him with a other glass of whiskey. "Here..have a other one. I am afraid that this will night will be a long one." She says softly, before nodding to him and moving off back to Kor where she playing pinches him in the butt. Isoko looks at Kor and then at Mjolnir. "Now now..you two. None of that here. Unless you guys can do it here and now." She challenages them.

Garret offers a bow over the vampire's extended hand while holding his breath for a moment. At the very least until he has the drink in his own hand and the smaller one is withdrawn once more. " My thanks, m'lady. Though I am unsure how long I will be able to stay." As she moves away just as quickly as she had arrived the guardsman inhales finally concentrating on the smells of flowers within the garden.

Llinos looks aout the red haired witch studying the party goers with some interest. She has yet to figure out the fascinations for pools poor seconds for the sea and definitely lacking the very excitement that the softest whisper of a wave gives one. Ah well she starts circulating making her way through the crowd honey gold eyes shining with excitement as she makes her way to the table with the food.

Kaedin smiles and rolls forward, for some reason un able to stay put in once place. He twirls his flute as he walks over to the drinks table and looks them over. "This one has never had alcohal before..." He says to himself as he places a slender hand to his chin.

Kor smiles and when Isoko returns to his side he brings an arm in behind her and holds her to his side for but a moment. "We are behaving..." he looks to her and then chuckles. "But I think the entertainment later on may involve something akin to what transpired here after we left the garden a couple nights ago." His eyes shine and he winks to Isoko with an impish air to him.

Isoko looks up to Kor and blushes a little. Isoko shakes her head. "Now now..don't say that." She looks over to the pool and nods. "This is a pool party. Would you like to go in?" Isoko, looks over and notices a newcomer and waves to her. "Thanks for coming. I am the hostess of the party. I'm Isoko and you are?" She asks Llinos, as she approaches the table.

Llinos smiles and honey gold gaze flickers over the hostess "I be Llinos, a sea witch...and" she is aware of Garret a promise half given but can the words leave her lips.."and ..belong to Master Smythe" okay the S word was not used but a concession none the less.

Gwynneth arrives also, albeit with an odd mixture of urgency and 'trying-to-act-inconspicuous' - in other words, she's late, and slaves never get to be fashionably late... She strives her best to not appear overly hurried/troubled, and picks up a platter of little-things at a table, and then acts like she's been there alllll along, passing around with the platter. Passing near Kaedin she murmurs to him, "What did I miss? Am I in trouble?"

"That would be Llinos, the badly trained." Garret answers Isoko from his lean, even as the slave herself finally utters a word he has been waiting for in public causing him to smile from behind one of his whiskey glasses. "Apparently too hungry to say hello to me first."

Mjolnir nods to Kor, "I would assume that most would be up for a duel between yourself and I, but it would not hurt to as..." He is startled by the hug from Liliu, looking over his shoulder and down at her, "No, little one, a test of might. But I suppose it would involve some magic. A simple battle between friends." His tail tickles at Liliu's leg to attempt to get her to release him, now turning his gaze towards Lucifer, "That is a good think to know, Lucifer. I shall keep it in my thoughts for next time."

Kaedin whispers back to Gwyn. "They hardly noticed this one, so you might be safe, though this one predicts alot of people going home in pairs." He says before he picks up a mixed drink and looks down at it. "Hmmmm..." He says, taking a tenative sip before smiling.

Lucifer looks over the food in confusion. Of course she knows what food is, but most of it looks foreign to her. The angel watches Mjolnir and Liliu from the corner of her eyes. Nothing said for the moment, as she fetches herself some punch. "But then, when I fall asleep with you, anything is comfortable, Mjolnir." She sounds almost shy. Which is odd coming from someone who is topless. Her wings suddenly flutter and in turn make a wild breeze behind her. Eventually leaning against Mjolnir, after he makes use of his tail.

Gwynneth looks sideways at Kaedin, "Well that's natural, oh, who's the hostess, I can't tell? ...We could have performed but my fire dance isn't ready if we're asked to." she tssks, "...and it's all your fault..."

Kaedin blinks. "It is not this one's fault, this one has been rather busy with customers and such, he can hardly breathe anymore." He says before chugging the glass and getting anotherone. "The hostess is Mistress Isoko, though from the looks of it she is currently occupied by Mister Kor."

Looks at Llinos and nods. "Ah..nice, and where is your Master? Doesn't he wish to join in the fun?" She soon looks as she feels a other person and looks over to Kaedin and looks at Gwyn and grins. "Hmmph.." She soon looks at Kor and nods. "So..you don't want to go into the pool with me?"

Liliu giggles and jumps a bit at the touch on her leg but manages to hold onto the cups of food and drink as she hops back. "Don't think a battle between you two would be simple at all. Think we'd be lucky if your friendly match didn't take down the walls," Liliu teases. She nips off another bit of hot dog, then glances back to smile to the newcomers. With Lucifer's remark, Liliu looks over curiously.

Llinos hears the dry tone of Garret's voice and she turns slowly away from the table "Oh I did not see ye Master Smythe, what with so many tall handsome men in one spot it should be understandable. A girl can not look everywhere at once" she gives a dazzling smile to the were as she heads towards him the strange foods forgotten for now. She moves with a deliberate pace towards the man who has marked the obsibian collar the encircles her throat with a slow swish of her skirts.

Gwynneth gives Kaedin a mischievous smile, "Too busy to breathe? Have you practiced my lessons -that- much? Why you naughty boy." Well from his mentioning that 'she's with Kor', which Gwyn knows, she figures who the dame of the eve is. . o O ( Sexy too ) not waiting on Kaedin to answer (or hopefully blush) Gwyn makes way towards Isoko with the platter, and a timid, "Ah, mistress Isoko? If I may be so bold..."

Kor chuckles and he looks down at Isoko. "Did I say that?" he admits and then leads the way to the pool and then submerges into the clear water via the steps leading into it. Once the pool's surface reaches his abdomen he turns and hold out a hand for Isoko to take and he escorts her down into the pool with him. "I was just thinking you might have wanted to greet your guests longer." He smiles as Gywnneth comes close and he nods, "Gynneth how good to see you. PLanning on coming into the pool for a while at some point?"

Gwynneth answers swiftly, and warmly, "You need but ask master, especially if party games are involved. Tonight after all, no towels delay me." she manages a hint of suggestiveness with her words, but tends to steal a glance toward -Isoko- every few words. Is that part intentional?

Kaedin chuckles as gwyn walks off and shakes his head. "There is more to pleasure then just -that-." He mumbles, but with a smile as he turns to look at the people gatherd and simply walks amoungs the guests, offering a smile, yet saying nothing and barely making eye contact, as a slave should act.

