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Christmas, or Garretus decorations - 12/15/2010

Participants: Darian, Garret, Gwynneth, Ibra, Margaret , Nadiya, Sadhira

    Submitted by Garret via Autologger.


    Dreamers park has been lit up with multi colored lanters ringing the area, while a buffet table has been set up just off the palace square within easy carrying distance of the capitol slaves and loaded down with steaming pots of cider, punch bowls of egg nog, and foil wrapped Gyro's. Near the Christmas tree a series of ladders of varrying height have been set up to allow easy access to the tree's upper branches. Near the tables stands the emir holding a cup nog smelling strongly of rum.

Nadiya approaches the square with a santa hat tied on her head through an elastic band with a frayed beard attached to her chin. In the spirit of Garretus, the beard has been split into two sections of braids and tied off at the end with opposing red and green bows. It's much to her surprise, upon entering the dreamer's park, that there's even -more- decorating gone on a-foot. Eyebrows lifted in wonderment and awe for the surrounding area, she tears off running to the central area where a Garretu--Christmas tree has surrounded itself with market caged slaves. And ladders for that matter. In her observation, the Emir's presence is noted. Making an ear-to-ear grin, the elf claps her hands together in an excited manner. "I never knew y-you were such a holiday person!"

An eyebrow arches as crystal blue eyes lock onto the Christmas tree. He slowly strides forward, hands clasped behind his back. An intrigued frown plays across pale lips as Darian slowly makes his way to the party. He murmurs to himself, "Most curious . . ." before shifting his cold, stoic gaze to the other sights, including the Emir himself.

Frowning thoughtfully, there is a pause before the black-clad aristocrat approaches Garret, stopping behind the young elf girl, politely waiting for her to finish her greeting before making himself known.

Ohhhh goody, more hats and beards. "So I am..." Turning to face the for once unstuttering form of Nadiya as his brows press inwards on each other for a heart beat. " Have you come to place yourself nude at the top of the tree as a living angle? I am sure we can find some fire flies to pierce your nipples with so that you light up Nadiya." A polite bow of the head is then given to the man behind her before he waves both to the table behind him with the hand holding his own cup. " Please, help yourselves to some refreshments."

Offering a tiny smile, Darian makes a short bow. "Well met, Emir Garret. I am Darian Edward James Lancaster." He takes two steps forward, just enough to close to the proper distance that etiqutte dictates. "My compliments on the festive atmosphere. It is a welcome rememberance of home."

The elf pales briefly until her lips remain a pastey color of pink. It takes a second--it might even take two. But somewhere in the back of that elf's skittish mind, the panic switch flips back to 'off' as announced by nervous, "H-ha... ha!" And a dwindling smile. Her gaze averts to the Christmas tree itself. The elf lifts a hand and hooks her index into the top, lifting it up and away from her chest as though it were beginning to constrict a bit too tight for comfort. With attempt to jest back, Nadiya softly quips, "O-only if y-you're coming to come stuff o-or sockings later on like Koleen keeps m-mentioning." Silencing herself as the aristocrat approaches, Nadi makes a self-conscious tug at her beard and rips it free from her chin, bunching it down against her thighs.

Extending a hand towards Darian Garret dips his head once more in a bowed greeting whether his hand is shaken or not. " The pleasure is all mine, suh." He looks then around the park nodding to himself before answering once more. " It tis, isn't it. Might I ask to where you called home previously suh?"

And then there comes that all too familiar twitter from the half naked elf bringing out the emir's smile more fully while eyes flick towards her. " Stuff your stockings? I had not been aware your master allowed others to stuff his collared girlfriends."

Shaking the hand with a firm grip Darian offers a tiny smile. It seems out of place on his hard-edged features. Or maybe it's just that anything related to joy seems out of place on him. "England. I am a son of Brittania, though now it seems that I must call myself a son of this . . . marvelous place."

He glances at the tree for a moment, at the decorations and the slaves ringing the connifer. "Although . . . this particular Christmas might give both Christ, good saint Nick and the Pope a bit of a problem with their blood-pressure. Truly an improvement . . ."

