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Rescuers Down Under - Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is... Gone - 11/6/2011

Participants: Dahl, Xyliquay , Xyrthia

    Submitted by Dahl via Gmail.


The day had arrived! Xyrthia the original was stuck with her slave in a pulsing, wet pod, mating endlessly and thus unaware her 'double' had an agenda of her own.

Xyrthia 2, without her counterpart arrives at the Tower courtyard. Her blue eyes flash as she looks the place over and she waits with a frown upon her face. The master of the tower and desert would be here soon to see this little chapter in alternate history through.

Xyliquay had gone to fetch Dahl personally, not thinking that a Tower Gaurd would be received. Besides that, there were few, if any, that knew of the plot. Of course security was a bitch, but Xyl had relayed the message to the Margrave through her cronies. "Time to send the double home..." with an added, "Your Grace." And the Arcanus had led the Margrave back to the Tower. "We've divined the location of her world with her help." He hands Dahl a slip of paper with some magic information that makes sense. "There." entering the courtyard, he nods at Xyrthia2.

Eager to get this little chore over with as much as Xyrthia2 and Xyliquay Dahl had hurried from preparations for her party to the Tower Square beside Xyliquay. There was a few strange glances flashed the couple's way but none dared voice any concerns. A low anxious sounding hum was heard preceding her steps into the courtyard. A glance around showed that Xyrthia had already arrived and looked impatient.

The witch smiles as the pair arrive. She gives a low bow then straightens. "'We' are all here and it is time for -us- to return home. The Lord of the Tower and Mistress of the Desert can get -us- exactly where -we- need to be." She drifts closer to the two then sniffs. She opens her mouth, shuts it, then opens it again.

"-We- have a final request. It is one that -we- ..." she clears her throat, "beg you carry out and do so in the utmost privacy." Of course...

Xyliquay raises one pierced brow, frowning slightly. Wrinkling up his nose, he eyes the witch's double suspiciously. Dark arms twine in front of his chest, crossed loosely and with a slight arrogance. "Hmmm... what would you ask, witch?" The Arcanus rumbles in his dark baritone.

A grim smile greeted the Witch as the slightly greenish tinged Margrave swallowed hard. Words of a final request only made the Margrave's eyes darken as she awaits, with a flash of a glance to the Arcanus, just what tricks this Witch might be trying to pull.

Her gaze flies from one to the next. "Your Xyrthia is quite fond of -us-. In love, even. The price she pays for being a narcissist bitch - of which -we- fully understand. She will be 'upset' that -we- are gone." She shrugs. "-We- do not know how to express the fact -we- will miss her in return. Nor do -we- wish all of Akashat being made aware of this moment of weakness and compassion. Even though -we- doubt -we- shall ever see this world and time again, -we- do wish to 'think' your Xyrthia will fare well. Thus, give her -our- love." She blinks. "Ohh! -We- know! Fuck her. Fuck her really hard and say it is from -us-." She nods. "-We- are ready to go home."

Xyliquay smirks. "I am sure the Margrave would be more than happy to see to that request. I might just stop by as well." He licks his lip, the smirk turning into an amused grin. "I'm always in the mood for a hard fuck." He nods when the witch does, flicking his gaze to the Margrave and stepping out of the way. "Very well..."

The last 'loving' request brought a grim chuckle and minute shake of the bardess' head in amusement. Without replying to the request or looking over to Xyliquay at his sardonic words, the Margrave says with a hint of compassion in her tone, "Take care Xyrthia." Now without any preamble she turns away from the both of them. There was nae time, nae inclination for dramatics or pretty words. The Margrave sings out with resonant undertones merging the rawness of the melody with the power of her craft while building the music to a powerful climax of crashing crescendos and disturbing harmonics. Time and space shift causing quakes that shudders the world of dreams. The ground persistently trembles as the silvery sheened portal pulses, is summoned, and now opened here in the Tower Square.

The witch grins, then smiles then claps her hands once as the silvery portal is opened up, guided thanks to Xyliquay's directions and the Margrave's portal-y power. She looks at the pair and then makes her way toward it. A moment before entering she turns to face them. "Oh, a final word of warning." Her hair whips about this way and that. "Do not let your Xyrthia ever-" the portal hums loud and Xyrthia 2's mouth keeps working. The hum dies away. "Ever or you'll all be destroyed. That is -our- act of kindness to you." And in she goes. Poof.

"Wait..." Xyliquay says, frustration and annoyance flashing as he's unable to hear the full warning. But before he can stop the witch, she's gone. He growls, annoyed, and waves his hand at the portal. "Seal it up." He lifts his eyes, looking toward the park as if expecting the other copy to come through. Of course he had the city crawling with his eyes. Any hint of the other blue-runed woman would have him informed nearly immediately. He shakes his head. "Done.

Dahl nods to Xyliquay. To only a discerning ear could one have heard the difference in the disturbing harmonics that closes the portal. A slight sigh of relief could have been seen and then the greenish looking Margrave turns and without so much as a backward glance goes off toward the desert.

Xyliquay frowns at Dahl's back, watching her leave for only a moment before he turns into the Tower and disappears himself.

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