Garret snorts through his busted nose down at the sea witch waiting until she gets closer. " There be a mess in the guards head quarters for you to deal with before bed this evening, girl. Specifically in the interrogation room. But do not forget to bring food to the prisoner in the holding cell." His eyes finally take in Gwynneth and smiles as he once more speaks to Llinos, " And try not to fall into the pool this time."

Looks down at Kor and soon looks at Gywn and nods. "Ah..hello there." She smiles to the woman and nods. "It is a pleasure to meet you." She nods to Gwyn, and grins. "Hmmph...The water is nice and warm if you like to join in?" She soon looks at the others and says. "If anyone else would like to join us in the pool they are more then welcome to join us."

Llinos blinks as she never told him about the last party he brought here to then deserted her at. "I never fell in Master Smythe ..though I remember being pushed" she turns away from the guard her eyes darkening as she does so. She takes a few deep breaths as she looks about no greeting being offered now her back stiff and straight a hand brushing at invisible dust on her skirt.

Garret chuckles softly as he takes at least one smile away this evening, and after draining the first of the two glasses he has been working on, he deposits it upon a nearby tray only to reach for Llinos' hair and pull her back once more beside him. "Very well, then do not get pushed in this time."

Gwynneth for one follows Isoko in the water - nevermind the fact what -She- is wearing will amount to hiding nothing once wet. "Ahh, mistress Isoko, if I may be so bold..." she lowers her tone a bit, but attentive ears will catch, "Perhaps a party game could be played." of course she'd get a questioning glance, or an actual question what: "Well for instance, masters in the pool may take turns asking two others in the pool to ... do something... And someone must get out to refuse. Or accept to get back in. A simple yet effective game?"

Kaedin removes his dancer's boots, mostly because his pants are light enough to be worn in the water. Though he dosent get into the pool, he rests on the edge of the pool and begins to play his flute once more, letting his long hair fall over his shoulder to cover part of his chest.

Isoko looks at Gwy and nods. "That is a perfect game. Lets play that." She looks at Kaedin and nods. "Lets all play it. You can go first Gwyn and ask a question."

Kaedin blinks and he fumbles his flute, watching it descend to the water he tries to grab for it but rolls into the pool anyway. Comming up for air he blinks and sets his flute on the side of the pool before truning around to look at everyone.

Gwynneth blinks surprised, "A slave would get a turn? Ah, but... slaves shouldn't order a master, that is not done!" a bit of flustering there, "But wait, the game is to ask two people to 'do something', so as the first I should ask a question, that's your order... Who is the other person? Maybe the person I should ask it to?"

Llinos takes the step back as her hair is grabbed and pulled "I will remember Master Smythe and the other things will be done bread and water for ye prisoner?" She asks not in the bit put out by his commands but acting instead as if he was asking his neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. "Thank ye for asking me what happened that other time it is much appreciated" she adds as he tells her not to let herself get pushed into water. Besides these man made bodies of water taste poisoned to me" she mutters softly watching what is happening in the water.

When all are away from the food, Mjolnir now prepares himself a plate, quietly eating by the tables. He turns to face the pool, "We may yet tear down the walls, but we would not fight here. We would fight were such a thing is meant to take place, but for now enjoy the water, the food, and the company. Such a thing is the reason we are here." He smiles gently at Liliu before looking towards Lucifer as well, "Must we continue to play the game of who is the better flatterer?"

Gwynneth slips into the pool.

Kaedin slips into the pool.

Kor chuckles as Isoko puts Gwynn on the spot and he heads over to one side of the pool and rests against it. He notes many are still standing and milling about the food and talking with each other. "You are both good flatterers!" he calls out to Mjolnir and Lucifer, "Now get yourself over here before Isoko drags you in by your ears." He winks to them both and chuckles.

Liliu is momentarily distracted from her appraisal of the winged ones by the talk of party games and Kaedin's splash. "You should play, Kaedin," she calls encouragingly. "I'll help you escape from Gwynneth again if you need to..." Liliu nods at Mjolnir's suggestion and starts to wander on over to the water. She breaks into a grin at Kor's assessment.

Garret smiles, and brushes his lips across the top of the Witches head. " Eat here first, Witch, and then see if the hostess will allow you to bring some food to the Librarian as well. If not then yes, bread and water." Pulling out his watch, Smythe checks on the time before adding. " Tell Henry and his wife to not expect me home in the morning."

Lucifer brings the cup of punch to her lips. At first taking an experimental sip. When she finds that it is good, she drinks it down pretty fast. "No we can--" She then laughs at Kor. "Well Kor is a good referee, we can take his word for it." She looks towards the water. "I will if there is a floating device. I am afraid, I sink like a stone in the water." An embarrassed flush appears on her ghostly pale flesh.

Kaedin blinks and looks to liliu. "This one would not try to escape from Gwynneth, if playing with her is any kind of punishment, this one must be a glutten for it." He says with a wide smile.

Gwynneth is a bit puzzled, but eventually dares since Isoko's order is not forthcoming: "Well, if I may ask master Kor, I would ask this question:" there she looks at the big Djinn, "Are you and mistress Saniya actually lovers? She acts like it but... the size difference..." she has to say it out loud, "It boggles the mind."

Kor turns and looks to Gwynneth, his eyes afixing on the slave as he weighs his answer carefully. "What are the premises of this 'game'?" he shakes his head and gives a wave of his hand. "No that will not be nessesary. The Arcanus and I were lovers yet not in recent history." He looks at Isoko and gives her a smile and then looks back to Gwynneth, "As for the difference in 'size' it just means that I need to be creative with my lovers is all. Does that answer the two questions sufficiently?"

"Didn't look all that gluttonous last time we were in the baths," Liliu points out with a grin. She takes a big sip of the punch before crouching to set the still half-full cup down at the edge of the water. "Looked pretty red, and like you were trying to hide." Gwynneth's question and observation gets an interested look, as if Liliu were wondering the same. After waiting to hear Kor's reply, she hops into the water with a hand over her dinner.

Gwynneth goes a bit wider eyed at the 'not recent history'. Interesting answer! She suspects it might have to do with his intention to seduce another woman tonight, but hey, Gwynneth tends to think like a pleasure slave. "Of course master, a very enlightening answer... Ahh, I will restate the rules?" she moves some of her hair behind her with a teensy splash, her mane does tangly when -wet-. Then on with the rules: "The rules: Masters in the pool take turn asking any two other people to 'do something'. Slaves, I thought, would not get a turn unless offered. A master may escape the task by getting out of the pool instead, may only get back in by volunteering to do what is asked."