Not quite in on the abolitionist jokes that the Emir humors himself on, Nadiya's ears perk up with the opportunity to be informative. "Master Ibra allows any of his slaves to be rented." And in a whisper in full scandalous indulgence, the elf raises onto the tips of her toes. She pauses mid-way through the action, hands half lifted to cup and murmur a muted message to the Emir's ears alone. Perhaps realizing how foolish it'd be to attempt such a contact--or simply deciding the information wasn't -that- classified to begin with, she states in blatant flat tones, "His strumpet Roxanna as well." Folding her hands back behind her back, she offers her own opinion, "I-I rather like it myself.. A-although you aren't -really- g-going to wage a holy war o-on the Library, are you?"

Returning the man's shake with just as firm of a grip, one corner of his mouth curling upwards in myrth. "Oh I doubt Christ would have much of a problem with this, after all there was still slavery of this type as well as all others back in his time." Garret smiles then taking a long sip of nog. " Besides this Christmas is far less comercialized then what it was starting to become back home." Well with the exception of the Garretus decorations. "As for the pope...no offence but he is European, and they are for the most part....prudes." He then turns towards the pretty little elf looking her over experimentally as if pondering just such a rental. " I shall kee that in mind, girl. I take it you did not bring any decorations Nadiya?" A firm shake of his head is given then in answer about the war. " No, I leave the declorations of wars up to others. Besides, the woman would most likely miss the point of such a war entirely."

Dreamers park has been lit up with multi colored lanters ringing the area, while a buffet table has been set up just off the palace square within easy carrying distance of the capitol slaves and loaded down with steaming pots of cider, punch bowls of egg nog, and foil wrapped Gyro's. Near the Christmas tree a series of ladders of varrying height have been set up to allow easy access to the tree's upper branches. Garret stands near the table holding a cup of egg nog speaking with Nadiya and Darian.

Nadiya shakes her head. The motion is enough to send a weighted fluff ball from the Garretus hat whipping to the other side of her head. "I-I didn't realize you were putting up decorations on the tree!" The elf moves closer to the tree, daring an outward pinch onto one of its piney branches. "You should've given more notice before hand, Master Smythe! Th-then more people w-would've been able to bring the things they enjoy." Pausing a tick, the elf glances down to a bauble hanging from a chain around her neck. A piece of copper work that both of Ibra's slaves wear. Freeing it from flaxen hair and pulling it up and above her head, she lifts it to pin it on a branch above her head. "There! Th-there's a Thornwyck contribution."

Garret chuckles at this, " Perhaps, but then I would have run the risk of the witch showing up to try and destroy the proceedings elf." He turns to watch the bit of metal being placed upon the tree with a nod of his head in thanks. " Still, now that I think of it, a living slave as the tree topper would actually look rather nice."

Margaret clicks her heals up the garden path wearing a red and green suit that isn't quite the right shade to be festive, but still manages to fit with the holidays. Trailing along being her is a spindly-looking gentleman with sparse hair who carries a clip board. As the two near the table where a small group have gathered. Despite her all-business demeanor she holds a simple red ornament that has been decorated with gold and glittering letters. "Seasons greetings!" She booms in that throaty voice of hers.

With the copper anal plug hung proper just inches above the elf's head, Nadiya blows a farewell kiss to it without much remorse to the promised object's absence. For the Emir's sake alone, the urge to shout out, 'Merry Garretus!' bites off at the tip of her tongue. She gives a simple wave instead, and responds in crisper tones to Garret--having found the courage to accept his jest as it is--"That would be -horrible-! A-all of those spines poking, and such an uncomfortable seating. A-and what if she lost her balance? Y-you'd have a lot more 'red' than green decoration going on at the base o-of your tree."

His features betray no reaction to the Emir's comments on 'Europeans being prudes' save for the tiny smile. "Well, with the exception of Germany and France, of course." He glances over at the woman approaching, giving a nod and a small bow to her. "Season's Greetings, ma'am." He straightens and turns back to the Emir, "If you wish it, I shall leave you to your preparations, Good Emir, and indulge in your generosity . . ." A small gesture is given towards the buffet. Or maybe the slaves. It's in the same direction.

