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Rescuers Down Under - Plans Afoot - 10/16/2011

Participants: Dahl, Horatio, Senara, Xyrthia

    Submitted by Dahl via Autologger.


    Cool, soothing shade fills the pavilion, the heavy canvas obviously having been treated in some way as to make it near impervious to the desert sun outside during the day. The top has been draped with swathes of dark silk, deepest blues and purples creating the illusion of a soft night sky overhead, before it swags outwards towards the walls to drape along them as well. Divided into two areas by a curtain, it provides some measure of true privacy to the Margrave.

    The main area has been decorated simply but opulently; obviously recipient of many of the first pickings of what is brought through the portal. Rich carpets cover the hole of the floor, seemingly laid haphazardly to form a comforting surface to walk on. Cushions and pillows lie in a grouping near the center of the space, surrounding a low cypress wood table inlaid with ivory and camelbone to form an intricate geometric pattern. To the far side opposite the entrance is a small camp desk though that appears to have seen better days, parchments and scrolls covering its surface. While before it rests a camp chair, slightly askew as if it had only just been abandoned. Chests sit in many places, filled with all manner of interesting minutia that has been brought in by the Riders.

    Behind the curtain a bed has been set up under a canopy of more light deadening fabric, little more than a large, over thick cushion atop a low hardwood frame the bedding itself makes up for the simplicity of the furniture. Embroidered pillows abound in dark colours, deep midnight blues and purples sparkling with silver and gold thread and tiny seed beads. The silk sheets are ever cool and welcoming to heated skin, sinfully soft and caressing. Across the foot hand woven blankets rest to protect the body against the chill of the desert night if needed.

X1 and X2 are both in bed, each tangled with the other. Limbs mesh, their clothing is long gone and they seem to be one being. Gently they move as they sleep, kiss and give gentle undulations. Slowly, one of the witches opens her eyes and her gaze moves to the door.


The other Xyrthia stretches and she murmurs. "Yes. More than one guest. Is it a mob come to destroy -us-?”

The other Xyrthia, apparently the original sighs, "No. Let -us- see what they have to say. And if it is displeasing...you may rape them."


And the two wait, not bothering to un-entwine.

Senara has walked right up the stairs to this room like she owns the place and knocked once, then promptly opened the door. She does not look in the slightest disturbed by the entwined pair of lunatics on the bed, nor surprised. She lobs out dryly to the two women, "If you can stop fucking yourself long enough to be concerned, the Margrave has some information to impart about your slave...you were aware that the girl is missing, yes?"

"Oh they're aware," the voice is Horatio's baritone and he steps into the room behind Senara, and takes up a position off to the side. "And they're almost out of time."

Dahl walks in behind the Slaver seemingly nae disturbed by what she sees on the bed and in fact greets the twin Xyrthia's pleasantly if a bit tersely. Getting right to the point Dahl says, "Xyliquay kidnapped Danarre. That you know. Where she was till last even was the Forlorn Keep... being terrorized by that madman. A rescue attempt was made. An unsuccessful attempt at that and now Danarre as Senara so succinctly put she will be probably moved from place to place each and every time we try to locate her."

The witches glance at one another. First one slips free and she rises, unashamed of her nudity. Her hips are adorned by a silver chain, each leading to her shaven, intimate center. With casual steps she finds her skirt on the ground and twirls it about her waist. Snap. The garment affixes and her eyes flit to the trio who enter.

Xyrthia 2 sighs. "So, you all failed." She looks at her counterpart. "This needs to be handled on a more 'personal' level. Kill him."

Xyrthia 1 shakes her head. "-We- have killed him twice; he doesn't 'stay' dead. Ineffective. You speak of time? He will be hiding her well, till the election is won or lost? Do you have news on the result? -We- were asleep." Of course she was.

Senara listens to the pair and adds the only clarity she has to offer, "Last I heard the vote count was very much in his favor. Unless Luther or Isoko are personally giving blow jobs on the street corner, it sounded like he was going to win. This city does love its lunatics." She gives an enigmatic smile directly to the Librarian.

If their nudity has any effect on the Captain, he gives no indication. He clasps his hands behind his back and nods to the witches, a belated greeting. "Death might be too good for him at this point. I would think that the two of you could find something -better- if you put your heads together. This is what continues to confuse me about this situation." He gives the pair of Xyrthia’s a thin smile.

Dahl’s voice grows even shorter and cool hearing the ineffective suggestions and Senara's partly truthful jest. Keeping her gaze directly on the one Xyrthia she suspects is the original she says, "It was nae for our lack of trying to rescue -your- slave before Xyliquay is elected Arcanus." That said she asks now, "Do you want to get Danarre back from Xyliquay? That is a good question that has been posed."

Xyrthia 1, now dressed bends down and hurls a skirt at the other. X2 slithers the garment about her waist and the pair stands side by side.

Xyrthia the original says, "Of course -we- want Danarre back. -We- went to great lengths to get others to do the work for -us-. For good cause. Xyliquay will watch -us-, he cannot watch -our- many agents. But..." She shrugs. "It is too late. If he IS the Arcanus, it will mean -we- must grovel at his feet to get back what is -ours-."

Xyrthia 2 snorts. "Disgusting ! Get a new slave." Xyrthia shakes her head. "No. Now, since you are all here, do you wish to see the mighty Xyrthia forced low? If so, come and follow -us- to the tower. Lest any of you have a better and instant solution?"

Senara gives the duplicate with a dry look and adds with a slightly acid tone, "Why don't you just offer to trade him -that- one.." She jerks her thumb at Xyrthia2, "For the slave. Would seem a fair trade to me. There is no need for two of you as it is." She smiles thinly at Xyrthia2.

X2 raises her middle finger and mouths something involving the word 'mother'.

Horatio smirks at Senara's words, shaking his head. "I've no desire to see either of you grovel, as good for you as it may be," says Horatio. "So I.. we..." He looks to Dahl. "...may have a suggestion."

Dahl speaks up then gazing still to the original, "Needing your permission for Danarre is -your- slave, and me controlling the portal we could go back and pick up an earlier Danarre to either trade or with him unaware replace." Dahl lets that sink in a moment.

Xyrthia 2 chokes. "Oh dear. That trick again? Went so well last time...”

Xyrthia 1 hushes her. "Quiet!" She peers at Dahl and the rest. "Getting anothre 'Danarre' may be possible. Surely it is! But how would a switch be made? And why bother? If you can get to Danarre to make such a switch- why not just rescue her? The idea does have....merit though. How about this. Xyrthia 'the other', visits with Xyliquay and stalls for time. Meanwhile -we- and everyone here will find Danarre, open a portal, and free her. Replacing her if needs be. How does that sound?"

"Stupid," says X2.

Senara stares at the two witches with an arched look, "You have been informed. More is the pity that the Margrave feels the need to involve herself." She slides that look over to Dahl, "Watch who you climb in bed with, dear creature. There are plenty in this realm that already find your sanity questionable for such choices." She draws up to her full height and shakes her head, "Two witches is bad enough. If insanity is to be plotted, then I have better things to do than be aware of such." She turns on her heel and strides right back down the stairs without another word.

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