Kaedin blinks and then smirks. "If this one may have the next guestion?" He asks as he looks at everyone in the pool, though a sly smirks is aimed at both Liliu and Gwynneth.

Isoko laughs slightly, as she rests over with Kor and looks at him. "Hmmph..Yes..what are the premises of the game." She looks at Gwyn and grins, as she looks at Kaedin and smiles. She soon moves to sit down on Kor lap and wiggles on in.

Gwynneth says, "Who said anything about questions?!?"

Mjolnir raises his plate in response to Kor, to show him in case he could not see it, "I'm eating. I shall approach when I am finished. Thank you for the kind invitation though." He says the last bit somewhat sarcastically before shaking his head, returning to eating his food.

Llinos looks up at Garret and nods looking at the strange foods "Yes Master Smythe" she says softly her eyes looking a bit worried "Why will ye not be returning home in the morning?" yes not subtly with the witch blunt ask the question that you wish an answer to.

Lucifer walks nearer to Mjolnir. "What do you have on your plate?" Getting on her tiptoes to spy his plate. Even boldly reaching out to grab something randomly. Popping it in her mouth before even really examining it. A loud swallow is made. Her elbow lightly jabbing at Mjolnir's side. Before floating over to get more punch, and then offering it to him. "Here. Have some. Tis good."

Garret leans in and whispers and answer to Llinos before looking around the garden area and making his exit as the games seem to begin. The still full glass of whiskey in his other hand handed to the slave before he walks away humming softly to himself.

Llinos laughs and shakes her head "Yer message will be passed on and the prisoner fed.." she looks again towards the pool watching what is happening there

Garret opens the sliding glass door and steps into the living quarters.

Gwynneth brings her arms in front of her, mock-demurely given her now-transparently-wet outfit. And to Isoko grinning at her, Gwyn returns a slightly pouty smile, and a dark glance that speaks volumes. "Right, well I suppose one may ask to 'do something' as in 'answer a question', regardless... Master Kor should have next turn to order? The question was answered."

Kaedin chuckles and looks at Gwynneth. "This one assumes so, but the next time this one gets you alone gwynneth, he beleves you may not be able to walk out of that room." He says with a wide, playfull smile, eyes alight like an preditor who has seen a most delicious prey.

Liliu finishes off the fortunately water-resistant franks and looks on attentively as Gwynneth explains the game. Liliu then drifts to the side of the pool with a gentle waft of her hand to set her empty cup down. She grins at Kaedin's request to have the next turn, gently kicking over closer to observe expectantly.

Isoko laughs slightly, as she looks at Kor and the others in the pool. "Yea..I don't think anyone will walk out of here in a straight line." She smirks, and soon leans back and leans in to kiss Kor upon his cheek.

Gwynneth pulls her tongue at Kaedin, well there's a playful response, "You still need to teach me more of dancing, you hardly corrected my steps last time."

Llinos moves to the table where the food is and does as she was bidden getting herself something to eat wondering just what she will find when she finishes Garrets commands.

When Gwynneth conceeds the next turn to him, Kor smirks and looks over his shoulder to Kaedin. "Well since you seem so eager young minstrel so I will task you with this..." his arm wraps about Isoko's middle and he smiles down at her. "You are to got to Gwynneth there, and thresh her backside with an imliment of your choice."

Mjolnir lowers his plate for Lucifer, allowing her to see what is on his plate, "One of pratically everything, my angel. If you wanted some you can always ask. Have we not talked about this time and again?" He chuckles before taking another bite of the burger on his plate, "When I am finished, we shall both head to the water and you may use me to stay afloat, does that sound acceptable?"

Gwynneth squeaks! She's chosen to be a victim, "Twice in a row!" she instinctively ducks herself lower in the water, a moment wary of how 'thresh' could be taken. Gives Kaedin a wary look.

Lucifer laughs softly. "I did take one. I think that is sometimes better than taking the time to ask." She winks at Mjolnir. "Oh I would love that!" Getting all giddy on her feet. Though Kor's command of sorts gets her interest. "Do you really think a really well trained and cultured slave, will thresh another slave? Can a submissive do that to another?" She asks loudly to Mjolnir, being the curious creature that she is.

Kaedin blinks and looks at Kor. "Okay." He says as he swims over to gwynneth, of cours,e the only thing he has is his hand, and as much as he hates bringing pain to other people, the smirk on his face shows abit of playfullness as he tried to spank gwynneth, while in the watter, which makes it more or less a gentle pat and fondle.

Casting a look to Lucifer, Kor passes a smirk to her. "If they were both such goodly trained slaves they would know that a spoken duty for one to give the other must be done. And, in addition, a good slave would understand in this case that a lackluster purformance could result in a true 'demonstration' being given to /both/ slaves at a later date." Kor is smiling and the look in his eyes teasing to all. He watches as Kaedin 'spanks' Gwynneth and he nods approvingly. "Very good."

Gwynneth almost shows a bit of defiance, "That's not even an impl... Ah!" so it's not a spank, it's a splashnk? "Not an implement!" well at least it's not painful, so Gwyn has to put on a bit of show, "AH!" a splank? Wriggling her hips a bit underwater, she still gives Kaedin a frownfully pouty look, "Naughty... AH!" splash again.

Liliu looks somewhat uncertain at first, but then nore amused as she notices how Kaedin seems to be taking the command. Liliu pops underwater for a view of the performance, lying down on the bottom looking up, her hands behind her neck.

Kaedin smirks once his 'splankings' are done, and with a smirk, he uses his foot to trip Gwyn int ohis arms before pulling her under the water, pressing his lips to hers in a kiss before letting her up with a smile. Though he dosen't leave Gwyn's side, and instead, placing his hands' on her hips as he stands behind her. "The kiss was because this one felt like it." He says with a smile, being bold, but then, gwynneth is a slave just as he is.

Isoko smirks as she looks at Kaedin and Gwyn. "Yes, very nicely done." She looks at Kor and nods. "Ah..I like this game." She soon looks around for Liliu and soon looks down and notices her underneth the water. She grins, and soon, she looks at Lucy and Mjolnir. "Are you guys not going to join in?"

Gwynneth ends up sharing that little tender underwater moment, so her hair is a wet mess when he lets her up. She hisses a bit of him, struggles and grumbles an unintelligible complaint... yet doesn't leave his arms. "Ah..." she moves a wet strand of hair off her face, "Master Kor has yet to state whose turn it is next?"

With but a gesture Kor indicates Kaedin as being the next taskmaster for the game. Kor's hands smooth over Isoko's abdomen and he smiles as he leans bac against the edge of the pool again and watches.