"Ah, and our esteemed Margrave as well." Garret's eyes fall upon the the newly arrived decoration as he waves Margaret to both tree and refreshments. " And too you as well Margaret." He returns before glancing once more to the elf. " That would just be a simple matter of the proper bindings girl. Besides, it would be more for the beauty then her own comfort after all." He bows to Darian once more. " But of course suh, please enjoy."

Sadhira arrives from Palace Square.

Dreamers park has been lit up with multi colored lanters ringing the area, while a buffet table has been set up just off the palace square within easy carrying distance of the capitol slaves and loaded down with steaming pots of cider, punch bowls of egg nog, and foil wrapped Gyro's. Near the Christmas tree a series of ladders of varrying height have been set up to allow easy access to the tree's upper branches.

Garret stands near the table holding a cup of egg nog speaking with Nadiya and Margaret, along with a spindly looking gentleman carrying a clipboard.

Ibra arrives from Market Square.

Sadhira walks into park with a pleasant smile firmly ensconced on her features and a brown bag in hand. The smile stays in place until the smell of cooking lamb assaults her and it falters then as color rushes to her cheeks darkening her olive complexion further. She drops her gaze and tugs at the sheepskin cloak she has over the sari but continues onward toward Garret.

Dreamers park has been lit up with multi colored lanters ringing the area, while a buffet table has been set up just off the palace square within easy carrying distance of the capitol slaves and loaded down with steaming pots of cider, punch bowls of egg nog, and foil wrapped Gyro's. Near the Christmas tree a series of ladders of varrying height have been set up to allow easy access to the tree's upper branches.

Garret stands near the table holding a cup of egg nog speaking with Nadiya and Margaret, along with a spindly looking gentleman carrying a clipboard.

Margaret makes an attempt at a warm smile, but on her angular face it looks rather eerie. "Well isn't this nice? A wonderful idea, I must say." She gives the guests around her a cursory glance, but her eyes stop on the elf as she relieves herself of a little copper plug. "That is your ornament is it?" She asks with a thin brow raised. The one she brought is rather simple, with the word NOEL written on it in glitter paint.

Hours behind schedule, or as he likes to term it, 'fashionably late.' That's exactly what the Golden Griffon's proprietor is, the dark-skinned, duster-clad Ibra steadily tromping his way into the Park with booted feet and the echo of a clacking obsidian cane. Eyes sweep the crowd momentarily, offering nods of greet toward folks here and there, before he notes Nadiya's presence and makes a languid stroll toward her. "Not causing any problems, are we?" Ever racist toward the poor elf, assuming -some- form of doom and gloom is waiting to descend around her like a petulant raincloud hovering over her head. Couldn't be too serious, though, as he reaches sidelong and snags a mug of eggnog. "Sorry I'm late, folks. I didn't miss anything, did I?"

Nadiya's frame stiffens at the announcement of Ibra's arrival. A faux tight grin overtakes with apprehension, and she's all too pleased to stir her Master away from the Christmas tree. "O-of course I've been good! I-I was just keeping the E-emir company." Trailing her behind Ibra's shadow and keeping a form of connection with him by hooking her index finger through loop on the backside of his leggings, she gives an enthusiastic nod to Margaret's decoration. "Mmm! And your decoration is so pretty! Who's Noel?" As if Ibra's presence to the buffet table invited her to let loose, she pushes up against left elbow and reaches over to snag from the stack of cookies centered at his belly. "Ibra! Have one of these too!"

Sadhira smiles as Ibra passes close, and reaches out to touch his arm before she makes it all the way to Garret. She murmurs low to him, "Master Ibra, would you look at what I brought for the tree. I do not wish to offend," she looks sidelong in Garret's direction as she says that, "but for the life of me I do not understand why the vendor told me these would be appropriate for a Christian tree." In her brown bag is a wealth of medium sized candy canes to hang on the tree. She opens the bag to show Ibra, and adds with a questioning look, "Is that appropriate? I do not recall any stories of the Christian's god limping so I do not understand at all why candy canes are suitable, and no one seems to be able to tell me."