Mjolnir holds up his near empty plate, "It would do all of you to have a bit of patience. Do not rush me while I eat. I shall finish in due time and then, and only then, shall Lucifer and I come join you. Are you incapable of having fun without me?"

That redhead decides to tease Kaedin as revenge, little nippy lines like this one: "And I was hoping to please a woman tonight..." and there Kor points to Kaedin as taskmaster, oh drat.

Liliu surfaces shortly after the slaves with a few lazy kicks at the water, watching the two with a warm smile. Liliu leans on the side, her elbows propped up behind her on the edge and crossed ankles floating in front. She glances back to Mjolnir, "Looks like everybody's having fun to me."

Lucifer slaps her forehead with the back of her hand. After Kor explains. "Right. I should have known that. I know that. Yeah. I sure do!" Then her fingers snap, as the spank was not as sadistic as she may have wanted it to be. Hiding her disappointment behind her cup of punch. Nearly choking on it at Mjolnir's words. "Patience is a virtue, and 'sides Liliu is right about that." She agrees playfully.

Kaedin smiles evily and replies to Kor in ancient Persian. "Thanks to you." Before he looks at Gwynneth "Pleasure a woman eh?" he says before motioning for Liliu to come up out of the water. "Gwynneth, this one wishes for you to go to Miss Liliu and allow her to have five minutes of 'fun time' with you however she sees fit." He says with a wide smile before patting Gwyn on the rear.

Gwynneth errs, turning to look back at Kaedin, well that dare is predictable but... Gwynneth knows that Liliu is a fairly nonsexual person - at least she has that impression. But that leads the redhead into a memorable blundered line: "But... she's a bit of a cold fish." then she CLAPS her mouth shut, dangit, Lil -had- to be up out from underwater at that moment.

Liliu might've been chilling out before, but blinks at Kaedin's command and sits up straight, floating still by the edge. She starts to respond to Gwynnth's remark, but has to stop and stifle a giggle when she sees the look on Gwynneth's face. "It's be a lot more fun time with a man, I think..." Liliu says with a grin, sucking on jher lips while giving the woman a speculative look. "But I want to see you copy some dance moves from me."

Isoko looks at everyone. "We still have the pinata to break." She jesks to the tree. "Anyone want to do that before the night is over?"

Gwynneth isn't going to get flogged over that line? Okay, whew... And Lil's idea of 'five minutes of fun time', is dancing. A blink. "Of... course mistress." and the redhead elbows Kaedin, "Choose someone for next task, in the meantime."

Isoko laughs, as she looks at everyone. "Hmmph..Well, lets see. Kaedin, please both of the girls at the same time, and lets have a show, shall we." She asks, as she licks hers lips.

"I guess I will take a swing if I may?" Kor looks to Isoko and he grins. "Of course I was watching you prepare that thing a 'peenuta'? you call it?" Kor kisses Isoko on the cheek and then releases her. "I'd watch the dancing but I fear one of the two slaves are going to break something.

Kaedin is about to pick the next person, but aparently isoko chose for him, and he realy dosent mind. The order gets a deep red blush from him and he looks to them both. "Yes Mistress." he says as he swims over to them both. "This one never had to please two at once..." he says as he looks at them both.

Liliu pushes away from the side of the pool to float facing Gwynneth. "Okay, we can't do the whole dance while we're floating, but his shoulder move's something I haven't seen anybody else doing here..." She looks over curiously to Isoko at the mention of a pinata, then a little dubiously at her next suggestion. "Anyway..." Liliu continues to Gwynneth, "All you've got to do is this." She ripples her arms in waves, flexing wrists with quick curving twists. "And this." Liliu rolls her shoulders all the way forwards, then all the way back, then does this more rapidly in what's almost a vibration. It's apparently not something intended for well-endowed women.

Isoko nods to Kor, as she moves out of the water and giggles. "Ah..well. The pinata isn't going to be that easy to get a good swing on it. It moves upon the rope that holds it." She giggles, as slowly swings her hair around and she wraps a nice towel about her body. "Hmm..If anyone gets to break the pinata there will be a prize to the winner."

Mjolnir finally finishes his food, only now taking the punch that Lucifer offered him a while back. He gulps it down before looking down at her, "I'll be right back." He then heads off into the house, returning in only a bathing suit a moment later. He walks over to Lucifer, "Are you ready?" He offers her his hand.

Gwynneth looks with curiosity at Liliu, wait, she knows how to do those dances? That's interesting.. So Gwyn ends up spreading her arms wide, she gives her wrists a rotation, by focusing she manages to send a 'ripple' from her right wrist, along her arm, shoulder and other arm. But she looks at it the whole way so she ends up sillier than Lil. When trying her hand at the shoulder gesture, she can't get anywhere near Liliu's speed, "Ow, much too fast, shouldn't this be more... langorous?" again she tries the wave motion with the arms, but slower and more lusciously, and this time her head moves side to side along the gesture for a twist different than the shoulder motion.

Gwynneth also tosses Kaedin a teasy, "I think the mistress meant you'd dance with us."

Isoko nods.

Kor follows Isoko out of the water, his dark form very different than Isoko's pale and the issue of 'size' does flash in his mind's eye which makes him chuckle. He takes Isoko's hand and walks with her to the pinata and looks at the party favorite. "Hmmm.... toys... this could be interesting to say the least."

Kaedin blinks and blushes. "oh.. I uh.. apologieze, this one... is sorry." he says, before he calms himself. "If it's dance moves, then try this." He says as he lowers his body abit, before leaping from the water in a spin, sending water in a swirl as he comes completely out of the water, straight up before performing a back somersault before landing in the water gracefully and without a big splash.

Lucifer keeps her eyes on Gwynneth. Taking mental notes about the slave. "Hm." She says after a while. "This almost seems like a game of truth or dare. Only there is no truths to the daring." She looks back at the pinata and licks her lips. "I hope the candy is sweet in there." She nods to Mjolnir, watching him leave, and goes back to watching the crowd. "Now you look much more comfortable, Mjolnir." She says with a grin, taking his hand. "I am ready."

Isoko smirks as she looks at Mjolnir and nods. "Ah..finally you look like you are going to enjoy yourself Mjolnir. I am glad." She looks up at Kor and nods. "Yes..toys." She winks. "There are small things though, but they carry a good enough power to do some nice and dirty things to you." She teases as she moves to pick up the bat. "Care to take a few practice swings? We might not want to do anything until the others wish to join."

Gwynneth gets splashed by Kaedin's frolicking, and again tosses a snippy teasy line at him, bringing her arms back around her chest in mock-bashfulness, "You just want to see me out of the water wearing this... Leaping even? Naughty bo..." wait, did someone mention toys, with power, dirty things? Her attention wandered to Isoko's words there.

Liliu nods approvingly at Gwynneth's wave of her arms, grinning at the attempt at her shoulder shaking. "Not really the same thing," Liliu replies as she watches. "I still like it. But the real test is what Kaedin thinks of your dance..." She looks over to judge the color of Kaedin's face, then blinks at the sudden acrobatics. "Dolphins would be impressed," Liliu says with a delighted laugh.

Isoko laughs, as she nods her head. "Yes..who ever hits the pinata will get a nice dirty and naughty gift from me."

Mjolnir turns to head towards the water with Lucifer on his arm. He closes the distance about halfway before pausing, "It seems the attention is no longer on the water, nor the game. But this, child's birthday game." He chuckles before continuing on to the water, easing his way in before turning to help the angel in as well

Kor looks to the bat and he plucks it from the vampiress' hands and then places it down on a table within reach. "Then it is maybe best I not swing at all right now." he teases. He then snags Isoko to him and kisses her deeply; crushing her smaller form to his and then letting his hands 'walk' over her.

Gwynneth would need only hit the Pinata? She looks for something to throw... NUTS! nothing!

Kaedin blinks as he looks at the pinata and chuckles. He then looks to gwynneth and smirks. "This one would give you a naughty surpize without you having to hit him with anything." he says with a nod. "Same goes for you Miss Liliu." He adds, before swimming over to the edge of the pool.

Isoko gets pulled and she looks up at Kor and soon is taken. She closes her eyes and starts to raise her right leg up a little along his side and starts to get exicited by his forcfulness. "Hmm..." She pulls back and looks at Kor, and soon shakes her head. "Hmm..You have to hit the pinata with the bat I have. Nothing else."

Or wait... a cup forgotten by the poolside! (poor thing too) Gwyn is showing some unexpected passion in this, which might amuse some, so picks up an empty cup that used to contain a tidbit of rice, and she throws it at the pinata from the pool! *scrutch* it leaves a mark, and bounds off into a corner with a sound like broken glass. Didn't Kor predict those slaves would break something?

Gwynneth -then- learns the hitting involves the bat. "...Oh..."

"I would like to hear some answers to the truths. But that is just me, maudlin about my old profession." Lucifer grins. "You can learn a lot of things with a good game of truth or dare." She goes back to looking at the pinata. "Don't forget the blindfold!" She calls out to Isoko. "The blindfold is the second most important tool in pinata breaking." With that said, she slips down in the pool, gripping the edge. Until she is safely in Mjolnir's lap. "You!" She points at Gwynneth in a shout. "Seem like trouble." She looks serious. "But trouble can be fun!" Gleefully proclaiming, showing no ill will towards the slave.

Isoko looks at Gwyn and blinks and is a little surprised by this broken cup. She soon nods to Lucy and nods. "Yes..yes..the blindfold." She looks at Kor and nods. "Care to do the game of truth and dare?"

Kaedin snickers. "Mistress." He says to Lucifer. "Calling her trouble is like calling a bonfire a candle. Though her passionate side can be rather fun to be with, at least this one beleves so." He says with a warm smile before pushing off the side of the pool and swimming to Liliu.

Gwynneth looks rather fearful for that fateful moment when Lucifer points at her, actually she reacts like a proper slave, shrinking a bit and muttering a quick squeaky apology, looks like threats are effective on her. And the 'trouble can be fun' gets Gwynneth to look surprised. "Ahh, thank you mistress?" when in doubt, take it like a compliment.

Gwynneth splashes some water at Kaedin when he dares to say THAT about her. She's not -that- bad. x.x

Liliu follows Kaedin, ducking under the water a moment for a quick underwater stroke, then surfaces beside him to playfully poke a nail-less finger in his side. "A naughty surprise sounds nice. Can I still get one of those when we're somewhere quieter?" Liliu responds with a smile. Then the flying cup catches her eye, and her eye follows it back to the source.

Kaedin smiles and wraps his arms around liliu. "Of course, you can have one anytime you want Miss Liliu, it would be a dream come true for this one to do so." he says with a nod as he places a kiss on her neck.

Mjolnir helps Lucifer settle into the water, his bright gaze full of mirth as it settles onto Kaedin, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art though Romeo? Are you here simply to attempt to woo every woman that catches your eye?" He shakes his head almost helplessly before slowly beginning to swim about the pool, taking care to keep Lucifer close to his side.

Lucifer grins at Kaedin. "That is a good metaphor." The grin turns into a full blown chuckle - no guffaw. She turns to look at Gwynneth. "Maybe one day we, should rent her. My second favorite toy might have fun with her. Provided that we are able to heal her." It is hard to tell if she is serious or not. "He reminds me of a rock star. Only more humble and happily submissive." She clings to Mjolnir's side, like a flouncing kitten. Kicking out her legs behind her.

Gwynneth decides to give liliu and Kaedin some space... Actually she's impressed - this is the first time she's seen Liliu show interest in a man. She was approaching the winged couple to volunteer a saucy bit but... There lucifer says 'able to heal her'? Gwynneth -stops- with a light splash and a slightly fearful look.

Gwynneth . o O ( And they looked sexy... I have the -worst- luck. )

Isoko grins as she motions to Kor, as she takes off her towel and moves back into the warm waters of the pool.

Liliu leans her head to the side for the kiss, briefly sliding her own hands around Kaedin's waist. "Well I think being called someone's dream is a sweet thing to say," Liliu says, watching his eyes with a warm smile. "I'd be more worried about your wooing skills if I were trying to keep you to myself."

Kor smiles and he looks back to the pool. "Very well." he begins and plucks the bat from the table and gives the wooden slugger a customary slice through the air, "So I hit the pinata and then I use all the toys on you?" he asks, bouncing the bat into his palm and he smiles down at her. "UNless you rather we partake in the other game."

Kaedin smiles at her and tilts his head to the side. "If this one was yours, he wouldent 'woo' without your permission, well, unless it was you that he was intending to woo." he says with a blush before he moves to place a kiss on the other side of her neck, though hearing what Mo and Luci had said about him, he turns to look at them after placing the kiss on Liliu's neck, laying his head on her shoulder. "It is this one's job to entice people. Since he is not a private slave, he must sell himself." He says wit ha smile.

Mjolnir smiles, looking over to Gwynneth, "Why would we have to heal her? You cannot hit anything with your whip. But your favorite toy might have fun with her, if you are ever in the mood to share it." His eyes then trail over to Liliu and Kaedin, "Now now Liliu, you don't want him popping before anything happens. Though, Lucifer might want to see such a thing." He swims closer to Gwynneth now, his eyes looking to Isoko and Kor, "If we do play the child's game, I shall have to sit out. For a blindfold has little effect upon my senses."