Like she tends to do, the Peri catches Ibra's attention relatively easily, with that touch and that low questioning. Tilting a bit to the side, he peers into the bag and considers it for one moment, then another, before slowly rolling his shoulders in a lazy shrug. "Truth be told, love, I couldn't tell you. Religions aren't my strong suit, let alone religions from other worlds. All I know is there are hats and beards and we're cutting down trees and putting things on them." Lips twitch upward a moment, before he appends, "Maybe it's symbolic of how the trees are injured in their removal?" Another lazy shrug before he snags a single cookie, giving Nadiya his patented 'warning glare' before taking a bite. Washing that down with the creamy goodness of egg-nog, he lifts his chin lightly toward Garret and Margaret. "Her presence isn't causing any problems, is it?"

Garret comes back to himself from somewhere or another. Perhaps listening to one of the profits..Or Christ himself? And with a shake of his head he turns up the last of his egg nog and trades the glass for a full one before shaking his head in Ibra's direction. " Not at all, she even brought out a decoration from your household." And with that he waves his hand towards the copper bu plug. Himself not having any clue exactly what it might be. He glances towards Margaret's ball and nods his smile growing. " It has to do with a song Nadiya. The first Noel."

Sadhira walks over toward Nadiya giving the other fae slave a shrug as she murmurs low, "I do not understand this holiday. Canes where there is no limping...and surely they were not used in the birth of the god..a cane, to hook him out with?" She grimaces at the thought and then looks entirely perplexed by the idea for a moment until the cooking lamb wafts over once more bringing her to close her eyes and shake her head as she sighs, "I used to like lamb."

Margaret works up a half-smile for the fae, one that quick falls before she finishes speaking to her. "It means Christmas in another language dear." The appearance of the elf's master prompts a curt nod from the woman in greeting. At his question though she gets out the first real smile of the evening: a smirk. "Oh no ah... Mr. Pikkan isn't it? You should be proud. Your slave is a credit to your methods." She manages to make her delivery with a strait face and then turns to Garret to ask pleasantly. "I hate to mention business during the festivities, but I couldn't get a runner to you before your announcement went out. Could I perhaps borrow you later on this evening?"

Garret glances towards Sadhira chuckling about the lamb comment. " The canes are more for the children of all ages Sadi. To eat on Christmas morning, besides they add color to the tree." He waves for her to go ahead and add the candy canes to the tree before motioning her over to where he stands, his head nodding in concurance to the Margrave's question. "But of course."

Nadiya, of course, shares the Peri's bafflement. Ascertained in her position that she's done nothing wrong and that Ibra was merely indulging his humorous side, she turns to Sadhira with a wide grin in tact after chirping out, "Thank you!" to both of the triumverate present. Empowered by the knowledge of Noel's meaning, she helps herself by peering into her packages. She even takes it a step further by daring to sneak a hand in and pull one of the canes out herself. "I saw one of the customers in the Griffon with these! He was sucking on it. L-like this--Erm! M-may I?" The elf pauses, already dedicated to performing naughtiness by scratching at its wrapper.

The Engineer himself offers a polite, succinct nod to the pair, along with a faint, if genuine, smile. "Good. She tends to get on some folks' nerves, so I thought I'd nip that in the bud before it began, out of everyone's best interests." Whether he takes Margaret's reply at face value or as snide is relatively unreadable, but as he turns to survey the decorations on the tree, his eyes fall on the elf's own addition and linger there a moment. Not a word about it is said by him, and he doesn't even show recognition of that bulbous coppery ornament aside from a slant of his gaze sidelong at her. "Right, then. I'll help you hang those," he offers to Sadhira, an open hand already heading for the contents of her bag for an entirely different reason than Nadiya's.

Sadhira raises both brows when Nadiya suggests that one is to suck on the candy canes, and the brief fleeting abject look of horror that flashes across her features indicates that she has in mind an entirely different sort of sucking in mind. Garret speaks up and draws in a deep breath and nods slowly, obviously relieved and then she nods to Nadiya, "Just a child's treat. Thank the gods. This holiday is worrisome." She smiles easily at Ibra and hands him a reasonable pile, "Thank you, Sir, as always you are most kind." She walks over to the tree with him and starts to hang the little treats after watching him do the first one.