Isoko grins as she looks back at Kor. "You have to have everyone give it a shot." She laughs at him. She soon looks at Mjolnir and blinks. "Ah..and even having your eyes closed won't help?" She looks at Mjolnir and pouts. "Don't you want to win a toy for Lucy?"

Gwynneth says, "Ahh, I apologize If I acted rather eager about the pinata earlier, mistress Isoko... It is a rare chance for a slave to earn any item." so the fact these are likely sex toys has -nothing- to do with it? Heh. her attention is drawn to Mjolnir swimming nearer. Gwyn's own curves are rather revealed underwater, she gives lucifer a bit of a look, Mjolnir as well. "...Is... being rented by you masters... safe at all?" is timidly asked. "It was a jest, the wounding?"

Lucifer grins at Gwynneth's reaction. The angel actually having fun scaring her. "Hey now. I may not be able to hit you with it, but I am damn good with a whip. It is a good dancing partner." She leans against Mjolnir. "Well I would not mind sharing my favorite toy. We could have fun using our mouth on the toy at the same time. Or we could gang up and use the toy for a long good while. One on one end and one on the other." Of course she never says what this favorite toy is. "Hi I am Lucifer or Lucy and this man is Mjolnir." She says more warmly than her threats. "Only wounding if the person can be healed. Don't really want to pay a stiff fee for wounding a market slave." She says with a sage nod, not saying whether or not she is serious.

Mjolnir looks into Isoko's eyes with a grin, "Do you care to test how well I do with my eyes closed? I shall even let you bind something about them to your hearts content. But you shall see soon enough that it will not matter." He looks back to Gwynneth with a reassured smile, "I am the safest person in Akashat to be around, really." He holds back a laugh, nudging Lucifer, "Stop scaring her, and yes, I could heal her. But I would rather not, if you know my meaning. Little one, we are lots of fun. Honest." He then looks once again to Isoko, "So, what say you? Care to test me out?"

Liliu wraps a slick arm over Kaedin's shoulder with the second kiss. She develops a bit of her own blush in cheeks and 'braids' with Mjolnir's advice regarding him. "umm. Guess we all have to sell ourselves in some way or another." She adds, "So... I need to get some sleep soon."

Mjolnir lets out a soft sigh, blinking a few times before looking to Liliu, "How is it possible to sell that which is priceless?" He asks with a smile before adding, "You are not a prize to be won, nor an item to be sold, but a gift to be cherished. Never forget that, little one." He then nods, "How much space do you require for your water vortex?

Isoko laughs as she looks at Mjolnir and nods. "Sure. Why not." She looks at everyone, as she moves in close to Mjolnir. "I am one of the safest persons as well." She says with a smirk. "I may bite a little but I am safe as well." She looks at Mjolnir. "I will test you out once we get ready to hit the pinata." She soon moves back to Kor and grins. "Hmmph.."

Gwynneth looks from Lucifer to Mjolnir, and their exchange. She's at least halfway reassured by the winged man, does offer, "...I would rather not get hurt..." and a question is dared to Lucy: "If I may ask mistress... What is this 'favorite toy' of yours?..." her lips curl around the words, saucy look of interest there.

Kaedin nods in agreement with Mo. "This one agrees." he says before placeing a soft kiss on Liliu's lips. "This one will see you later Miss Liliu, he hopes you have pleasent dreams."

Kor looks at Isoko and he takes a paractice swing, clearly missing the pinata but not by much and the air hums with the powerful passage of the bat slicing through it. "So my dear... what are we doing?" he inquires and smiles, "Pinata? Another game? Or do I simply have my way woth you now?"

Lucifer does pout like a spoiled child, slightly. "I think fear play is even better, that way she is only hurt mentally. Though it may be more damaging in the long run." She places her index finger over her lips in thought. "'Sides I would not just up and hurt her now." She raises a brow at Gwynneth. "A bold one too." A devilish smirk curves her lips. Making her look positively delightfully, playfully sadistic. If such a thing can happen. She wriggles on top of Mjolnir. "You did already ask. My favorite toy is a man. It is fun having a man for a toy. My second favorite toy is a whip. The way it dances on the flesh. Just be lucky it is not laced with broken bits of glass. Those Romans always were so sadistic." She turns to look over at Mjolnir, to see how he will react.

Gwynneth ohs as she gets the answer from Luci... with the mention of the man, she warms up noticably, no disagreement about their quality as toys! Then the whipping is mentioned, and again Gwyn shrinks a bit more underwater. Brr... She needs to change her mind, she hears Kor, and for the heck of it, the redhead tosses a loud dare in the air for anyone to catch:r "I offer a dare: Let two masters share a long, lewd and noisy kiss, two masters who have -not- flirted with each other tonight - yet."

Isoko grins, as she looks at Kor as she wiggles her ass to Kor. "Ah..well, I am yours after all. You can take me anytime my love." She finally says it out loud for all the hear. "The others seem to be after Gwyn here, so I don't think anyone else here cares to get some nice toys."

Kaedin blinks and looks at Gwyn. "This one thinks you are confused, a Master is a man, a Mistress is a woman, you should be careful how you put it, else you could end up with people thinking you wish to see who men kissing. And no one wants to see that, or so this one thinks anyway."

Liliu grins at Mjolnir's remarks from behind her, shrugging a shoulder in response. To Kaedin's kiss, she leans in close to return it, warmly but briefly pressing her lips to his. Then she slides away from him with a few kicks at the water. Toward the middle of the pool, Liliu swims for a column of dark water perhaps forunately missing some of Lucifer's explanation. She surfaces briefly to wave to Isoko and the guests. "Thanks for the party!"

Isoko grins as she waves to Liliu and smiles. "Yes..thanks for coming. I hope you have a pleasent evening."

Gwynneth shrugs at Kaedin's comment, "Masters, mistresses... Any two who dare." ^^

Kor smiles and he watches as Liliu makes her exit and comes in behind isoko. He places his hands on her hips and draws her back to him before sliding his hands up infront of her. His hands cup the swells of her breasts and he dips his head to nuzzles against her throat. "Looks like the party may be winding down a bit. The hour is late after all."

Kaedin waves at Liliu, and remebers that 'quiet moment' which will happon later. giving a sly smile to Gwyn, Kaedin dives under the water and swims near her, before standing with his heads between her legs to lift her on his shoulders. He smiles as he looks around. "If I could though, I would claim you for myself."