Deciding to play the part of helpful helper, aside from her moment's larceny just previous, Nadiya follows the two back to the tree. She pauses briefly to cut the wrapper of her own candy cane along the plastic seams. The elf proceeds to unwravel her treate until the wrapper bunches against the hook before holding it firm against her lips and teeth. Given Ibra's stoicism toward her own addition to the ornaments on the tree, she remains blissfully unaware of any wrong doings--as shown proudly on her face with a brilliant grin. Soon to be a slightly reddened brilliant grin. "Here! I-I'll start on this side." Dipping her hand in to grab a hand full, Nadi moves to the left and starts patterning them in diagonals to each other.

Sipping from his glass, Garret leans back against the table as some of the capitol slaves start stringing up his own contributions of red and gold tinsel garlens, and strun popcorn around the tree from base to tip in loose drapes working around those placing the candy canes softly humming the twelve days of Christmas to himself.

Blissfully ignorant on all fronts, Ibra fords a query he's been pondering over for a good few minutes, as he hangs a few candy canes from the branches of the tree:

"So... is this a... tree god, or something?" An earnest question with a brief pause, followed by, "Maybe plants? Or harvest?" Monotheism's apparently not something he's dwelled on very often, nor Christianity something he's ever really read up on. The smell of peppermint suffuses the air near Nadiya, that sickly sweetness causing his lips to twitch a couple of times when she passes by. "... they're candy?"

A loud, suckling popple from Nadiya would indicate such!

"Perhaps, once upon a time. Back when Christmas was offically placed upon the winter solctice. " Garret returns from his lean, his own eyes more firmly fixed upon the legs of Sadhira as she works. " Back home, the decorating of the tree was simply something that the entire plantation back when ah was a youngun, or the entire town or regiment when ah was an adult could get together and decorate. Everyone pitching in something or another."

Sadhira offers to Ibra helpfully, "The tree has something to do with the virgin birth of the Christian god. So perhaps it is a winter fertility offering?" She listens as Garret then speaks up to explain and grins at Ibra as she whispers to him, "The holiday is very confusing, but most of theirs are, what do you expect from pagans that believe in cannabalism." She finishes with her candy canes and steps back, watching as the Capitol Slaves start with the further decorations provided by Garret, "It is very festive." She smiles at Ibra and then offers he and Nadiya a nodding bow, "Thank you both." She turns and heads toward Garret as he previously indicated and she slips to her knees at his side, "Good evening, Master. I trust all is to your liking thus far with the tree decoration?" The looks back to the tree as she asks and it is only then that she spies the bright metal butt plug, and both brows lift as she murmurs softly, "Oh my."

Margaret fails to get the Emir out of the holiday spirit and she finally turns around to the thin gentleman accompanying her. "Oh we'll just draft a letter." She tells him, the annoyance thick in her voice. With her cider in hand she moves about to mingle with the other guests, catching snippets of conversation here and there. Coming back around though she hears some questions that pique her interest. "As -I- understand it, the evergreen is a symbol of everlasting life." She supplies in a know-it-all manner.

Having sharpened her cane end to a pointed tip, Nadiya reaches up and lightly taps the spear against her teeth. Deciding to bite it of all together and begin a new, she reveals to Ibra, "It's very -good- candy," and retreats back to the buffet table. In softer tones, from this newer perspective, she offers, "I-it's a beautiful tree, e-either way. V-very pretty. I-I think your... ah. 'Christ'. A-and the other deities you might have...? Would th-think so too. S-since they've obviously condoned th-the chopping of the tree to begin with.

Garret gives a nod of his head as his own eyes follow Sadhira's towards Nadiya's addition. But he had said 'what-ever anyone wshed to bring as a decoration. "Indeed Sadi." he murmurs settling a hand atop the peri'

Eyes on the tree for a moment, Ibra's attention briefly turns toward Margaret, flashing a quick smile for supplying the answer. "I see, thanks. Mmmm... what's done with the tree, then, when all is said and done? Does it live forever, or is it burned, or sacrificed, or what?" Reaching forward, he touches at and turns a small silvery-white ornament of filaments that one of the other citizens has hung. "And what becomes of the decorations?" Probably too many questions, or at the very least, unbecoming ones to ask, but--he seems genuinely curious, rather than obstinate.

Garret gives a nod of his head as his own eyes follow Sadhira's towards Nadiya's addition. But he had said 'what-ever anyone wshed to bring as a decoration. "Indeed Sadi." he murmurs settling a hand atop the peri's head and brushing his finges through her hair as he answers Nadiya. " Why should the lord begrudge a few tree's and more then the weaver here will? We shall of course use the wood as fire wood next month so thing will go to waist. " His words in the end answering slave and master alike. " As for the decorations, I shall have all except those like the popcorn strings set out in boxes within the capitol for people to reclaim after the first of the year."

Sadhira looks over to Margaret with confusion etching at her features, "But why then do they cut the tree down...if it is to celebrate everlasting life? It is a living sacrifice then of sorts?" She grins at Ibra as he has much the same line of thought and shrugs at him, "Must be a sacrifice. Very festive one." She leans into the stroke of her hair by the Emir.

Rhyos arrives from Market Square.

Rhyos wanders into the park, attention divided between the stars in the evening sky and a notebook he scribbles in every now and then. Finding a good spot to sit, he intently writes by what light he can find.

Rhyos wanders into the park, attention divided between the stars in the evening sky and a notebook he scribbles in every now and then. Finding a good spot to sit, he intently writes by what light he can find.

Nadiya looks slightly disappointed at the Emir's answer. A worrisome glance tosses back to the copper bauble she herself hung. Wisely biting her tongue and letting it slide, she turns her attentions to thick, creamy, pungeant eggnog. Grabbing the dipping spoon, she cants herself an entire glass filled to brim and tucks it in against her lips. First sip, then more, and then it's aided by a chocolate covered biscuit... enjoying the sound of crisp crunching. Before she suggests rather hesitantly, "Is that it? F-for the decorations?"

Gwynneth arrives from Market Square.

Garret's fingers tighten in Sadi's hair as he shakes his head giving the soft tendrils a non to light jerk before easing off the tension. " No, it is not a sacrifice Sadi. It is simply an oppertunity for people to gather and contribute is all." He looks around the park taking in the recent arrival of Rhyos and then at the tree nodding to Nadiya. " It seems so, though anyone who wishes to add more is perfectly welcome to do so over the next week." And with that he looks to Margaret, " Now Margrave you wished to speak with me?"

The Margave has been having a hard time getting into the spirit and she mostly stands off with that skinny fellow to sip at her drink and smile at those her greet her. Garret catches her attention though and she steps back towards him looking about at the guests with uncertainty. "Yes, though I doubt you'll wish to do it here. You see it's about one of my girls. A certain artist."

Nadiya gives one last wandering glance to the tree and nods. "I think it looks perfect!" And then to her Master, "I-I'm going to head back to the Griffon to go fetch Koko. I-I want her to see it too, a-and she might like some of the things on this table b-before it gets stale." Giving a polite bow to the triumverate members, and a sincere smile in Sadhira's direction, the fae picks her path along cobbled stones back to the square.

Sadhira's head jerks with the yank in her hair and she colors and shuts up, dropping her chin and her gaze into her lap where her hands are now somewhat less relaxed in their clasp of one another. She pulls the sheepskin cloak around her more fully and draws a breath, looking up with a polite smile toward the Margrave as she approaches.

Garret raises a brow at Margaret as his finger loosen for a few moments only to recal the rendition of the twelve days of Garretus passed on by Sadihira and tighten momentarilly back up once more while Nadi moves off. " I sincerly hope you are not about to tell me that you are going to allow her to continue with those blasted posters."