Mjolnir watches Liliu begin her departure before turning back to Gwynneth and Lucifer, "The Romans were sadistic yes, but they learned how to be such from those of my own kind." He lifts a hand to his mouth to cover a cough, "She specifically means that I am her favorite toy..." He pauses, pondering, "...at least, I hope she means me. As for your dare, I think the only possible outcome for that is either I to kiss Isoko, or Kor to kiss Lucifer, and I don't believe he is interested in such things. Your dare will have to not be taken I fear."

Isoko gasps out, as she feels Kor hands against her. She soon shivers, as she grins at Kor lick. She looks at Mjolnir and grins. "Ah..What do you say Kor. Do you take the dare?"

Gwynneth puts up a teensy bit defiant facade, "So mine is the first dare not taken, I wiAAAH!" Kaedin's at it again, but Gwyn isn't letting him between her leg -that- easily, this play results in an underwater struggle, with Gwyn trying to A: keep her legs together B: keep her footing, not necessarily in that order, much splashing and feminine yelling ensues.

"It could be fun seeing two male masters kiss. After all some of them think it is okay to watch two females kissing and doing things sexually to entice them." Lucifer says with her eyes cast down in her lap, but it was directed to Kaedin. "Yes dear!" She wriggles excitedly. "I mean you. I love having you choked up. But I would like to say that I had a hand in tempting the Romans with how they tortured Jesus. Mmhmm." She says not to be bragging. She is not that way anymore, or is she? "Like I said, the man is smitten by Isoko." She laughs softly. "His eyes seem to be only for her this eve." She looks at the two slaves. "If only there were a dildo, I would dare the female one to peg the male one. That is entertainment!"

Looking first to Isoko and then Mjolnir, Kor has his emerald gaze alight on Lucifer and he looks upon the angel with a mixture of mirth and arousal. "Well That would depend on her I guess." he muses and then at the mention of a man being pegged by a dildo he frowns, "Not with me you're not."

Kaedin is underwater so he didnt exactly hear the bit about him getting pegged by gwyn, though he does fight back with her, being playfull about it as he uses his hands to tickle her tights, and uses his head to attempt to get between her legs, holding his breath hoping he can actualy win before he runs out of air.

Isoko laughs and laughs. "Ah..now you did it Lucy." She soon nods to Kor, as she drags him to the pool. "If someone hit the pinata with the bat. They will get a dildo to play with."

Mjolnir shakes his head, "Don't make me let go of you, Lucifer. I'm glad you are having fun, but don't revert back to your old ways if you can help it." He tickles her side before quirking a brow at Gwynneth, "Little one. would you like me to take care of the one at your feet for you? Simply say the word and I shall be there to aid you." He smiles at her gently before growing quiet, not wishing to respond to the rest of it.

"Hmmm... we need to rid ourselves of this thing..." Kor voices aloud and he takes a hold of isoko's bathingsuit and shifts it aside and pulls it down off Isoko, exposing her breasts to all but leaving the suit on her lower part. In the water, he presses himself to her back and looks down to kiss and nuzzle Isoko's neck.

Gwynneth is a little busy between yelling, giggling, struggling, splashing and generally misses Mjolnir's offer during this play of Kaedin's, refusing to spread her legs (insert conditionals here) she ends up rather losing her footing and splashing herself underwater.

Kaedin lifts his head out of the water and also lifts up Gwynneth as well. "It would have been easyer if this one was allowed to use his magic." He says with a smile before he looks around. "Besides, you told this one to be bold, so he is, and who better to be bold with then the person he knows enjoys it?" He asks with a nod to her.

"I am just cutting loose, is all." Lucifer says all too innocently. "No don't drop me!" She clings to him once more. "It seems the men clam up at the threat of being pegged. Even though I was talking about the slaves. Nothing wrong with tickling a guys prostrate." She seems to find that amusing. "Isoko! That is a very good reward! Then you might halfway agree with the pegging. Such a naughty hostess with the mostest." She leans back and stretches. "Seems like they are having fun." She motions to the struggling female slave. "I do say that the little male slave gets around quite well."

"Only because we are letting him run about freely. We could be sadistic ourselves and actually treat them according to their station, slaves. They seem to be here to simply fill the attendance quota than actually bring benefit to those of us above them." Mjolnir comments, now looking to Kaedin, "Careful, little one. I should hate to see your fun disappear because you are too bold and careless. Do not forget yourself." He looks back towards Kor and Isoko, laughing and shaking his head, "You two. Hopeless."

Isoko looks at Kor and soon gasps out as her brests bounce free and she is kissed by him. "Kor.." She wiggles around as she seems to be enjoying this but hey. "Ah..Kor..Please stop." Her nipples are hard, as she seems to be getting embrassed. "Lets play with them as well." She licks her lips and soon sighs heavily.

"Being sadistic all the time, gets boring. Now being strict is another thing. Or just having the thought of bad things happening in their minds, for them to behave is preferable." Lucy crosses her arms at her stomach. "They should be out and getting us more refreshments, though. I'd like some more punch." One hand restlessly drops to stroke at Mjolnir's trunk clad thigh.

Kor smiles and nods slowly, "Very well." he conceeds but he takes a hold of isoko's swimsuit and twists it so that it winds about her waist and cinches tight about her middle. He leads her over to where Mjolnir and Lucifer are and he glances down at the slaves and chuckles. "A good thought Lucifer. Gwynn fetch us all something to drink."

Gwynneth gives Kaedin a frownful -look-. And a few words do fly around about behaving and such... She has no answer about his saying that -she- suggested he be bold... Ah, orders are coming in then, "Ah, of course masters..." so she gets out of the pool, a wet messy thing her hair has become, other than that the silky things she wears have turned transparant, but then most everyone is fair unclad at this point, she doesn't clash.

Kaedin chuckles and turns, floating over to the far side of the pool, where his flute is. Taking the flute, he lets himself float on his back as he begins to play, looking up at the evening sky as he plays his melody, what can be seen of his silk clad leggings are the impression of male dancer's legs, with enough power in them to perform the amazing moves that he usualy performs, and is known for.

Isoko seems to be under Kor will now, as she looks at him and smiles. "Ah..you are a beast at times Kor. You know that right?" She slowly tries to move but it isn't working.

Mjolnir watches Kor and Isoko come close, "What did you have in mind then, Isoko? Now that we are all together and in the wa..." He lets out a gasp as Lucifer begins to run his thigh, "Hey now, these are not like my pants are. I know you want to truly see if I can rip my own clothing, but I would rather not." He reaches out with his wing, embracing her in it to pull her against his chest, pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

Kor smirks and he grips the twisted bathsuit Isoko wears at the small of her back and he gives her a playful tug. "You wound me Isoko... maybe we should play another game... like pin the donkey's tail... You could be the donkey and the men could use their cocks and the women could use dildo to try and pin your tail." He smirks and winks at her playfully. "In doors of course." he admits with a smile and a wink to Mjolnir giving the daconian a nod.