Margaret sighs and reaches up to pinch at the bridge of her nose to ease any oncoming pain brought on by this. "Garret I absolutely -cannot- restrict what my clients do with the slaves in that regard. I'll have a riot on my hands. Or a boycott, God forbid." That last seems to worry her more than the idea of a screaming mob. "I can assure you she won't be drawing in the pens any more, but the rest is up to you. Bring it up in the House if you must. Institute copyright laws or something."

Sadhira closes her eyes with a mildly pensive expression when Margaret inquires about the slave she questioned the other evening. Her worry is rewarded as Garret's fingers tighten again and she winces lightly, drawing up even more straight in her posture, if that was even possible. She draws in a slow breath and releases it once his hand relaxes in her tresses, and she looks up between the two above her listening more intently so as not to be taken unaware by the next reaction, which by her expression she is not hopeful will be a pleasant one from the Emir.

Garret does not yank at the slaves hair this time, nor even tighten his grip. Instead his teeth start to grind back and forth within his mouth as he suddenly releases Sadi's hair entirely and starts to pace throwing glares in the direction of both the corral and the Library with each turn he makes. " And if I was to purchase her drawing rights instead?"

Margaret's expression immediately turns devilish and for a moment that curled smile makes her look not unlike the Grinch. "Well well. That -is- an interesting proposition. Of course it would just be easier if you bought the whole slave, but I'm sure we can work something out."

Gwynneth is wearing a wide white cloak, so the redhead makes an interesting twist on looking like a snow cone. A bit of marvel and curiosity is drawn on the slavegirl when she looks at the tree. And maybe her first words will be her undoing as she tosses a cheerful "Merry Garretus!" about.

If he was not glaring before he sure as hell is now with Gwynneth's entry into the park. " Christmas, not Garretus girl. There is no such blasted holiday as Garretus for Pete's sake!!!!!" And if he did not like egg nog and rum as much as he did by the look on his face the red head might have ended up getting his cup thrown at her.

To Margaret he snorts a responce. " Purchase her? Fat chance, I prefer slaves with at least a little bit of back bone, not simpering imbocells whom would fit better in my stomach then they would within the staff of the Capitol. But her rights to draw.... if that is what I must purchase to keep drawings of myself from popping up all over town by her hand again, then so be it."

Sadhira waits until Garret has paced away and she rocks back and rises quietly, walking over to the tables with the fare spread out on them and checking them all over to see that an adequate amount of everything seems to be out, and that the Capitol slave in charge is in fact up to the task. She looks back to the Christmas tree with a faint crease to her brow that only gets worse as she look toward Garret, and then she murmurs to the other slave, "I still say it is an odd holiday that makes no sense." She is watching Garret pace when the Capitol slave asks if she would like a snack. The Peri turns and is faced with a gyro and a grinning slave to whom she scowls as she colors, "Oh how priceless." Garret starts yelling about said holiday and the Peri's brows lift slightly and she then proceeds to make for a very quiet exit, stage left.

Gwynneth says, "Hey, hold up, Sadhiraa? I've a question!"

Margaret isn't sidetracked at all by Gwynneth's greeting as the subsequent explosion from the Emir. In fact she seems rather pleased by the whole thing and even more so when he begins to complain about the enslaved artist. "Oh I couldn't agree more Garret. She really has nothing to offer other than her art. Without -that-, she'd be practically worthless... In this case, 75 of her asking price would be a steal if you think about it."

Gwynneth scoots behind one of the tables, fearfully surprised by the Emir's outburst. "No garretus, no garretus..." so it's Kris-mas is it? The slavegirl's a bit puzzled why there would be a holiday about a kind of dagger. And something about someone named Pete? Well, if it's such a big holiday, that Pete must be a -hell- of a great dagger thrower! "Ahh, Sadhira?" is shyly asked, hopefully before the Peri escapes, when there's less emir-ish attention on the ditzy redhead.

Sadhira pauses and glances back as her names is called, but she keeps a watchful eye on precisely where the Emir is stalking around. Her brows raise at the Margrave's asking price and her lips part and then slam shut into a thin line and she looks back to Gywnneth, "Yes, what is it?" Her tone is only vaguely brusque, and she does not really look at the other slave so much as the two free people in the unfolding bad scene before her.