Isoko blushes as she looks at Kor and lowers her head in a blush. As that was one of the ideas she was wanting to do, but thought it was to childish. She doesn't say yes or no, but just remains silent.

"Mm. I am sorry, sweetie. I did not mean to do that. I shall stop." Lucifer is genuine with her apology. She basks in Mjolnir's embrace. Almost eating it right up, and kisses him back. "By your tail you mean, guys too?" She impishly asks Kor, resting her head on Mjolnir's shoulder.

Mjolnir chuckles, "He means we all take a turn within Isoko's ass, Lucifer. At least, I believe that is what he means. His words are not so cryptic to me anymore. I've all but figured out the way his mind works." He presses another kiss to Lucifer with a smile, "I jest, my angel. You have the freedom to do with me as you please, I am your toy after all." He chuckles.

Gwynneth returns, a bit of a jiggle to her curves as she walks with a platter of colorful refreshments. Near Kor and Isoko she wordlessly puts two cups of juice down, a slightly jealous glance is tossed to that girl though. Then moving to the winged pair she offers two other fruity drinks. "Would you masters like fruit juice from the cup, or from the lips?" heated words said as she brings a cup close to her full-lipped smile, suggestive a moment there.

Kor smiles and while he holds Isoko still at the small of her back, he pulls on her suit forcing it to draw tight up between her labia and the crack of her ass. "Correct my friend." he says to Mjolnir. "One day I will learn not to be so cryptic as you put it. However I think Isoko here would like a drink from the lips Gwynneth... please indulge her a moment."

Kaedin continues playing his flute as he feels the mood change slightly, and with it, so does his melody, now trilling faster with a slight erotic sound to it, filling the garden as he floats on his back in the water, letting his hair fan out around him as he plays.

Mjolnir shakes his head at Kor, "Not at all, being cryptic suits you. I would not have your words pass my ears any other way. I often speak with such the same hidden meaning. It is a joy to see others decipher the words for themselves, is it not?" He then smiles up at Gwynneth, "I shall let my angel decide for her toy for the remainder of the eve. It shall be fun for the both of us, what say you, Lucifer?" He looks to the object of the question with mirth.

"It seems I am slow to the punch. I should have known that. A very smitten man is he." Lucifer's cheeks begin to twitch from all the grinning and or laughing. She coos softly, when she kisses Mjolnir back. "Maybe in private, I wish not to do deep exploration in private." She does not hint at what sort of exploration it will be. A glance given to Gwynneth. "I say, she should service the hostess first, since it was asked. I think we should follow suit after them, Mjolnir." She winks at Isoko.

Gwynneth somehow sounds just a bit eager when Kor recalls her over for Isoko's benefit, "Yes master!" so the redhead saunters, bounces back to Kor's partner... And wonders how much room will be allowed in front of Isoko, well, either way she nears Isoko's face and cups her chin, a bit of longing in that smile of hers. Gwyn sips at the fruit juice, and nears the vampiress for a lusty, fruity kiss. That's one way for a slave to offer a drink.

Isoko looks up at Gwyn and smiles, as she soon looks at Kor and the others once more and smiles. She looks at Gwyn and Keadin and just blush. "Do as they ask of you. I am in no position here to refuse my lover this eve." She leans back against Kor and nips his ear softly, before looking at them both.

Kor smiles and as Gwynn kisses Isoko deeply, feeding the vampiress' some fruit juice, Kor's free hand reaches down and lets a finger slide over you mounds of both Isoko and Gwynneth as they press themselves to each other. Kor tightens the bathingsuit about Isoko and lets the fabric further slide up between the petals of her sex and pres tightly against her anus. "Trust me Isoko my dear... I intend on seeing you well tended tonight."

Kaedin continues to play, since no orders were issued to him, and the fact that the reason he was brought here was to in fact, provide musical entertainment, that's just what he does, continueing his tune, though adding a varyation to it along the lines of a persian Harem, soft, sultry and just a hint of lust to his song.

Isoko seems to gasp out deeply, after that lovely kiss from Gwyn, she seems to be stuggling a little by the tightness of her suit and the clothing against her sex. She begins to moan out, as she begins to show it. "Please no more pulling on my suit, Kor. You are driving me nuts already." She looks at the others with a look of want and desire.

Gwynneth lets herself go a bit, having a chance to brush her body against Isoko, a hand wanering to her side with a tidbit of hesitation, longing for more. Kor toucing both girls so eagerly gets her to have a bit of a gasp, "Ah!" and some fruit juice trails on the sides of Isoko's lips... To that, Gwyn hesitates little and catches the drop with the tip of her tongue, from chin to lips. "...more... juice, mistress?" is playfully offered.

Kor smiles and he lessens and then resumes the tightening of Isoko's suit, rhythmically flexing the fabric to her body. "Luc, you interested in having a go?" he offers the angel just as he cups Gywnneth's mound and teases her petals with his middle finger and lets's Isoko's backside rub against his own manhood still trapped in his suit. "And of course you should ensure Isoko has plenty to drink Gywnn... you would be remiss to not do so."

Mjolnir nods, "Very well then, Lucifer. As you say." He turns to watch Kor, Gwyn, and Isoko, "How do we follow that?" He questions before casting a glance Kaedin's direction, finally letting his eyes settle back onto Lucifer, "What sceme is your brain conjuring?"

Isoko looks at Gwyn and just blushes. "I would like some more, but I am in a little of a bind." She licks her lips, as she seems to be wanting more then juice. However, it seems that it is Lucy turn to go at it. "Hmm..Please.." She seems to moan out as the suit is tighten.

Lucifer watches with a small smile. She is a voyeur at heart, and the reaction Gwynn makes is highly amusing to her. "I don't mind watching for now. Gwyn is enjoying herself. Let her have a pleasurable reprieve from being a slave." One minute she was trying to scare the slave, the next she is being nice. "I have no clue Mjolnir. I am not sure if I would be as good. I will need a minute to think." She lightly pokes Mjolnir in the stomach, with an elbow.

Kor smiles and he looks at Gwynneth's flustered state. "Gwynneth you will head upstairs and wait for us to come for you." As the slave nods with hesitation and goes, Kor releases the grip on Isoko's bathingsuit and tugs it to one side. With her anal ring exposed to the air, Kor smirks and looks to Mjolnir and Lucifer. "Just going to watch?" he asks just as he teases Isoko's stimulated anus with a thumb before popping it in and out of her dark star slowly.

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