Garret's jaw drops as the Margrave draws his full attention away from all the slaves in the park. " Seventy five.....By Bobbi Lee's bright red bloody bloomers woman. Do I look like a complete fool? I could rent the wench and break her hands in such a fashion that she would not be able to draw for months and only be charged a fraction of that blasted ammount for the exact same effect."

Gwynneth is -also- a tad wary, but she's had few chances to ask the platinum slave what she has in mind. "Ahh..." okay, a wince at -that- last plan of the Emir, "What artist slave are they talking about?" is the girl's first question, not the one she's been waiting for a while, "And that asides, ahh, do you give dancing lessons?" that part's asked a bit more shyly

This is business and the girl's talking distracts Margaret from it enough to get annoyed. "Hush girls." She says with a wave of her hand. Fully expecting them to have stopped before speaks again. "Oh no. I assure you damages like that are quite costly and if you just break her fingers every time she can draw, you'll be paying until I manage to get rid of the worthless wretch. Really, 75 is a much better deal."

Sadhira looks mortified by the suggestion that spills from Garret's lips about the drawing slave. She mutters to Gwynneth, "A mute slave of the Market...that I promised was not in trouble for answering my question." She looks at the agitated Garret and winces, and then back to Gwynneth at the final question, "Dancing lessons? I've never been asked for such. I am sure it would be up to my trainer or Garret...and I am not asking him any such thing now." She frowns and looks at Garret, giving the Margrave an apologetic look when she hushes them. The Peri however approaches Garret from the side and touches him lightly on the arm, murmuring, "Forgive me, Master, might I have a word?" She looks to the Margrave and murmurs, "My apologies, Mistress." She then leans and whispers something to him if allowed.

Krystaviel arrives from Market Square.

"Bah!" And with that, he tosses down his cup after all sending it bouncing on the table and then off as he turns away from the Margrave. "75 percent is a rip off and you know it Margaret, especially when I will be able to get her for half that price in a few months time for my dinner table when you give up trying to find a buyer for her whimpers..." He cuts off as Sadi approcahes and pauses in his steps to turn a look in her direction raising his brow as he listens to what she has to say. " Fine!" And with a look towards the Margrave a cold smile cross his lips instead. " Very well, then ask your slave if she would be up to drawing a mural for me instead, and come up with an actually reasonable price over the next few days for such a task."

Garret shoves his name in there.

Gwynneth clams up when the 'hush girls' is tossed... But not quite courageous enough to ask permission to speak when asked to hush up! Instead, assuming Sadhira isn't put on the pillory for being bold, Gwyn will -mime- her further questions... She'll start by pointing to Sadhi's collar, then mimic a hand holding her own leash a bit tightly and a gesture aking to using a whip, then pointing to sadhira with a questioning look.

Ibra walks toward Market Square.

Off to one side, a cup of mocha by her elbow, a languidly pale silver tressed lovely demoiselle sits sketching the scene around the christmas tree, glancing up sharply now and again as a slender hands wilds a selection of pencils with grace and ease in her sketchbook...

Seeming to catch on to the Christmas spirit Margaret looks positively jolly as she claps her hands together, sealing the deal effectively. In fact she's so delighted by the whole thing that a side game of charades. "Now -that- I can arrange. If you can give me an idea of dimensions, I'll figure out how long it will take her and then we can work up a contract. Hmmm?"

Sadhira steps back sharply when Garret announces 'Fine' with such vigor. Pale eyes sweep quickly between he and the Margrave and then she steps back once more and offers a nodding bow and looks back toward the motioning Gywnneth with a single brow arching in question. She shakes her head and shrugs, and with a hasty look once more at the two parties that seem to be calming she leaves while the the timing is opportune and slips quietly out toward Capitol Square.

Garret grunts, and with a withering glare in the direction of pencils rubbing across paper he moves off once more for the capitol...Or to the woods perhaps. " Large enough that the blasted witch will be able to see it from any window facing the square from the library." And with that he follows Sadi out.

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